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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Nick she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. He senses she’s having doubts about her husband — something has shifted. Nick wonders what might have come to light that made her change her mind. Victoria’s reluctant to confide in Nick and give him more ammunition against her husband. Nick insists he loves her and supports her no matter what. She hollers that he’s admitted hating her husband. Nick understands how it feels to be betrayed by someone you love. She can tell him as little or as much as she wants. Victoria wonders if Nick has seen the evidence from Peru. Nick saw that video and asks what she concludes from it. Victoria admits she hasn’t concluded much; if their father’s right then Ashland’s love for her is false and manipulative. It’s a thought she can’t entertain. Nick learns that Ashland is claiming Victor is setting him up. She thinks that’s too easy. Now there are payments that can be traced back to a shell company. Nick asks what she thinks. “What does the evidence say to you?”
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At Society, Ashland tells Nate his proof is a lack of information. Nate argues that the Newmans deserve to know the truth. Locke warns him to think long and hard before he does anything rash. Nate narrows his eyes and asks, “Are you threatening me?” Locke insists he’s just cautioning him. For instance, does he want to hurt Victoria by buying into this smear campaign. Nate wouldn’t be the one hurting her and is disgusted by what he’s found. He’s enraged at being taken in. Ashland insists he was on the level when he asked him to be his best man and offered him a job. Nate can’t believe he still has the gall to try and convince him he’s being set up. “It’s not going to work! You were never sick.” Ashland tells Nate, “We’re done here. I can prove my innocence and when I do, you’re gonna wish you’d never doubted me.” Nate stops him from leaving. “Ashland! It’s time to come clean. If you don’t tell them, I will.”

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At Newman Media, Victor can’t believe Adam blames Victoria for this mess. Adam points out she let the shark in and continues to support him. Victor argues they’ve all been duped by love, including him. He reminds Adam what happened with Chelsea. Adam doesn’t see a problem in being honest about Victoria’s situation. Outside the door, Sally listens and then walks away. Inside, Victor tells Adam to stop pointing the finger at Victoria. Adam sighs, “Fine.” But they need a plan to oust Ashland if Victoria won’t listen. “I have one.” Victor’s listening. Adam thinks they should leak the story to the press — that Ashland faked his illness to take over Newman. The negative publicity will drive him away. They bicker. Victor admits that Victoria’s in denial right now, but she’ll come around. It’s impossible to put this out without her being unscathed and the company being embarrassed. They have to find another way to deal with this. Adam supposes murder is out of the question, and quickly assures that was a joke. Victor hopes that Nicholas can get through to his sister.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Lauren is distracted and doesn’t hear Chelsea and Chloe’s pitch. Chloe asks if there’s been any word about Michael. Lauren sighs. She told Kevin she wouldn’t file a missing persons report but something is definitely wrong! Chelsea looks sympathetic.
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Sally arrives at Crimson Lights and orders a cup of Sharon’s strongest coffee. The blonde asks how the new job is going — being COO is a lot of responsibility. Sally complains about not being included in closed door meetings. Sharon muses about closed door meetings with the Newmans. “What a surprise.” She agrees to have a coffee with the redhead and let her pick her brain about working with Adam; she figures she needs help navigating the Newman dynamics. But she won’t reveal anything about her personal relationship with him.

