Victoria confronts Ashland at Newman-Locke Y&R
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At Keemo’s house in LA, Jack tells Allie that he is there because of Hao Nguyen. Allie points out that it is a very common name and they must have him confused with someone else. When she asks what they want him with, Jack explains that Keemo was his son. Allie says that’s impossible. He was her dad and he never mentioned him. He must be mistaken as her father never knew his father. Jack says that her father did not tell her the whole truth. He admits that he did not know of his existence until he was a young adult. That’s when they were reunited. She doesn’t know why she should believe this and wants proof. He hands her a picture of himself with her grandmother. Although she died before she was born, she recognizes Luan from photos. Jack explains that was their wedding day and her father was his best man.

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Allie points out the picture doesn’t prove he’s her grandfather. As they sit down, he shows her the legal document that shows Keemo was his son. He explains that they had a major falling out. When his wife became sick, she wanted him to stay silent about it. Now he realizes that keeping the truth from his son was a mistake. Jack tried to fix it but Keemo could not forgive him and cut himself off, changing his name and refusing to communicate with him. If this is true, Allie asks, why is he there and what is he after?

Jack and Allie talk at Keemo's Y&R

Jack tells her about the mystery texts. He’s been wandering in the dark and unsure what to do. His son died and he wanted to find out what kind of man he became. He shows her the letters that Keemo wrote to him but never sent. Just looking at one makes her burst into tears. Jack explains that her father was thinking of reconnecting with him. Before that could happen, he died and any chance of them reuniting came to an end. Opening a letter, she sobs, able to hear his voice in her head. She can hardly face the fact that he is gone and now this is a side of him she had no idea existed. Jack asks if she has someone to help her get through this. Allie explains that her parents divorced a few years ago and her mom moved to the east coast. It kills Jack that she is alone. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” she insists.

Jack gives Allie details at Keemo's Y&R

Nikki stops by the office at Newman Media hoping to tempt Victor out to lunch but he has to deal with something. From the way he’s handling an envelope, she wonder if it contains gold or a bomb. He explains it contains the evidence Michael collected against Ashland. “A bomb then,” she quips. She urges him to be careful with it. He claims this is the last thing he wanted to do but Locke has forced his hand and his daughter needs to know what kind of man she is married to.

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When Nikki walks into Society, she spots Ashland and is about to leave. He gets up and begs her to hear him out. Ashland is sure Victor has put all sorts of thoughts in Nikki’s head. She insists no one does that. He apologizes. Locke is sure that she’s not as convinced as her husband is by the word of one unscrupulous doctor. They’ve been working together for a while so she must see how devoted he is to her daughter and understand that he would never hurt her like this. He’d like her to give him the benefit of a doubt.

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She wants to believe him but Victor says there is too much evidence for it to be fabricated. Locke points out that this means he would have had to have mountains of medical records fabricated across two countries for it to be true. It’s becoming hard for her to think that it is not Ashland who concocted evidence. He asks if Victor has more proof, and then tells her he just wants to get past this. “Nikki, I need you to be on my side,” he says, worrying that Victor is trying to poison his wife’s mind against him. When he suggests Victor might be threatened by his place in the company, Nikki flatly dismisses this and insists her husband is only concerned with protecting his daughter. Protecting Victoria’s happiness is all Ashland wants too. He asks if she’s ever seen her daughter happier than she is with him.

Nikki doubts Ashland at Society Y&R

Nikki reminds him of all the support that she and Victor have given him and the elaborate wedding they planned. To do all that and then be betrayed is unforgivable. He insists that he is not lying about his illness. His treatment has only given him a reprieve. This only makes it all the more horrible that he has to fight for the love of his life when he should be enjoying the limited time he has with her. She says that it is crucial that they get to the truth. If he is being honest, he has to prove it. She promises that if he has the evidence to back it up, Victor will apologize and back off. She walks away and he sighs in aggravation.

