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At Crimson Lights, Billy runs into Traci, who tells him Jack has news from Los Angeles. Billy wonders what’s going on. Traci explains it’s Jack’s story to tell, but he’s learned some surprising information and she hopes it will help him heal. Billy wants to hear more, but Traci wants to let Billy know how amazing his podcast was. He credits her advice — to meditate — with helping him get there. They decide to take their positivity to Jack and head out.
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At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis is frustrated to learn that Jack hasn’t heard anything else from the cryptic texter. Jack admits he hasn’t thought about anything else. She’s encouraged to hear that he’s curious. Jack reveals that he contacted Keemo’s sister, Mai, and she’s as confused as they are. Phyllis is sure they’ll get to the bottom of this.

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At Keemo’s house in Los Angeles, Allie tells her realtor, Tanya, that she’s glad they’ve found a buyer but this feels abrupt. The realtor offers to lend an ear. Allie admits it’s hard to say goodbye to the place. The woman explains she’s lucky to have gotten a cash offer — the buyer only had one condition. “She insisted on meeting you.”
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At Society, Ashland spots Nate at the bar and tries to chat him up. Nate’s not having it and informs the mogul they were never friends. He guesses Locke didn’t take his advice and come clean to Victoria. Ashland’s waiting to get the entire story of how he was framed. “I just need a little more time.” Nate tells him his time’s up. Ashland fumes, “Did you go to the Newmans with this?” Nate is telling Locke how sick his scam makes him when Elena comes in.
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Ashland insists that this is just a misunderstanding. Elena barks, “The hell it is.” She knows it was an elaborate scheme and she’s disgusted. Locke remarks, “Wow,” and leaves. Nate tells Elena he’s furious with Ashland, and himself for not seeing through him. Elena works to reassure him, but Nate complains that Billy saw it. He should have been more skeptical. Elena points out that the thing that matters is that when it counted, he did the right thing. “You took a stance.” Nate worries Locke will come after him. Elena figures the Newmans will have his back. He doesn’t have to worry about his career since Lily and Devon offered to bring hm on. Nate knows… at this point he’s most worried about Victoria. Elena sighs; she feels terrible for her too. She can’t imagine how she’ll ever trust anyone again. Nate muses that Victoria’s been through a lot. Elena thought Ashland adored her. “Am I crazy to think that maybe there’s something real there?” Nate can’t believe that given how he lied to her. He’s not capable of love.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells her family this is obviously a planned attack on her marriage. Nick insists they know the facts and she needs to know them too. Victoria scoffs at them having more “new” information and complains that they won’t listen to her. “Please listen to what we have to say.” Victoria threatens to ban them all from her life. Adam argues she’s not being fair to her parents. Victoria tells him to shut up. When Adam stresses the need to handle this privately and discreetly, she wonders if they’re threatening to go public. Victor denies it but reiterates that Ashland has duped them all in order to take over the company. Victoria figures this is about Victor getting Newman back, which makes more sense than what they’re suggesting, which is that Ashland never loved her at all! Nikki tries to reassure her, but Victoria fumes that this is so disrespectful and wouldn’t be the first time her father broke her heart intentionally. Nick wonders if she thinks he has an ulterior motive. Victoria reminds him he’s hated Ashland for months and now has a reason.
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Nikki pipes up, “What about me, Victoria? I don’t have a reason to want Ashland gone. Are you going to accuse me of betraying you?” This gives Victoria pause. Nikki goes on about how supportive she’s been of Victoria and Ashland. Her daughter knows, it’s just that Victor has convinced her. Nikki says the evidence is overwhelming. Victoria scoffs at the shaky bits of proof they have. Nick asks, “What about Michael’s disappearance?” Victoria is sure is has nothing to do with Ashland. Victor understands she needs evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt. They have that and it’s from someone they all trust. Nick tells her it’s from Nate. “He also trusted Ashland and he wanted to know if his friend was telling him the truth, so he took a look at his medical records.” Victor relays that his records showed no sign of cancer; they were clear. Victoria argues that Nate’s not an oncologist — her husband underwent chemo for months! Nick explains Nate also looked into his treatments; Ashland never had chemo. Victoria laughs. Of course he did! They remind her she never went to appointments with him. Victoria figures there could be explanations for all of this. Nick questions if that’s remotely plausible. Victoria throws her hands up and announces that he and Ashland are leaving for Tuscany! Adam stands in front of her. “Victoria! You’re not going anywhere.”

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Victoria snaps at Adam to get out of her way. She’s disgusted they’ve dragged Nate into this and insists their plan won’t work. Adam understands what she’s going through — he too was deceived by someone he loved who was faking a medical condition. Victoria fumes at him comparing Ashland to con artist Chelsea. Nick interjects to remind her about Ashland’s past — he doesn’t have the moral high ground. Adam warns that the truth will hit Victoria that Ashland is playing her… because even the best cons can’t keep it up every second of every day. Just then, Ashland enters.
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Victoria tells her husband she’ll explain what’s going on at home. Nikki wonders if she’s afraid that if they handle it there, Ashland won’t have a good explanation. Ashland asks his wife what they’ve been telling her now. Victoria tells him about Nate’s allegations. “The scans didn’t show any cancer. I told them it was a mistake. Is it?” Ashland asks the Newmans, “This is never going to end, is it? You are all determined to drive a wedge between me and Victoria no matter how much it hurts her.” Victor asks Locke if he has an explanation for what Nate found. Ashland figures it doesn’t matter — they don’t want to believe him. Victoria wants to believe him. Her husband tells her it doesn’t matter how he defends himself against this attack; there will be another and another. He can’t do this anymore. Ashland assures her she’s changed his life, but declares that this is never going to work. “I’m done trying.” With that, he walks out. Nikki rushes to Victoria, who gasps. Now she knows it’s true. He was lying. She breaks down sobbing in her mother’s arms.
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At the Abbott house, Phyllis and Jack debate about the cryptic texter, who seems to know so much about him. Jack wonder if he should reach out to Allie himself, but he doesn’t want to be pushy. Phyllis assures him he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the young woman. Just then, Traci and Billy come in. Jack explains that Phyllis is helping him figure out how best to approach Allie. Billy asks, “Who’s Allie?”
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At the house in LA, the realtor tells Allie that the buyer is on her way over. She’s going out to the car to get the paperwork. Once alone, Allie tells her dad how safe, loved and understood the house made her feel. Now she knows that it wasn’t actually the house that made her feel that way, it was him. Without him she doesn’t really have a home.

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At the Abbott manse, Billy’s astounded to hear that Jack has a granddaughter in Los Angeles and thinks she could use a little guidance. Jack would like nothing better than to welcome her into the family, but it has to be on her time. He pushed too hard with Keemo and their relationship never recovered. Billy argues it’s not the same with Allie, who could use some support. He feels it would be a mistake not to reach out. Phyllis agrees but Traci thinks her brother should be cautious. Jack worries about pressuring the young woman when she’s still dealing with so much pain. Traci warns her brother again and Billy points out the mystery texter might have Allie reach out to him. Jack would like to thank the person and wonders who it is.
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In Los Angeles, Allie wonders if she’ll always have one-way conversations with her father from now on. She wants to remember the house as it was when he was alive and impulsively decides to leave as Tanya the realtor comes back in. Allie desperately wants to go, but Tanya explains the buyer is already there to meet her. The woman walks in the door and tells Allie she’s so pleased to meet her. She introduces herself as Taylor Jensen, but looks exactly like Jack’s late ex-wife, Phyllis’ rival and Kyle’s mother, Diane Jenkins!
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