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Nick joins Nikki and Victor at Newman Media. No one has heard from Victoria since she bolted yesterday after finding out Ashland lied about his cancer. Victor’s people alerted him that she spent the night in a hotel. He feels she’ll come out smarter and wiser, but he’s concerned what Ashland will do. Nick figures Locke did what he did to buy himself time to plan his next move. He worries about his sister confronting Ashland. He still can’t get over the huge lie and wants to get Locke out of town. Nikki insists that’s not the answer… Victoria may need closure, but they have to protect her somehow.
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria flashes to Ashland’s departure speech yesterday in the office. Suddenly, Billy appears. He asks if everything is okay. She says, “Of course everything’s okay,” but he’s not buying it. She admits she’s glad the kids aren’t here right now. Billy asks if Ashland took a turn for the worst. He lets her know that he cares about her happiness. She scoffs at this and reminds him what he did at her wedding. Billy thought she was making a mistake. Victoria continues that he wrote an article to ruin Ashland’s reputation. Billy didn’t print it and points out it was all true. He claims he hoped he was wrong about him. Victoria counters, “No you didn’t.” She recaps that Billy warned her, and she wouldn’t listen. Victoria then stuns her ex by saying, “Congratulations, Billy. You were right all along.”
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Billy reels as she confesses that it was all a lie and says it feels like the world has fallen out from underneath her feet. “I’m just so shattered.” Billy asks, “Are you telling me he lied about being sick?!?” Victoria cries, “Yes he did.” Billy gawps, “Oh my God.” He adopts a murderous expression as Victoria tearfully talks about how angry she is at Ashland — she’s even more angry at herself for believing in him. Billy questions what his endgame is. Victoria explains he wanted to infiltrate Newman — he saw her as a way in. “I’m the weakness he exploited.” Billy argues that she’s not weak, he’s a parasitic sonofabitch. Victoria wishes she’d listened to Billy. He’s so sorry she’s going through this — she doesn’t deserve any of this. Victoria marvels that the last time she saw him he told her how much he loved her, but she could see in his eyes that everything her family told her about him was true. Billy asks, “So, what happens now?”

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Sally and Adam walk into Society, where Ashland is sitting and gives them a dirty look. Adam confirms to Sally that some people might panic over what happened, but he sees a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sally goes to get them a table, while Adam approaches Ashland. He tells Locke to leave Genoa City and relays that Victoria has accepted the truth. Locke warns him against toying with him today. Adam says, “You’re right.” He’d much rather make a deal.
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Ashland wonders what Adam could possibly have to offer that he’d be interested in. Adam tells Locke if he walks away from Victoria and Newman-Locke, Newman Media will not make it its mission to publish article after article about his cancer fraud. Ashland’s unimpressed — he knows how to handle bad press. Adam reminds him about Harrison and how this would affect his son. This gives Ashland pause. Adam knows he’s the only person Ashland truly cares about. He knows the real reason he sent Harrison away was in case something went wrong with his plan… and it did. Adam reminds Ashland of the power Newman Media holds and Locke counters that he doesn’t respond well to threats. Adam reminds him they know what he did, and why he did — they have proof. He’s just trying to find a workable solution. Adam actually admires what Ashland managed to so coolly pull off — he got Victor to see him as a younger version of himself and convinced Victoria it was the two of them against the world. But he has nothing to defend himself with. Ashland declares this isn’t over and he hasn’t given up on Victoria. Adam warns the stories are being proofed right now. Ashland advises Adam never to talk to him about his son again.
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Chelsea concludes a work meeting just as Rey walks into the Grand Phoenix. He notes her smile and thinks it must have gone well. She admits she was faking it and they share a laugh. Chelsea would hang out with someone she can be authentic with. Rey couldn’t agree more. Talk turns to Chelsea’s work and then Connor. She hardly recognizes him anymore. Rey groans, “Oh, he’s doing that pre-teen thing. What’s going on?” Chelsea’s about to tell him and then doesn’t want to take up his time. She asks what he’s doing there anyway. Rey’s picking up a spa gift card for Faith. She thinks he’s a great stepfather. He likes kids and invites a smiling Chelsea to bend his ear about Connor. Chelsea describes how Connor loves doing things with her one minute, and she’s embarrassing to him the next. He complains about Walnut Grove too. Rey wonders if she’s thought about sending him back to boarding school. It would break her heart, but if that will make him happy, how can she say no?

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Rey urges her to think long-term; sometimes a change feels like a solution, but may just be a distraction. He counsels her to just listen to Connor, who is confident that she will be okay without him. It’s a testament to her parenting. Rey has seen how much the boy trusts her. He can come to her about anything — even going to boarding school. “He’s a lucky kid.” This makes Chelsea tear up. She explains they’re good tears. So many times she’s feared she was failing Connor. Rey sees a happy, healthy kid when he looks at him — because of his mom. “You’re doing a great job.” Chelsea smiles. “Thanks, Rey. You were just what I needed today.” Rey enjoys talking to her — she’s got a big heart and she’s fun and unpredictable, in a nice way. She feels the same way about him, minus the unpredictable part. She trusts him; he’s really easy to be around.
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At Society, Adam rejoins Sally, who congratulates him on his power play with Ashland — she took in the body language and feels Locke couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Adam divulges that Ashland has been lying about his cancer diagnosis and they have proof. Sally guesses immediately that it was to get his hands on Newman. Adam confirms he faked illness to rush Victoria into the merger and marriage. He threatened to release a series of articles on it, which would let Harrison know the kind of man he really is, if he didn’t leave. But he doesn’t know how Locke will play this. Adam feels they need to increase the pressure on him. Talk turns to Victoria putting the company in jeopardy. Adam hopes that in time, his father will see that she can’t be left in charge. Sally muses that someone else will have to run things. Adam wonders if they’re “the worst” for plotting to take advantage of his sister’s downfall. Sally replies, “Not in the least… Somebody has to keep their eye on the ball.” She suggests they hold everything together and make themselves invaluable during the fallout. It will show his family who really belongs in the driver’s seat. Adam marvels that Sally is exactly what he’s always needed. They kiss.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy works to figure out Ashland’s endgame. He and Victoria realize that Ashland must have planned for something to happen to her once he was in a position to take over the company. Billy asks if he ever did anything threatening or dangerous. Victoria frowns, “No, I don’t think so.” Billy hates that she even has to consider that he wanted to get her out of the way. He tells her she deserved to be happy… especially after everything he put her through. They go over him trying to be a better man. Victoria knows she can count on him when it really matters. Billy’s there for her. Victoria thanks him, but asks him to keep this conversation between the two of them. Billy replies, “What conversation. They’re parting ways as Ashland appears. He approaches Victoria and says he’s been looking for her everywhere.

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At Newman Media, Nikki, Nick and Victor debate whether or not Victoria will stay with Ashland. Nick thinks they need a contingency plan. Nikki can’t imagine how she could stay with him. Victor has never trusted Locke, but he let things be because he was making Victoria happy. All he wants to do now is give her a big hug, but they have to give her space to work out this problem on her own. His people are keeping an eye on her. After Victoria removes Ashland from her life they’ll have to figure out how to sever Locke’s ties from their company. Nick notes that won’t be easy considering gaining control of it was his main objective from the beginning.

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