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At Newman Media, Nick decrees that what Ashland’s done is unforgivable and he must be dealt with. Adam agrees, but also sees Victor’s point that they need to proceed with caution. Victor will handle Locke and warns, “Who knows what else he has up his sleeve.”

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At Newman-Locke, Nikki stresses to Victoria that Victor needs to know she plans to make Ashland her co-CEO. Ashland comes in and asks if everything is okay. Victoria explains her mom is concerned how her father will take the news of his new title. Ashland assures her it won’t diminish Victoria’s position at the company. Victoria thinks they should go get it over with, but Locke announces they need to go to a marketing meeting. Nikki informs him she’ll go to the meeting. Victoria agrees; they’ll go to see her father. Ashland looks forward to presenting a united front.
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At Newman Media, Nick agrees they need to be smart about how they handle Ashland, and he wants to know his father’s plan. Just then, Victor gets a call from Victoria. She wants to see him, so he tells her to come to Adam’s office. After disconnecting, Adam wonders what Victor’s next move is. He doesn’t respond. Nick sighs and leaves, telling his dad he’s there if he needs him.

At Newman-Locke, Ashland gets a text from Victor saying they need to meet privately and Victoria cannot know. Nikki watches him read it and asks if something’s wrong. Ashland covers that it’s a low-level issue and nothing compared to what they’re about to do. He tells Victoria to go on ahead and he’ll catch up with her.

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At Newman Media, Victor tells Adam there’s not much time left. Nick’s gone. “Will you support me?”
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In Crimson Lights, Sharon and Rey flirt. He knows she’s waiting for Mariah and Tessa to come down so she can pounce on them with her bridal magazines. Sharon insists it’s not like that, but feels they need to make up their minds soon or the wedding may not happen. Rey reassures her and loves that she’s so psyched but is also respecting their ideas. They agree that nothing will surpass the day they got married. Rey remembers staring into Sharon’s big beautiful blue eyes. Nick comes in and Sharon can tell he’s off. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Rey leaves to check in with the station. Sharon presses Nick to talk to her. Nick tells her Ashland has done something despicable that could destroy Victoria and he doesn’t know how to help her! They sit down and he fills Sharon in on Ashland faking his cancer. Sharon’s aghast. Nick recaps that Victoria has no idea she’s being lied to — her husband used her to get his hands on the company. Sharon asks why he hasn’t told Victoria. Nick relays that Victor has a plan to deal with this and minimize how much she gets hurt. Sharon thinks she deserves to know and is appalled at Ashland using cancer as a ploy.
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Up in their apartment, Mariah gets off the phone and tells Tessa that, apparently, Dominic had to get a bone marrow transfusion. He’s doing great and will make a full recovery. She explains that Devon was a match. Tessa marvels at Devon coming to the boy’s rescue, which seems like a sign to her. Mariah’s thrilled about that, but is put out that they didn’t tell her what was going on. Tessa assumes they have an explanation. Mariah concedes they didn’t even tell the family because they didn’t want to worry anyone. She admits she’d have freaked out, so they spared her that. Tessa promises they’ll visit him soon. Talk turns to their perfect wedding and using Noah’s idea of combining their top three themes. They can’t agree yet, but it will come to them and then they’ll have the best wedding ever. Mariah wants the nuptials to be interactive in some way. Tessa tells her she’s over-thinking this, but in a way that makes her love her more. She’s just grateful they got to this point and wants the day to be about how much they love each other. Mariah agrees, and feels like she just wrote a song.
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At Newman Media, Victoria arrives to see her father, but finds Adam sitting in the office. Adam doesn’t know where their father is gone and invites her to bounce her ideas off of him. She snips that this is too high-level for him and turns to leave. Adam stops her by asking to get her take on some ideas for Newman Media.

