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At Keemo’s house in Los Angeles, Tanya the real estate agent leaves and Allie questions “Taylor” as to why she wanted to meet with her in person.

At the Abbott manse, Jack flashes back to his last conversation with Allie in Los Angeles. Phyllis interrupts his reverie to suggest that he not listen to Traci and instead throw caution to the wind. They saw the pain in the girl’s eyes. Jack admits he can’t expect Allie to make the first move. Phyllis advises they book the Jabot jet and head to LA. Jack’s not prepared to do that — it’s a delicate situation. He doesn’t want to scare Allie away. Phyllis wonders if they could get her to come to Genoa City. Jack decides he’ll reach out and tell her he’s going to be in LA in a couple of days if she wants to get coffee. Phyllis isn’t impressed with his cautious approach.
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In Los Angeles, Diane assures Allie she just wanted to meet the previous owner. Allie explains it was her dad’s home, he recently passed away. Diane asks if she has other family. Allie’s phone rings and she says, “Jack, hi.” Diane smiles. She eavesdrops as Jack asks Allie for coffee or dinner and she balks — she didn’t think he’d be back for a while. Allie disconnects and Diane ask if everything’s okay. The girl explains it’s just family issues. Diane counsels that it’s important to have family to turn to when things get rough. “Take it from someone who’s survived more than you can imagine,” she says, and adds that it’s hard to live with the regret when it’s too late to connect. She apologizes for chatting away, but Allie finds it comforting. Diane ruminates about how difficult it must be to lose a parent and then almost gives herself away whens he refers to Jack as Allie’s family. She covers by reminding the girl she said she said the call involved family issues. She ends up telling Allie that she may need a family member to lean on right now.
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At the Abbott house, Phyllis tries to reassure Jack — Allie didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either.

Lily arrives at home and tells Billy she has good news — his podcast got overwhelmingly positive feedback. He’s genuinely surprised. She’s really proud of him and urges him to put out episode two. He’s not sure he has anything else to say. Lily simply can’t believe that.

Chelsea brings Nate into her old penthouse and admits she was surprised to hear from him. They exchange pleasantries and she ruminates about the memories the place generates. She wonders if he’s really going to go for it — it’s a big move. Nate thinks it’s time for a change. Chelsea nods knowingly. After looking around, Nate agrees with Chelsea that not much has changed. She’s glad he wants to move back in. Rey’s name comes up and she marvels that he’s pretty special for giving her a second chance. As Chelsea asks if he’s in, Devon walks in. Nate wonders if he’d like to be neighbors again. Devon learns that he and Elena want to move in there as the work they’re doing on their home has become aggravating. Chelsea leaves them to talk. Nate knows Devon wasn’t happy he left the place after Neil died. Devon won’t give him any push-back and questions his cousin about his distress the other day. Nate reassures him and doesn’t want to drag him into the mess. Talk turns to the merger and Nate asks if there’s really room for him in their family business.
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At Lily and Billy’s place, Lily shares her thoughts on consolidating with Devon and Nate. Devon thinks it’s a corporate match made in heaven. Everyone’s very excited. Lily maps out who will be responsible for what, and in which areas they’ll keep autonomy. Devon wonders how Jill and the board members will feel about the consolidation aspect. Lily reports that Jill is in full support of it. Billy enthuses that it’s full speed ahead. Lily turns to Nate, who is ready for a clean slate but wonders where he’d fit in. Devon asks, “You wanna be my COO?” Nate’s blown away and thinks his cousin is overestimating his business skills. Devon is confident he can handle it. He suggests it’s another opportunity to put their history behind them. “Are you in?”

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At Society, Jack and Phyllis talk about Harrison as they peruse the menu. She relays that Summer found a replacement for the job she offered her at Marquetti. Jack wonders if Phyllis has regrets. She doesn’t. If she’d gone to Italy, she wouldn’t have been able to go to Los Angeles with Jack. He feels he owes her big time. She says he doesn’t owe her anything — she’s glad to help.

Outside Society, Elena’s irked to hear that a part she needs is going to take three weeks to come in. She gets a message and lets the caller go.

In Los Angeles, Diane hopes she hasn’t overstepped. Allie finds the fresh perspective helpful. She’s glad her father’s house is going to someone so kind and sensitive and is glad she and “Taylor” got the chance to meet.

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In Society, Jack gets a message from the anonymous texter that says, “Doing what I can to help. I think Allie may be more receptive soon.”
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In Los Angeles, Diane looks at the text she sent Jack and grins.

Entering the hotel, Phyllis is going crazy — she wants to know who this texter is. Jack thinks the person is lovely, but Phyllis snarks about this considering they’re hiding their identity. She questions their hidden motive and declares that it’s a “her.” Jack sighs and suggests Phyllis take her detective hat off. He doesn’t want to tick “her” off and the help will stop. Phyllis wants him to agree the last text came from Los Angeles. She can get a cellphone tracker and… Jack reiterates he doesn’t want to scare the person away. The last text gave him hope and he wants to just enjoy that for now.

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In Los Angeles, Allie has shown Diane how to use the tricky shower and asks when she’ll be moving in. Diane has some family issues of her own to sort out, so she’s not sure, but she hints the house is a safety net for her. It’s important to have a safe place to land.

Elena arrives at the penthouse and Nate appears. She asks, “What’s going on?” Nate reveals that the penthouse is theirs if she wants it. He knows the construction at the house has been driving her crazy, so why not move back into the building. They know they have great neighbors and family dinners would be easy with Devon and Amanda across the hall. Elena seems hesitant and he worries she hates the idea. Elena asks him to give her a chance to catch her breath.
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Nate understands if it’s too awkward to live across from the apartment she shared with Devon. Elena has been working on repairing those friendships. Nate relays that Devon is good with it. Elena decides she loves the idea of moving there and putting the construction nightmare behind them. She does have to ask if it’s what he really wants or if it has to do with what’s going on. “Is this your way of outrunning your demons.” Nate says no, it’s just time for a clean slate and this is a way to hit the reset button. “I think Neil left me this place for a reason.” Elena asks about his second surprise. Nate reveals she’ll be living with a newly-minted COO.

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At home, Lily tells Billy she can’t believe this is really happening. Now that Devon and Nate are on board it’s coming together. Billy never doubted she’d do it for a second. If his siblings were easier to get along with maybe he’d never have left the family business. Lily will draw on his Jabot experience. She thanks him for having so much faith in her and they kiss.

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Devon arrives at home and tells his photo of Neil he’s got some exciting news — though he figures he had a hand in it in the first place. “The family is coming together just as you always dreamed.”

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In Los Angeles, Diane tells Allie not to be afraid to reach out to the people who care about her. Allie steps out the door and takes out her phone.

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At the Abbott estate, Jack is thrilled to get a call from Allie, who tells him she’d be willing to have coffee when he’s in L.A. and is looking forward to it.

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In Los Angeles, Diane listens to Allie set up the coffee date with Jack and smiles with satisfaction.

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