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At Newman Media, Victor updates Nick that Nate found no sign of cancer on Ashland’s medical records. No treatment, no appointments, no chemotherapy. Nick snarls about him manipulating Victoria and thinks there’s a special place in hell for him. Victor warns a lot of this is now in Victoria’s hands. Nick will call in reinforcements.

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Victoria arrives at work, where Ashland is already working. He was surprised to find her gone when he came downstairs to go to the office. Victoria had errands to run and explains she didn’t sleep well. She’s beyond furious at her father for putting this in motion. Locke assures her he won’t let word get out that he’s being accused of faking his cancer. He knows what to do to combat this and suggests they getaway for a while to the palazzo in Tuscany where they were married. Victoria wouldn’t want people to think they are running away from the allegations. Ashland’s beginning to wonder if her father has planted more doubt in her mind than she’s willing to admit.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Elena he’s still feeling conflicted about violating someone’s medical privacy and sharing the contents with a third party. Elena asks if he wishes he hadn’t given the evidence to Victor. Nate replies, “No,” but he can’t help thinking about what’s next. It changes everything for him. He figures Ashland will try to ruin his reputation. Elena counters that to come for him, he’d have to expose his own deception. She is furious about what Locke did to Nate. “Please don’t blame yourself.” Elena declares that the man is shameless and someone should make him pay. If she hadn’t taken an oath to do no harm, he’d be at the top of her “to do” list. Nate thanks her for being outraged on his behalf; he’s mad at himself for being duped and can’t believe he was his best man. Elena recaps that he played them all. Nate marvels that he nearly took a job about him. Lily and Devon walk in as he wonders what he’ll do now if he’s not working for Ashland.

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Lily and Devon join Elena and Nate and ask about his plans for the future. Nate explains he’s figured out that working for Ashland Locke isn’t the best fit for him. Elena steps in to talk about perspective when he struggles to explain his change of heart. Lily wonders if her warnings about the family politics came into it. Nate concedes it did and muses he needs to figure out his next move. Lily smiles and says she and Devon might have the perfect solution. After conferring with her brother, who is on the same page, Lily warns Elena and Nate that this can’t leave the table, but she and Devon have decided to merge companies. Nate and Elena are suitably impressed. Lily tells Nate they want him to be a part of it. Devon explains the plan is to build a dynasty for their family. Nate’s not sure where he fits in, but Devon says he can forge his path there. Nate will have to think about it. Devon asks what Elena thinks. She carefully says she loves the idea, but also feels Nate has to decide for himself. Nate suddenly snaps — he applauds their enthusiasm but he’s not sure it’s the right move for him! Everyone exchanges awkward looks.
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At Newman Media, Adam and Nikki have joined Victor and Nick and they’re all on the same page where Nate’s evidence and Ashland are concerned. Nick relays that Victoria’s very resistant to the idea her husband’s lying to her. They really only have one move left and it’s going to take all of them to pull it off. Nick and Victor share their plan offscreen. Adam doesn’t think it will work and Nikki fears how Victoria will react. Victor argues their priority has to be removing Ashland from her life. Nick adds that they need to get her alone. Adam worries about the company, but Nick’s only concerned about his sister. If Locke’s plan was to take control of Newman-Locke, Victoria may now be incidental — an obstacle he needs to get rid of by any means necessary! Nikki’s aghast at the idea he might actually hurt her daughter. Victor vows he won’t harm one hair on Victoria’s head. When Nick asks Adam if he’s in he replies, “100%.” Nikki is also ready. “Anything for my daughter.”

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland presses Victoria on her doubts about him. He can stand the idea that she’d think he’d deceive her. Victoria warns they certainly wouldn’t be able to move past it and muses that some lines can’t be crossed. Ashland wonders if she’s expecting him to break down and make some kind of confession. Victoria volleys that if there is a confession to be made, then now would be the time to make it. Ashland stands up and says there is something he needs to confess — it’s earth-shattering. Victoria’s listening. Ashland tells her, “I love you. I love you more than I have loved anything in my entire life. You are a gift I do not deserve and I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.” He can see she’s torn between her love for him and her loyalty to her family. Victoria is so sorry. Ashland fumes that she has nothing to be sorry for — her family is breathing down her neck with conspiracy theories. He insists the only way to deal with it is to get away. Locke can’t think of a better place than Tuscany. Victoria asks, “Today?” Ashland says yes. Just then, Nikki comes in all weepy and tells Victoria she needs to talk to her alone as she’s the only person who will understand. Victoria insists that her husband stay.

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At Newman-Locke, Adam talks about a back-up plan with Victor and Nick. He floated one, but their father shot it down. Adam wonders if the board has the power to nullify Ashland’s contract if Victoria doesn’t come around… and hers? Victor and Nick vow Victoria will not be fired, but Adam argues this falls under incompetency. Nick accuses him of trying to make a power grab of his own. Adam has a vested interest in the company because he actually works for it, unlike Nick. Victor warns, “Boys,” and reiterates that they’ll deal with any fallout for the company but Victoria’s well-being is their foremost concern. Just then, Lauren walks in and demands to know what exactly Victor knows about her husband!

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At Newman-Locke, Nikki decides she’s no longer going to be polite and grits out to Locke, “I am no longer asking, I am telling you to leave this office.” Ashland resists and Nikki breaks down that this is about her marriage — she and her husband have had a terrible fight! Victoria soothes Nikki and then tells Ashland she needs to speak to her mom alone. He understands and wishes his mother-in-law the best before exiting. Nikki turns her back and sends a text.
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At Newman Media, Victor tells Lauren he received a package from Michael yesterday. She reasons that could have been sent days ago when he’s safe. Lauren knows he has people searching for her husband. Victor asks how she knows that. She says it’s not important. Victor admits he’s lost contact with Michael. Lauren knew it. She’s glad she went to Kevin and filed a missing persons report. Victor vows they’ll find him, not the GCPD. Lauren sniffs at the idea she’d trust Victor when he didn’t give her information before. Victor admits he didn’t want to alarm her. Lauren doesn’t even know why Michael was sent to Peru and asks Adam and Nick if they’re privy to any information she should have. They’re cagey as well and Victor informs Lauren it’s confidential. He’s sorry that the trip turned dangerous, but he’ll remedy the situation. Nick receives a text from Nikki, that says, “Now. Quickly.” He tells Victor he and Adam have to take care of the situation they discussed earlier. Victor will join them shortly. Adam and Nick leave and Victor promises Lauren he’ll do everything in his power to bring Michael back safely.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate apologizes for blowing up at Devon and Lily, who asks what’s going on with him. “Just tell us.” Nate says it’s complicated. It’s the aftermath of a bad judgment call. There’s nothing they can do, he just needs time to regroup. Devon and Lily are full of ideas to distract him. Nate needs to take care of some things and stands up and walks out after kissing Elena. Lily asks his girlfriend, “What’s going on?” Elena says she can’t talk about it, but assures he’ll be fine. She thinks he’ll appreciate the job offer in time as he’ll need something to latch onto.

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In her office, Victoria gives her mother some water and asks about her argument with Victor. She assumes it had to do with the accusations her father is making about her husband. Nikki informs Victoria that there’s no doubt in her mind Victor was right to investigate Ashland. Victoria realizes she’s been duped and stands up, fuming, as Nikki declares that Ashland’s been using her and lying to her since the day he claimed he was sick. Victoria, outraged, wonders how far she and dad are willing to go. Victor enters, with Nick and Adam behind him and declares, “As far as is necessary to show you exactly what Ashland has done.” Nick tells his sister they’re not leaving until she’s seen all the evidence.

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