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At Newman Media, Victor informs Victoria that Adam may be having second thoughts about staying on and he’d like her to smooth things over. Ashland wonders if she should tie him to a chair or lock him in the office. Her father wants her to make him feel welcome and suggests she tell Ashland that as well. He warned Adam he would keep him on a short leash. Victoria’s sure he was just setting boundaries. Victor hollers that no one sets boundaries for his children, except him! Victoria smirks.
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Victor questions if Ashland went to Adam unilaterally or if she was part of it. Victoria can only imagine how Adam described his conversation with Ashland and says she walked in on the middle of it. She reminds her father she signed off on Adam hiring Sally. Victor doesn’t like Ashland showing Adam disrespect. Victoria laughs — is he surprised? Victor reminds her that he helped her have a wonderful wedding. Victoria thinks he did that to prove his loyalty to Victor, and he was duly rewarded for it. She snarks about Adam crying to daddy and trying to stir up trouble. Victor repeats that he wants her to smooth things over with Adam, and warns her against looking for trouble where there is none. She’s to make her brother feel welcome.

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In their suite, Sally notes Adam has gone radio silent. Adam is thinking about his conversation with Victor and wondering if he went too far. Sally asks if he’s considering leaving Newman Media. Adam recalls when he and Sally discussed Victor being out of line by asking him to spy on Ashland. He shared her outrage. Sally wonders if Adam thinks she led him to say something to his father that he now regrets. Adam reassures her and points out that walking away from Newman Media now would only encourage people not to take him seriously. He’s going to tell his father that he’ll stay on and keep an eye on Ashland… but he’s not going to do it for his sake; he’ll do it for his own.
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At the Abbott house, Phyllis drops by to see how Jack’s doing. He’s been going through his last emails from Keemo. Phyllis wanted him to know she was there. Jack reads an email from Keemo imploring his father to leave him alone and saying, “You are nothing to me.” Jack laments that he’s reached out to his son so many times with no response. Phyllis suggests it could be Keemo sending the texts — wouldn’t he want to know. Jack would be afraid to hope, but concedes he’d want to know. Phyllis gets on her laptop and discovers that Hao Nguyen owned a lot more properties than the one Jack was given. Jack also gets online and finds an obituary for Hao Nguyen and worries that Keemo took on the name and that his son is dead. The date of birth is the same year Keemo was born. Jack gasps, “Oh God. It says he died three weeks ago… in Los Angeles.” Phyllis notes that’s where the texts were coming from. Jack asks why else someone would reach out to him and let him go down that path? Phyllis cautions it could be a coincidence. Jack wants to believe that. Phyllis assures him they’ll find out one way or the other.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Devon are happy that Dominic could recover at home with a private nurse. Chance takes Devon aside to offer to pay for the medical transport to take the boy to the penthouse. He’s grateful he loves their son and would do anything for him. Dr. Alison and Nate arrive and head upstairs to check on Dom.
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In the living room, Abby and Chance recap his decision to get help for his PTSD. He just hopes the boy will be okay. Across the room, Amanda reassures Devon that Dom is a fighter. Nate and the specialist reappear and have good news — Dom will make it through this just fine. There are relieved hugs all around. The doctors file out after accepting everyone’s thanks, but Nate pauses to remind them to limit their visits with the boy due to the risk of infection.