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At Newman-Locke, Victor informs Ashland he’s done playing games with him. “It ends now.” Ashland asks, “What ends now?” Victor says the charade is over. Locke wonders what he’s accusing him of perpetrating. Victor states, “Ashland. You don’t have cancer.” Locke invites him to talk to his doctors. Victor asks if he means the ones he paid off. Ashland questions what his goal would be. Victor knows he wanted to create a behemoth and planted the idea of the merger in Victoria’s head and played on her sympathies. “You played that game masterfully, but now it’s over.” Ashland tells Victor that his theory isn’t rational. He points out it was leaked to the press. Victor figures he did that himself. Ashland reminds him he walked away from his son. Victor counters that he’s not even his son. Ashland finds that cold. Victor has evidence that he paid doctors off to falsify his records. “You’re done.” Ashland smirks. He has enemies all over the world; whoever is feeding him these lies is attempting a set-up. Victor barks, “No one uses my family as a pawn in their dreadful game! You got that!” He states that under no circumstances will he let Victoria know she was the victim of a hoax… he’d rather have her heart broken. “Now I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.”
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Noah joins Nick and Sharon at Crimson Lights and Sharon teases him about coming in late and knocking over a lamp. He wasn’t drunk, just clumsy, and says he was out catching up with a female friend from high school. Nick quips that he loves a well-rested employee. Noah promises to get a good night’s sleep tonight and asks them to stop worrying about him so much. They’ll try. Noah asks why they looked so intense when he walked in. Nick was just complaining about the complications of being a Newman. Noah goes to get coffee and Sharon tells Nick she knows he won’t sit back where Victoria’s concerned. Nick says she’s right; he has to do something and he’s going to do it right now.
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At Newman Media, Adam keeps running ideas by Victoria until she suggests he run them by his new COO. Adam explains Sally’s busy working on the budget. Victoria sniffs, “Can’t wait to crunch those numbers.” Adam asks his sister to dial down the condescension. Victoria thinks Sally’s confidence comes from sleeping with the boss. Adam won’t dignify that with a response and reminds her she’s in the sheets with her chief advisor. Victoria says they’re married and Ashland will soon be more than her advisor. She hopes Adam doesn’t have designs on the company because she and Ashland are running the show. Victoria informs him what she and Ashland have is very special. Adam smirks, “That’s one word for it.” Victoria wonders why he’s looking at her like a smug jerk. It’s his resting face. He asks her to share her relationship wisdom with him. Victoria doesn’t have any more time and rises to leave. She urges Adam to show her what he can do with the media division — maybe he’ll succeed, maybe he’ll fail. Adam tries to keep her there longer, but she walks out.
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At Newman-Locke, Victor informs Ashland that his cancer will suddenly return. He’ll go to Peru without Victoria and stay there. When he deems the time is right, Ashland will call Victoria and tell her he wants a divorce. “Clean divorce. No argument. That’s what you will do!” Victor points his finger at Locke as he hollers, “And then you will revert control of Newman-Locke back to my daughter as part of the settlement! And then, my friend, you will disappear from my daughter’s life forever!” Ashland sighs, nods and then asks, “Why would I ever walk away from the woman I love?”

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At Crimson Lights, Rey returns and joins Noah and Sharon as Mariah and Tessa call everyone to gather around — they have an announcement. Sharon singsongs, “They have an announcement!” Mariah and Tessa declare that an announcement about their wedding is pending. Sharon asks permission to start acting like the mother of the bride now and gets it. Rey and Noah offer their help as well. “We all want this to be perfect,” Noah says.

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Nick rejoins Adam at Newman Media. He’s changed his mind about wanting to be involved. Adam updates him that he kept Victoria busy while Victor went to confront Locke. She insulted him, but he kept his mouth shut. Nick’s suitably impressed by his brother’s restraint.
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At Newman-Locke, Victor scoffs at Ashland’s suggestion that there’s real love in his relationship with Victoria. “Certainly not on your part. You’ve used my daughter as a pawn, as a means to an end.” Ashland insists he loves Victoria more than he’s ever loved anyone in his life… and she loves him. Ashland wants Victor to ask himself what his daughter would do if he flew to Peru and suddenly filed for divorce. “Do you think she would just sit back and accept it? That’s not going to happen.” Outside the office, Victoria finds the door locked. She knocks and asks, “Ashland? Are you in there?”

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