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At Newman Media, Adam complains to Sally about his father icing him out again. She informs him he worries way too much about what Victor says and does when he’s all about Victoria. Sally reminds him that this could all work out in his favor… so why let it bother him at all? Adam thinks it’s possible that Ashland could have done something he can take advantage of, but there’s no guarantee. Sally muses that if things go south between Locke and his wife, it could create an opening. Adam teases, “An opening, Lady Macbeth?”

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At Crimson Lights, Victor updates Nick on the evidence that Michael sent him, but shares they have a problem — he’s missing. Nick figures someone got to Ashland and warned him about the digging. Victor has people looking for Baldwin and vows to hold Locke responsible if anything happens to him. He reveals he was forced to tell Victoria everything and Nick questions if she refuses to believe what’s right in front of her, what will anyone be able to do? Victor’s been asking himself the same thing. Nick laments that Locke has brainwashed his sister into thinking he can do no wrong. Victor agrees; he’s convinced her to make him co-CEO. Nick fumes that she fought for years to run the company alone. He says Ashland played this pretty well and asks what Victor will do. Victor replies, “It’s not what I’m going to do, son. It’s about what you’re going to do.” He simply wants Nick to talk to his sister. Nick’s not convinced he can get through to her. Victor wants him to do it for him, for the family. “What have you got to lose?”

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At Newman Media, Sally grins; she’s not suggesting Adam seize any thrones. Adam suggests she enlighten him. Sally thinks Victor’s made it clear that he’ll look out for Victoria, Ashland will look after himself, and Victoria will look after her pride. That leaves Adam looking out for himself, with her backing him if there’s an opening in the leadership. Just then, Victor shows up. Sally leaves them to talk, but listens outside the door. Victor updates Adam that he’s asked Nick to speak to Victoria. Adam gawps, “That’s it? You’ve got to be kidding me.”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland insists to Victoria that the evidence is being planted by her father to turn her against him. Victoria counters that the proof is there that he was funnelling money to the doctor who accused him of fabricating all of this. Ashland fumes that Victor wanted to set him up and found someone to accommodate him. Victoria is as upset as he is and explains they need to find a way to redirect their energy and fix it. The money is coming from the radio division so it must be someone there. Ashland argues there’s no one more ‘inside’ than her father. Victoria doesn’t believe he’d want to hurt her this way, it was always Nicholas who was against him. “Please don’t fight me on this.” Ashland knows the people behind this want to make her doubt him — that’s the worst thing that could happen to him. “I need to know you believe me.”
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In Los Angeles, Jack is looking at Allie’s photo when Traci calls to check in. Phyllis told her that he found a stack of letters. They recap that so much was left unsaid between him and his son. Jack looks at the photo of Allie as Traci says her heart is breaking for him. Phyllis comes in with coffee and hollers a hello to Traci. Jack tells his sister that the redhead has been his rock. He has life-altering things to share but wants to do it in person. Traci urges him to take care of himself and signs off. Phyllis asks how he wants to proceed. Just then, Jack gets a text from Allie apologizing for being rude and wishing him safe travels back to Genoa City. Jack decides it’s time to go back, but Phyllis points out something interesting about the message. “Neither of us told her we were from Genoa City.” Jack can think of any number of explanations as to how she found out, but Phyllis can only think of one. “She obviously did a search on you.” This means she’s curious about him and her newfound family. Jack would like nothing more than to have a relationship with his granddaughter but is not in favor of pushing too hard. He’ll back off for right now.

