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At Newman-Locke, Ashland tells Victoria he just got off the phone with her father, who has put a ticking time bomb on him. He told him to do his best. Victoria demands to know what her dad said. Ashland relays that he was warned to capitulate or he’ll expose some deep, dark secret about his past. He points out that it makes her look like a helpless victim, which is demeaning. Victoria can’t understand why he’d tell such a messy lie. There must be something going on for him to take this kind of risk. She genuinely believed her father was happy for them at the wedding. Ashland questions if Victor simply pretended to be happy, so he could take control of his company and then force him out.
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Victoria wonders if her husband is implying that her dad is actually behind this scam. She can’t picture him creating this long-term conspiracy — it’s too dark, even for her dad. She fumes about him trying to use some lie to get Ashland out of her life. She won’t let it happen. “I will not let him get away with this. Take my word for that.”
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At Newman Media, Victor hangs up from Locke and muses that Ashland just made a big mistake — no one threatens him; no one threatens his family and gets away with it.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby knows Chance is emotionally drained from his therapy session and asks what she can do to help. He needs to figure it out on his own for now. They canoodle on the sofa and Chance apologizes for being so quiet. He wanted to take her to dinner tonight, but it’s not going to happen. Abby’s just thankful he went to therapy for their family. She’s so grateful he’s facing his trauma head-on and is fighting for them… and Dominic. They kiss and then start making love.
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After sex, Abby assures Chance they’ll have a lifetime of experiences watching their son grow. Chance feels he has so much to be thankful for. He goes to make them a snack and Abby looks dismayed. Chance returns and admits it wasn’t easy to open up to Dr. Huffman, but he gets it because he had military experience. Abby thinks that’s why Sharon recommended him. Chance explains that he feels empty when people say it’s not his fault what happened in Spain, and it feels like a betrayal to move on from it. He owes the people who died to always carry it with him. Abby thanks him for sharing all this with her. She wants to be his safe place. Chance assures her she is. “I won’t fail this mission.”

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At Mariah and Tessa’s apartment, Faith asks about the color scheme for their wedding. They’re not sure, but suggest something black and/or sparkly. Faith wonders how they knew they were in love. They acknowledge it can be scary. Faith agrees. She asks if they were ever worried they wouldn’t make it when Tessa was on tour… because of the time apart. Mariah and Tessa exchange a look. Mariah tells Faith if was very hard, but not an excuse to behave badly. Faith worries — she didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. Tessa and Mariah reassure her. They explain that being in a relationship isn’t always easy, but shouldn’t be agonizingly hard either. Faith sighs. She doesn’t know what forever looks like and wonders if soulmates are even really a thing. “Why risk it? You could just end up with a broken heart.” Tessa and Mariah feel like soulmates, but agree that putting your heart on the line IS a risk. Mariah advises that you’ll never know if you don’t take the chance. She wonders if this conversation is about Faith and Moses. Faith explains things are really good with her boyfriend, but there’s college, and everything could change. Tessa and Mariah counsel that it takes bravery to fall in love. Together they can take on the world as a team.
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At the coffee house, Noah and a gal pal tell Sharon they need a post-dinner pick-me-up before they hit the club. He introduces his mother to Cindy, who has already heard all about her and enthuses that she’s going to start coming in there all the time. As she goes on, she calls Noah “Noel,” and Sharon learns she’s an influencer…and that they just met today. They tell Sharon a story about literally running into each other and the woman calls him “Noel” again. Faith appears and he introduces her to Cindy, who marvels at meeting his mother and sister on the first date. Faith and Sharon exchange a look.

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At Society, Nate and Nick chat about Moses and Faith before talk turns to Victor and Ashland. Nick notes that Locke’s recovery has been miraculous has Nate ever seen such a thing before? Nate admits it’s extremely rare. Nick warns that Ashland’s condition has become a hot point with the family. Nate asks if that’s why he wanted to see him. Nick warns that what he’s about to say stays between them — it’s been suggested that Ashland’s recovery is too good to be true. People are saying Locke’s entire illness was just smoke and mirrors. Nate can’t understand who would say this — he’d have to have coerced multiple doctors. He questions if the person spreading the rumors even has credibility. With that, Victor appears. Nate asks if he’s the one behind this. Victor replies, “I am indeed.” He insists Ashland committed an egregious hoax. Nate can’t believe he’d do something so immoral. Victor invites him to Newman Media to see the proof.
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At Newman Media, Victor tells Nate that there’s a videotape of doctors in Peru admitting they were paid a lot of money to fake Ashland’s medical records. Nate reminds him the diagnosis was made in New York and worries that Victor and Nick are being played. Victor knows Nate wants to believe in the good, but Locke is an out and out fraud and they have to limit the damage to Victoria. Nick explains that they have to take this seriously for his sister’s sake. Nate argues that he has seen Ashland feeling weak and coughing. Victor understands it’s upsetting to be deceived, but they have to think about Victoria. Nate asks why he would do it. Victor states that Ashland Locke wants to control his company. He explains that when Nate looks into Locke’s background, he’ll understand how easily he persuaded Victoria, and then he befriended Nate — who must wonder why he befriended him so quickly — to substantiate his medical claims. Victor points out that if he read the article about him, he’ll know he’s not really Ashland Locke, but Bobby DiFranco. Nick tells Nate they need his help to expose Locke and save Victoria.
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In their apartment, Mariah and Tessa talk about finding happily ever after after their rough upbringings. They observe that Faith hasn’t had it easy either. Mariah’s thrilled she can now focus on college and having a boyfriend. Tessa’s glad they can be there for her. Mariah was touched that Tessa showed her sister they can get through anything. She knows she was really worried about her after Bowie’s birth. Tessa just tried to be there for her the best she could. Mariah assures her she’s back on her A game even though she has scary thoughts. Tessa asks, “What scary thoughts?” Mariah admits she was frightened by Dom being sick and it made her wonder what would happen if their child got sick. Her talent is worrying about things that may never happen. Tessa agrees the world is scary and is glad they have each other to get through it with.

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On the patio, Faith tells Sharon that Nate hasn’t talked to her about dating, but it would be nice to see him find something and settle down. Noah appears and teases that no one’s settling down. Faith tells him it doesn’t have to be with Cindy — love can be scary and he has to be brave. Faith goes inside and Noah knows Sharon’s concerned about him going out with two different woman in as many days. “Please don’t worry about me.” Sharon asks, “Why would I worry?” Just them, Tessa appears. She walks inside where Noah’s gal pal, Cindy gushes that she’s her biggest fans. Noah joins them. Cindy doesn’t know how he planned this, but suggests she and her fiancée join them at the club. Noah blurts, “No, she has plans.” Mariah shows up and Cindy recognizes her too. Noah explains Mariah is his other sister. Cindy presses Mariah for information as Noah and Tessa step aside. He explains he’s just trying to have some fun and will leave true love to the experts.
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At Newman Media, Nate reasons that if the doctors are in on the hoax, someone coerced and paid them. “Do you have any incontrovertible evidence that Ashland lied about his condition.” Victor has damning evidence. Nick says they need more and asks if Nate will help them. Just then, Victoria bursts into the office and seethes at her father, “You have crossed the line! There is no coming back from this!”

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