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At Society, Lily and Billy have had a delicious dinner and she thanks him for making her take a break from work. He talks about recharging and she knows his podcast hasn’t gone as he’d hoped. Lily assures him he’ll get in the zone again. Billy will approach Traci for tips on writer’s block and an update on Jack. Lily’s going by Devon’s to see Dom. Billy figures she’ll hit him up about the merger again and doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Lily questions his attitude toward it. Billy doesn’t think pressuring Devon is a good idea; he wants to focus on Dom right now. Lily thinks she just threw too much at him too soon. Billy counters that he may like his position at Hamilton-Winters and doesn’t want to share it with her. He hopes Devon comes around, but he doubts putting pressure on him will make it happen any sooner. Lily questions if Billy’s in favor of the merger. Billy insists he loves the idea; it’s genius.
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At the Abbott mansion, Traci tries unsuccessfully to reach Jack, and then gets Phyllis on the phone. Phyllis relays that Jack went to his own hotel room; it’s been a long day. Traci asks if they got to Keemo’s house. Phyllis confirms they did, and no one was there. She tells her about the box left for Jack to see containing letters from his son. Traci’s grateful to hear that the last letter was at least kind. She can’t believe he never reached out; it’s heartbreaking. Phyllis confirms that Jack’s having a hard time with that. She won’t press an investigation right now even though someone obviously left the box for him to find. Traci hears that other items were left besides the letters, including proof of paternity. She can’t imagine the memories they’re bringing up for her brother.

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In the house in L.A., Jack reads his son’s letters and laments. What he wouldn’t give for one more day, one more hour, with Keemo to set things right. It would have brought him so much joy to have him in his life; to introduce him to his brother, Kyle… if only he’d given him a clue he was open to it. The part that hurts so much is that they came so close. Jack examines the photo of three women again and recognizes Mai, Keemo’s sister, but not the others. He questions why someone would leave these things for him to find… maybe to drive home how little he knew about his own son. Jack decides the box was meant to be a gift, but the person wants to remain anonymous. “This has to be enough.” He tears up at the idea that Keemo considered reaching out to him and it might have happened if his life hadn’t ended unexpectedly.
Jack, photo box Y&R

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Jack paces the house and supposes his search has come to an end. He turns his phone back on and realizes everyone’s worried about him. He’s about to send a text when he hears a noise and dog start barking. He looks outside and calls, “Hello?” He’s about to go back inside when a car pulls in — it’s Phyllis. Jack asks if she saw anyone on foot; he thought he heard someone. She didn’t. Phyllis realized he had left the hotel and was probably there. She’ll go back. Jack urges her to stay. Back in the house, Phyllis wonders if he just heard a coyote. Jack questions if his texter is as curious about him as he is about them. Phyllis muses that they wanted him to come to LA for some reason and they still don’t know why. Jack decides to text them again. He says he’s been through everything in the house and asks if there’s anything else to find. Jack is tired and confused and doesn’t know where to take this next. Phyllis asks if he’s happy he came there. Jack is shocked she’d ask that; he’s grateful for the letters and the small opportunity to connect with Keemo. He thanks Phyllis for being exactly who she is.

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At Devon’s penthouse, Lily tries to help Devon soothe Dom. They wonder if he’s teething. Devon notes he’s still recovering so he calls the doctor. After speaking to Dr. Austin off-screen, he relays to Lily that she thinks it’s a sign the boy is getting his energy back. Lily is proud of him for staying calm. He asks if there’s a reason she stopped by and offers to discuss the merger. She gawps, “Really?” Devon knew that’s why she came by. Lily vows she won’t push it, but Devon admits he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it. He explains that Amanda laid out scenarios under which neither of them would have to surrender control. He thinks they should focus on the podcast project for now. Lily agrees to table the discussion. They talk about missing Neil after Devon says he dreamed about him, which made wonder if it was a sign he approved of her idea. Lily promises to be patient.
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At the Abbott mansion, Traci greets Billy, who asks if she’s spoken to Jack. Traci gives him the update from Phyllis. Billy’s still worried that the redhead has a hidden agenda. Traci makes hot cocoa and Billy tells her he’s hit a wall on his podcast. Traci advises him to try meditation. Billy mocks her. Traci is undeterred. Billy thinks it would make him twitch. Traci asks, “What have you got to lose?” Talk turns to Chancellor Industries and he alludes to Lily’s big idea. His job is to advise her professionally, not on what’s best for him personally. Traci urges Billy to be honest, as her partner, if he has an issue.

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Lily arrives at home, where Billy gives her an update on Jack and the letter from Keemo. She finds the whole thing to be so sad. Lily learns Traci advised Billy to try meditation, and he asks about her get together with Devon. Lily smiles. He brought up the merger and said he had a dream about their dad that made him willing to reconsider it. She thinks she got her brother to a maybe. Billy admits he has something to talk to her about and says he wasn’t totally honest with her earlier. Lily sensed he was holding back. Billy loves her idea from a business perspective, but it’s hard for him to be objective because he’s wondering where he fits in. She and Devon will run the company together, so he might become a redundancy on the outside looking in. Lily thanks him for telling her his thoughts and acknowledges it’s a valid concern. She assures him no matter what happens he will always be the person she depends on the most. “You’re my right-hand man.” Billy appreciates her and is feeling reassured. Lily moves in for a kiss and Billy pulls her to him.
Billy, Lily talk Y&R

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At the house in LA, Jack and Phyllis are about to pack it in and go back to the hotel. Jack marvels that Keemo lived there, and he knows nothing about his life. He cries about not knowing him or his thoughts. “Now I’ll never know. My own son. My own son.” Phyllis moves to comfort him as he sobs.

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