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Nikki finds Victor in the office at Newman Media and senses he’s not in the mood to join her for lunch. He admits he received some alarming news about Ashland Locke. Nikki’s irked that he’s digging into that poor man’s life again. Victor warns her to fasten her seatbelt — Michael Baldwin learned from a Peruvian doctor that Locke never had cancer. Nikki wonders how reliable the doctor is, and Victor argues that Michael found him credible. Nikki figures he could be a disgruntled employee. Victor tells her Baldwin is continuing to investigate. Nikki doesn’t understand why Ashland would lie. “To what end?” Victor thinks it’s about much more than protecting their daughter. Nikki doesn’t want Victor stirring up trouble for their daughter. He promises to handle it with extreme caution. Adam strolls in and announces he’s done a lot of thinking since they last spoke. Victor replies, “So have I, son.”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland rants into the phone to someone, telling them to find the doctor before he can do anymore damage. Victoria walks in as he barks, “How the hell could you allow this to happen?!” She asks, “Allow what to happen?” Ashland disconnects and lies that there’s a problem with the contract language for the Newman Media acquisition. “I’m on top of it.” Victoria notes he sounded pretty heated, but accepts his explanation. Victoria reminds her of their meeting later, and he tells her to hold on; there is something they need to address. He feels stronger because of his treatment and he’s trying to carve out a place for himself in the powerhouse they’re building. Victoria agrees the dynamic has changed. Ashland is rethinking his role as merely an advisor and wants to be her equal. Locke wants to change his title, but Victoria doesn’t think it matters. Ashland begs to differ; it makes a difference to other people. He needs to be respected in his own right both there and out in the world. Victoria thinks he’s making a big deal out of a small issue. Locke needs to get his reputation back. He’s proposing they change his title to co-CEO. If his condition changes he will step back. “What do you think?”
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Victoria is really worried it might worsen his health. She’s seen the toll the chemo has taken on him and doesn’t want him to push too hard and risk undoing all of his progress. Ashland knows the reality of his situation, but he feels better and wants to live what’s left of his life to the fullest extent. “I think it’s the work that’s making me feel better.” He gets choked up explaining it gives him purpose. Still sensing hesitancy from Victoria, he asks her, “What is it?” Victoria admits it’s her title. Her father warned her to be on her guard; that he might be some kind of threat to her. She does want to be partners with him, so she’ll have the contracts drawn up right away. Ashland assures her this is going to be the beginning of something very exciting.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Elena, with Nate, gets up to speed on Devon and Amanda staying the night at the Chancellor Estate and getting the relieving news about Dominic. She thinks he’s the luckiest little boy in the world. Inside, Sharon takes a call from Chance, who wants to meet and talk about getting a therapist. On the patio, Devon thanks Nate; it’s nice to have a doctor in the family. Nate breaks the news that he’s decided to leave medicine and go into the business world. Devon’s confused — he just became Chief of Surgery. Nate explains he wasn’t enjoying the administrative side of his job so he’s making a change. He admits Ashland Locke is the person who prompted the whole thing. Nate realizes they’re the most unlikely of friends and talks about Locke’s job offer. He finally convinced him that taking this job could be a real challenge. Devon’s surprised he wouldn’t work at Hamilton-Winters where he’s on the board. Elena notes that Nate’s in demand. Nate explains that Lily offered him a position as well, but he thinks working with Ashland is the best move for him.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance thanks Sharon for coming so quickly and Abby updates her on Dominic’s progress. Sharon hands over a list of recommended therapists — her first choice is at the top. Chance worries he just doesn’t have it in him; what a father is supposed to be like. Sharon assures him it will happen and says seeking help is a sign of strength. Abby walks her out and thanks her at the door. Meanwhile, Chance calls the therapist to make an appointment. After, Abby embraces him.
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At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis and Jack keep searching for more information about Hao Nguyen online. Suddenly, they come upon a memorial website. Jack tells Phyllis, “Go back.” He sees that there’s a photo — it’s Keemo. Jack is thunderstruck. “Oh my God. My son is dead.”
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After Nikki has left Newman Media, Adam apologizes to Victor — he was trying to make a point, but Victor gave him an opportunity and he wants to make the most of it. He’s decided to stay on. Victor asks if he’s spoken to Victoria lately. He hasn’t. Victor wants to protect his family; bring them all together. Adam won’t spy on Ashland. Victor explains he no longer needs to do that, but he’s observing things at Newman-Locke very closely. Adam asks if something is going on with Ashland. Victor has even more reason to believe that he’s right, but the most important thing is that he can count on Adam. “Son, all hell is about to break loose.”
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