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In Crimson Lights, Nikki’s thinking about Victor telling her Ashland faked his illness, when Victoria comes in. Nikki asks her if everything is alright and her daughter snaps, “Everything is fine, mother.”

At Newman-Locke, Ashland is on the phone with someone and orders, “Find that doctor now.” Victoria comes in and Ashland produces contracts that name him co-CEO. He put a rush on them. Victoria asks why he did that. Ashland has learned that every second matters. Victoria purrs that it really doesn’t change anything between them; they can take their time signing it. Locke is ready to do it right now. “Unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind.” Victoria denies it; he made a compelling case. Ashland assures her their relationship is the most important thing to him — if she wants more time or to leave things as they are, that’s fine. Victoria appreciates that, but his remission changes everything. He should be her equal in business just as he is in their marriage. Nikki walks in as she says it’s time to make him co-CEO and picks up the contracts.

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At Newman Media, Victor reads a text from Michael saying he spoke to a second doctor from the clinic and is sending the evidence. “This is big.” He enters the office, where Adam wants to know what’s going on with Victoria and Ashland. Just then, Nick arrives. He has no idea why he’s there — he was commanded to appear. Victor announces to his boys that he has news that will change everything. “Something very serious has come up. Something that relates to the Newman empire and the entire family.” Nick wonders why Victoria’s not there. Adam guesses it’s about Victoria and Ashland since their dad asked him to keep an eye on the guy. Victor confirms they have to protect Victoria. Nick learns Michael’s in Peru and what he’s learned has called into question everything they know about Locke’s motivations. Nick doesn’t want to hear anymore and doesn’t want to go down that path again. Victor admits he never really trusted Locke and asks them to hear him out. Nick reminds him that he made up his mind about Ashland a long time ago. Victor reveals there are new developments. He’s learned things about Locke that will threaten the business and family, and that will shock them.
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Billy joins Phyllis and Traci at the Abbott mansion and asks Jack why he called them together… and what Phyllis is doing there. Phyllis is supporting her friend. Jack explains he’ll fill in Ashland and Kyle when he has more answers. Billy asks, “Answers about what?” Jack replies, “My son, Keemo.” He gives his brother the rundown on the text messages and how they led to the discovery that his son passed away three weeks ago. Billy is so sorry, and is surprised to hear Jack lied about being in contact with Keemo over the years. Jack explains he’s going to Los Angeles to look for answers at Keemo’s former home. Billy offers to come to L.A. with Jack to support him. Jack feels he needs to do this alone, but Traci wants to go too. Phyllis chimes in, “We should all go.” Jack doesn’t want his loss to compound Billy and Traci’s. He agrees to let Phyllis come with him.
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Billy argues that Phyllis is not family, but Jack overrules him. He goes to get packed and Phyllis assures Traci and Billy that she has Jack’s best interests at heart. Traci urges her to put aside the relationship stuff — Jack is very fragile right now. Phyllis promises to take care of him. Once alone, Traci and Billy marvel at Jack not feeling he could tell them the truth about Keemo. Traci kicks herself for not noticing he was being purposefully vague. She knows when this hits him, it will hit hard. Billy asks what she knows about the mysterious texts. Traci explains the person won’t identify themselves, only wants Jack to go to Los Angeles. They’re concerned and worry that Jack taking Phyllis with him is a bad idea. Traci leaves to get food for their brother’s trip. Jack appears and Billy asks him, “Are you sure about this?” Jack feels he has no choice — there’s too much he missed that he doesn’t know. Billy understands him needing answers and hopes he finds them. He also warns him to make sure Phyllis has his interests at heart and not her own. Jack protests that she’s proven time and again she has his back, that’s why he’s taking her with him.

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At Newman-Locke, Nikki asks Victoria and Ashland why they’re changing his title to co-CEO. Ashland’s feeling much better and wants to take a stronger hand at running things. Nikki wonders if this is the best way to go about things. She’s surprised because Victor didn’t say anything to her about this. Victoria informs her they didn’t think it was necessary to tell him. Nikki warns her daughter it’s not a good idea to do this without her father’s input. He’s always been her strongest advisor and she owes it to him to at least tell him first. Victoria decides she’s right. Nikki tells Ashland not to be offended and she assures her he’s not. He wants the blessing of all the Newmans.
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At Newman Media, Victor updates Adam and Nick that Locke has been funding the clinic in Peru for years through a shell company, and Michael found a doctor who testified on camera that Ashland paid them to falsify his medical records. Nick rolls his eyes — why would he lie about his recovery. Victor reveals, “Ashland Locke was never sick at all.”
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Nick demands, “Have you got any proof?” This could ruin Victoria’s life. Victor explains that Michael spoke to a second doctor who corroborated it — Ashland never underwent treatment and was never ill. Adam marvels that his doctor in New York must have been in on it. Nick sneers, “So he was lying about going through chemo.” Victor recalls he never wanted anyone to go to his appointments with him. Adam questions if Nate was in on it. Victor doesn’t think he has anything to do with it. Nick realizes that Ashland is now pretending to be miraculously cured. Adam asks what his father will do now. Victor has enough evidence to deal with that man. “And I will deal with him.” Adam wonders if this was all a ploy to win over Victoria. Victor says it’s far more sinister than that — he was after power and control of two huge corporations; Newman and his own. They all fell for it except Nick, though he had his doubts from the beginning. Nick seethes about Locke taking advantage of Victoria for his own personal gain and grits, “I’m going to kill him.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis spots Traci and figures she came to talk her out of going with Jack. On the contrary, Traci understands why he’d want to take her. She thinks it’s better Jack doesn’t have to focus on hers or Billy’s feelings. “I’m counting on you, Phyllis, to give him what he needs.” Phyllis will do that. Traci urges her please to take care of her brother. “Protect his big heart.”

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Back at the Abbott mansion, Traci gives Jack and Phyllis food for their trip and they promise to keep her and Billy updated. Jack’s as ready as he’ll ever be; he wants to know what’s at the other end of these texts, or at least learn more about the man his son became.
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At Newman-Locke, Nikki reminds Ashland that Victor’s bring his biggest defender — why would this be any different. Locke excuses himself and Victoria asks Nikki if she’s okay; she seems troubled. Nikki’s just a little tired but urges Victoria to speak to her father about this title change. “He really needs to know.” If for some reason that doesn’t happen, she will tell him.

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In the corridor, Ashland texts Peru for an update on the whereabouts of the doctor and Michael Baldwin. He gets a call from a doctor and clarifies he hasn’t given anyone permission to look at his medical records, nor will he.

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At Newman Media, Victor recaps that Locke has managed to infiltrate their family and threaten the empire he has built for decades. “No one does that.” Nick snarks, “Forget the empire. What are we going to do about the damage to Victoria?” Victor bites back, “Don’t forget the empire, son. Part and parcel of the same thing. In regards to Victoria, we have to tread very carefully. This news will be devastating to her.” Adam asks, “So what do you suggest we do?” Victor intones, “I will handle him… My way.”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor gives Ashland an ultimatum.

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