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Devon is surprised when Abby and Chance show up at the penthouse. She says she texted but he didn’t notice it because he was playing with Dominic. They are hoping they can take the baby home now. Chance doesn’t like to spring this on him but he has another therapy session today and he thought some family time would help. Devon wishes he had some more notice, but it’s completely fine. Amanda observes the exchange.

Once Abby and Chance have left with the baby, Amanda asks Devon how he really feels. He reminds her that he’s picked up his son early before too and insists that nothing about this is bothering him. He claims that he’s just worried about how tense Chance seemed. He wonders what all that tension is doing to the baby.

Devon and Amanda discuss Dominic at penthouse Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is doing inventory when her husband interrupts and teases her about how attractive she looks when she’s focused. She doesn’t want to be distracted while she’s in an organizing mood. He asks if she’s busy with wedding planning this afternoon. She’s not and Noah and Faith aren’t home either. “That is interesting,” says her husband, wondering if she has something on her mind. Rey tells Sharon that he doesn’t have to return to the station until the evening. He’d like to spend the afternoon with his wife. He suggests they go bowling or play pool in a dive bar. She has something else in mind and will tell him when the time is right.

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Amanda and Devon stop by Crimson Lights for coffee. He takes advantage of the opportunity to chat with Rey and Sharon. He asks about Chance’s therapy and how things are going. Sharon’s not allowed to talk about that. He explains he’s just worried about how he is handling his trauma. Sharon and Rey remind him that a lot of people have Chance’s back and that means they have Dom’s back too.

Once Sharon finishes work, she tells Rey that the private time window is small so… Faith calls and asks her to stop by and help Christian with a school project. That has to be done today so there won’t be any alone time. Rey understands. They agree to a date another time.

Sharon gets call from Faith at Crimson Lights Y&R

After Sharon leaves, Chelsea shows up and tells Rey how wonderful her life is going. He asks her to sit and tell him all about it. They get a table and recall their time in Minnesota. They chat about Connor and hockey and laugh. She’s glad that he’s one of the people her son likes and trusts.

Chelsea and Rey chat at Crimson Lights Y&R

Devon and Amanda sit on the patio. She guesses Devon wanted to come to interrogate Sharon and Rey about Chance. He claims that’s not the case. She’s starting to worry about his state of mind. After all the arrangements that he’s made with Chance and Abby, he still seems to be looking for problems. Devon insists he’s not trying to cause trouble and only wants what’s best. She’s not convinced he’s comfortable with the current arrangement. Whenever his son leaves, he looks crushed. Amanda asks for the real truth, not the nice truth: does he want sole custody? He claims that’s not it at all. She believes him but doesn’t understand why he is constantly asking questions about Chance. Devon explains that he’s been to therapy and knows you don’t leave those feelings in the office.

Amanda probes Devon at Crimson Lights Y&R

At the Chancellor estate, Chance fawns over his son. Abby wonders if he’s worried about his therapy session. She knows he was wiped out after the first session. He just doesn’t know where it will go. His wife assures him of how good his doctor is and reminds him she will always be there to support him. He worries how his nerves may be affecting Dominic. Abby is sure it is fine.

Chance and Dom at Chancellor estate Y&R

After the baby goes to sleep, Chance admits to his wife that he’s not the sort of person who wears his emotions on his sleeve. He’s afraid of how messy it could be when they all spill out. She suggests that it could be cathartic in a positive way. He loves her optimism.

Chance worries about negativity to Abby at Chancellor estate Y&R

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Chance meets with Dr. Huffman in his office. He tells him that their first session took a lot out of him. But he is determined to keep coming back so he can be the man his wife and son need. The doctor asks him to recall the explosion. He can recall hearing his team screaming for their lives. That hurt him more than the shrapnel in his leg. He couldn’t do anything and that made him feel worthless. Then there was silence and he knew what that meant. There were no survivors in the rubble. That’s when he decided to hide in the rubble and play dead until it was safe. He couldn’t save one of his friends and can’t understand why he survived when they didn’t.

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Huffman tells him about how powerful survivor guilt. Chance claims he’s been trying to atone. The doctor tells him he didn’t do anything wrong. Chance can’t come around to admitting none of this is his fault yet. He reached out to his friends’ families, paying for funerals and assuring them their loved ones were heroes. They were grateful, not resentful of his help. One widow even told him that he shouldn’t blame himself. “How the hell am I suppose to find peace?” he wonders. He doesn’t know how to reconcile a man who hid with his life now. He’s lucky to have the future he has, but he doesn’t know how he can be the man he needs to be.

Chance recalls trauma in therapy Y&R

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When Chance gets home, he tells Abby that his session was good. The baby is crying so she suggests he hold him. Snapping, he says no and then apologizes. She apologizes. He apologizes more. Abby realizes he needs a moment to decompress. Her husband is worried about their son being exposed to negativity. Holding him, she assures him they will make this right together.

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Jack and Phyllis return to Keemo’s place in LA. No one is there. She is optimistic they will get some answers today about who led him there. Jack is a lot less positive. He hardly slept last night thinking about the life he might have had with his son. This has been a lot more difficult than he ever thought it would be. Phyllis has been the only thing that has gotten him through this. She says she’s been happy to do it. Sniffing, she can smell perfume and guesses someone else has been there. They search but there are no other signs. Jack wants to think that whoever it was must have been the person who has been sending him texts. She suggests they go through the box with fresh eyes.

Immediately, Jack finds a photo of a young girl that wasn’t there last night. It says Allie on the back and there is a phone number. Jack assumes this must be a clue. Jack notices that the girl in the photo may be the same one who is in another photo. Phyllis encourages him to call the number on the photo. When he does, it goes to voicemail. He leaves a message, asking her to call him back. Jack still has no idea what’s going on. He doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Allie returns his call and he urgently asks if there’s any chance they can meet in person. Although she’s tied up right now, she offers to get there as soon as she can. Phyllis is sure this girl is going to have all the answers he’s looking for.

Phyllis reassures Jack at Keemo's Y&R

Jack has a thousand questions. Phyllis urges him to make a plan to focus them. He hates sitting around waiting. She suggests he take a walk while she waits. Thanking her, he goes out. When Jack returns, Phyllis tells him how great the garden is. Very calming. She suggests that he should be alone when Allie arrives. Jack wants her to be with him. He’s unsure of himself and she is his solid ground. They hold hands.

Jack paces anxiously and is about to call again when Allie (played by Kelsey Wang) arrives. After introductions, she asks what they are doing there, wondering if they are lawyers or with the bank. She thought the estate had been settled. Jack explains that he’d like to talk to her about Keemo; he was his son. Allie looks shocked.

Allie arrives at Keemo's Y&R

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