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Sally insists she’s just after some insight, though she adds that she thinks Adam is pretty special and too few people see that. Sharon admits she’s one of the people who sees his good side and has defended him, which isn’t that popular. She realizes that Sally has a personal and professional relationship with him. Sally says that’s not relevant. She wants to know about Victor. Sharon asks what exactly she’s concerned about. Sally’s worried that Adam will keep making decision based on pleasing his father and not what’s best for himself.
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At Society, Elena is scandalized after Nate tells her that Ashland faked cancer. Nate admits it’s got him questioning his own judgment since he befriended him. He tells her he accessed Locke’s medical records and what he discovered. Elena can’t wrap her head around someone pretending to be dying. Nate explains that Victor believes it was all part of a scheme to take over Newman. Elena learns that Ashland has threatened Nate and marvels, “How could anyone do something like this?!” Nate can’t believe he called the man his best friend and stood up for him at his wedding. Elena is stunned by the scope of his deception. Nate fumes, “That sonofabitch lied about having cancer!”
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At Newman Locke, Victoria admits to Nick that she’s scared. Nick wonders if Ashland has threatened her. She says no, she’s afraid to admit that he could do this to her. She may be protecting herself because if this is true… Nick asks, “If it is true, then what?” Just then, Ashland walks in and sighs, “You Newmans are relentless.” Nick isn’t there to fight with him. He’s there because he loves Victoria and won’t allow anyone to hurt her. Nick tells Victoria to call if she needs him and walks out. Ashland asks Victoria, “Are you okay?” Victoria pulls him into an embrace as Nick watches from the elevators. He takes a call from Victor and tells him that Ashland interrupted them just as he was making progress.

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On the Crimson Lights’ patio, Lauren has put in a call to Kevin who will put in a missing persons report on Michael. She fumes about Victor sending her husband out of the country into what seems to be a dangerous situation. Lauren feels helpless and wants to get on a plane to Peru! Chloe doesn’t think that’s a great idea and reminds her Michael is resourceful and clever. Chelsea chimes in to back her up. Lauren recalls how good he is at persuading people and tears up.
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At Newman Media, Victor tells Adam that Ashland will stop at nothing to get control of the company. He even convinced Victoria to make him co-CEO. Adam gawps, “What did that happen?!?” Victor says the contract was signed yesterday. Adam fumes that he wasn’t told sooner. He marvels at how calm and cool Victor’s behaving. Victor insists it will blow over and they’ll come out ahead. Adam finds his confidence curious and asks if the accusations against Ashland are legitimate.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon admires Sally’s commitment to her boss. She concedes that Adam seems to be in a good place and Sally may have something to do with that. Talk turns back to Adam and Victor. Sharon explains Adam needs his father’s love and a feeling of harmony with him. Sally worries he’ll never find it because he doesn’t seem himself as his equal — he’s just the son trying to impress his father. She’s trying to break him of that. Sharon wishes her luck as Nick comes in. Sally thanks her and heads off. Nick asks Sharon, “What was that about?” Sharon says Sally wanted some insight on Adam. Nick updates her on his conversation with Victoria. “He’s really got his hooks in her.” Sharon thinks if the evidence is strong, she’ll come to her senses. She’s glad he’s helping his sister. Nick notes if she doesn’t, the family will have to come up with a plan to get him out of her life for good.
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On the patio, Sally overhears Chloe reassuring Lauren about Michael and then interrupts. She tells Lauren that Victor has people actively searching for him. Chelsea didn’t realize she’d be in the loop. Sally says she’s getting to know Victor well and he can solve anything he puts his mind to. Lauren’s glad she told her — now she knows Victor wasn’t being truthful when he told her Michael was fine. “Now I’m even more worried because Victor’s concerned!” She leaves to update Kevin. Sally tells Chloe and Chelsea she was just trying to help. Chelsea sniffs that they’d just calmed her down — leave it to her to stir things up again. Chloe is more diplomatic. Sally asks the women to set the reset button; she misses Chloe’s friendship and wants a truce with Chelsea, who supposes she could let bygones be bygones.
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At Society, Nate tells Elena he can’t figure out how he didn’t see this coming. He realizes now that he was actually coaching him on how to act authentically sick. Elena assures him there’s no reason he would question someone having terminal cancer. Nate worries this could crush Victoria and he also has to consider if Ashland is this vicious, what else might he do?

As Adam and Victor are discussing Ashland being co-CEO and the implications, Nate enters the Newman Media office and declares, “I have that smoking gun you were looking for.” Adam and Victor both stand up.

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