Ashland defends himself to Nikki at Society Y&R

Victor enters his daughter’s office at Newman-Locke. She doesn’t want to speak to him unless he is there to withdraw his “disgusting” allegations against her husband. He wishes he didn’t have to do this, but she needs to see the evidence he’s found and won’t leave until she does. Victoria accuses her father of stooping to destroy Ashland just because he feels threatened that another man has a say in the family business. He protests that he doesn’t want to hurt her, but her husband has been lying to her this entire time. She can’t believe her father thought he could blackmail Ashland out of her life or that he would plot to destroy her life for the sake of his own hubris. Victor can understand why she’s refusing to see the truth. His daughter doesn’t appreciate him being patronizing. Victor repeats that he can’t stand by and watch her being deceived anymore.

Victoria listens to Victor at Newman-Locke Y&R

Victoria’s sick and tired of the men in her life claiming to care and then causing her pain. Her father insists that he’s trying to avoid that. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence against her husband, he repeats. Victoria says there is no credible evidence. She’s reached out to Michael and he hasn’t even responded. “I’m trying to protect you and protect the company,” he claims. She takes this as an admission that this is all about Newman-Locke. She informs him that the contracts have been signed and Ashland is now co-CEO.

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He hands her a dossier of incriminating financial transactions in Peru. She dismisses them. Victor claims he sent Michael to do an investigation because he wanted his suspicions to be disproved. But that is not what happened and now Baldwin has disappeared and Lauren is very worried. Locke knew they were onto him and Victor knew she would only accept his guilt if they found hard facts. “What do you think happened?” he asks. She refuses to imagine that her husband has Michael locked up somewhere. No matter what her father says, she is sticking with her husband. Standing up, Victor tells her to read the dossier and walks out, adding that he’s deeply sorry he’s the bearer of bad news. “I adore you and I love… and I only want what’s best for you,” he adds.

Victor gives evidence to Victoria at Newman-Locke Y&R

When he arrives back at Newman Media, Nikki joins Victor with takeout. He says he gave their daughter the evidence. He didn’t take her anger personally. She may not believe it yet, but slowly and surely, she will end up being on his side once she recognizes how deceitful Ashland has been. He has no doubts about this.

Victor and Nikki talk evidence at Newman-Locke Y&R

In Los Angeles, Phyllis wonders if Allie’s mom might be sending the texts to Jack. Allie doesn’t think so since her mom never knew about any of this. Phyllis asks if she had anything to do with the messages, or with preparing the boxes that were left here. Allie insists she had no idea who Jack was. Whoever sent these texts, it had nothing to do with her. If her father couldn’t reconcile with Jack, she doesn’t see why she should. She asks him to forget this ever happened. Jack can’t do that. He knows how hard this must be to face and process. What she is dealing with now is far more than he is. But he’s so glad he came because he got to meet her. He knows how hard it is not to be able to ask your father for answers. Although he is a stranger now, he hopes that one day they can be more. “I’m not interested,” she says. Before she can leave, he asks if he can keep the things in the boxes. She allows that and he asks her to keep the necklace that belonged to her grandmother. Allie refuses it and walks out.

Jack wonders if Allie just needs time to process. Phyllis is sure his mind must be racing now that he’s leaned he has a granddaughter. Jack says he can’t blame Allie for being stunned or his son for keeping her from him. Red wants him to tell her how he really feels. Jack is reluctant to dump any of this on her. With a little prodding, he admits that it’s all overwhelming. She thinks Keemo has passed on his bitter feelings to the next generation but things can change. Jack’s glad that Allie is trying to honor her father and it seems like they were close. He’s heartbroken about the realities of his relationship with Keemo, but feels he needs to focus on the here and now — and that’s Allie, who is dealing with her grief alone.

Phyllis is concerned about Jack at Keemo's Y&R

Alone in her office at Newman Locke, Victoria leafs through the evidence her father dropped off. Once Ashland arrives, she tells him about her unpleasant encounter with her father and his accusations. She informs him of all of the evidence that has been collected. “Why would a small company that we own be sending money to a doctor in Peru connected to your treatment?” she demands.

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