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Jack again declares that it’s time to go home, but Phyllis completely disagrees — he needs to find out who prodded him to come to Los Angeles to meet Allie in the first place! Jack’s had enough of investigations. His last loose end is to call Kyle, who needs to know about this. Phyllis steps out to give him privacy. Jack gets on a video call with his son, who learns that his father is in L.A. in the house Keemo lived in. Kyle asks if he’s out there visiting him. Jack explains they were estranged and that Keemo recently passed away. Kyle’s so sorry. Jack explains it was an unexpected heart attack. He’s still in shock, but that’s not all — Keemo has a daughter named Allie and he met her today. “You have a niece and Harrison has a brand new cousin.” Kyle marvels that this must be huge for Jack, who reveals it’s more complicated because Allie didn’t know about him. He’s trying not to pressure or push her in any way. Kyle’s always there for him. It’s what their family does and he’s sure Allie realized that.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria is determined to find out who is behind this campaign to ruin Ashland — the evidence is mounting. Ashland agonizes over this happening just as he’s recovering. He gets a text from Nate, who wants to meet. Victoria urges him not to jump to the worst possible conclusion — Nate’s his friend and confidante. Ashland thanks her for reminding him of that. With her by his side, he’ll get through this. They embrace and Victoria looks concerned.

At Society, Ashland realizes from Nate’s demeanor that Victor got to him and is trying to poison his mind against him. He thinks Nate knows he didn’t fake his medical records — he saw his test results. Nate says it dawned on him that the results were all he had to go on, and they came from Ashland. Locke doesn’t like where this is going. Nate didn’t either. It was awful to think that Locke would fake a terrible disease to deceive Victoria — so he dug deeper.

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In Los Angeles, Jack worries to Phyllis that Kyle’s head was spinning when they hung up, and laments that he’ll never get to meet his older brother. He shares that Kyle was concerned about him and thanks her again for being there. They’re about to head for home, when Allie comes to the door. “I’m glad I caught you before you left.” Jack invites her in. She found something of Keemo’s in her apartment that she though Jack might want to have. Allie hands over a figurine created by one of her dad’s favorite artists. “I think you should have it” She notes their rift ran deep, but it’s obvious how much Jack cared about him. This is something for him to hold onto — a little piece of his son.
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Jack gets choked up as he thanks her. Allie hasn’t changed her mind about them, and she won’t. She’s going through a lot and has all she can handle right now. “It’s all I want.” Jack respects that. He recently lost his mother and understands the enormity of what she’s dealing with. Jack wishes her well in all her endeavors. Allie suggests if he’s ever back in L.A., they could have coffee. Jack extends the same invite if she’s ever in Wisconsin. He urges her to call him if she needs anything at all. Allie says, “Until we meet again,” and exits. Jack exhales, “Wow,” with tears in his eyes.
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Nick finds Victoria in her office and she asks where he gets the nerve to show his face there. Nick can’t walk away from this and ignore what’s happening. Victoria sniffs about Victor’s absurd accusations about her husband. Nick shares that their father asked her to come and try to make her see reason — he has no illusions about how she’ll react, but he cares about her. Victoria asks if that’s true, why is he still trying to destroy her marriage? Nick understands the pressure she’s under and wonders if there’s a chance she’s considered that Ashland may have betrayed her. He’s there if she needs a sounding board or to vent. Victoria sighs, “I don’t know what to believe anymore. It can’t be true, can it?”

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor he doesn’t see how Nick talking to Victoria is going to do much of anything. Victoria is impervious to logic and is putting the company in the hands of a ruthless shark — she’s the one who has failed this family!

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At Society, Nate tells Ashland that he made a point of mentioning that his cancer was discovered on a chest x-ray following his heart attack. He went back into the hospital archives to look and it told him everything he needed to know — there’s no evidence of cancer on any of those scans. Locke claims it’s another manipulation or error. Does he think this is proof of Victor’s wild accusations against him? Nate figured that would be his response so he went looking for his chemo treatments. It turns out there’s no record of him ever having chemotherapy at Memorial or any of their affiliated facilities. “Victor’s right, isn’t he? You don’t have cancer. It’s all been one big colossal lie!”

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Locke threatens to make a call and have Nate’s medical license revoked. Nate invites him to go ahead. Ashland asks what he’ll do with the illegally obtained information. Nate has to inform Victor and Victoria of what he’s learned!
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor finds himself in the hot seat, and Nate debates his next move.

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