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At Crimson Lights, Sally runs into Victoria, who asks how she’s settling in as COO of Newman Media. Sally’s determined to prove she’s the right person for the job and lets her in on what they’ve been working on. Victoria muses, “Interesting.” Sally wonders if she’s surprised or disappointed. “You’ve been betting on me to fail.” Victoria admits she wasn’t sure what Sally would bring to the table, but she never challenged Adam on is choice. Sally guesses that was a calculated move — she probably thought Victor would hand her a pink slip. Sally admits that she would be skeptical in her shoes as well. She’s used to being underestimated.

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Victoria warns she’ll have to do more than talk a good game. Sally assures her she’ll put body and soul into making Newman Media a success and adds that she and Adam are a match made in heaven — professionally speaking. Victoria senses this might be a personal match as well. Sally says that’s not her business and questions if there were, would it really be all that different from her and Locke? Victoria sniffs that they’re married. Sally’s not talking about a piece of paper, but the way they conduct themselves. Victoria wonders if Adam sees her as an equal partner or if that’s just her perspective. Sally grimaces as Victoria excuses herself and leaves.
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Adam finds Victor in his office at Newman Media and thanks him for meeting him there. He has very important news. “I’m not going to be your spy.” He doesn’t want to get into a no-win situation with him, Victoria and Ashland. Adam would rather focus on running the company. Victor has his reasons for not trusting Ashland. Adam guesses he suspects he’s faking his illness and recovery. Victor states that Ashland Locke cannot be trusted. “If we allow that bastard to continue doing what he’s doing, he will endanger the Newman family!” He’s not a Newman and they need to protect their own. Is Adam too arrogant not to see beyond his own shadow? “What’s the matter with you?!”

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Victor reminds Adam he believed in him, but he’s never taken a real step to be included in their family. Adam questions committing espionage against Victoria’s husband as a means of proving his loyalty and tells Victor to find someone else to do his dirty work. Victor maintains that Ashland is a threat to the Newman Empire, and insists that Adam do what he asks… or there will be no Newman Media left. Adam tells Victor he shouldn’t have dragged him into this — he’s worked hard to gain respect, and now he’s facing another test. Victor denies that’s what this is. Adam is being made to feel if he doesn’t do this he’s a traitor to the family. “And the family is you.” He won’t play his games. Victor fumes, “Maybe I made a mistake, believing in you, trusting in you. I thought you and I understood each other, but what you’re displaying right now is disrespect, arrogance and hubris.” Adam muses that if that’s the way he sees it, then he supposes they’re finished there.
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Lily lets Nate into the apartment and apologizes for the mess. Nate has something to bounce off her and confides he’s thinking of stepping down as Chief of Surgery to go to work for Newman-Locke. Lily asks if he’s sure he’s ready to leave the hospital. Nate doesn’t have the same passion for it now that he can’t perform surgery. Lily understands, but proposes if he is thinking of making this change, she’d love to offer an alternative. “Why don’t you come and work for me at Chancellor.” Nate gawps, “You’re serious?” He asks what he’d be doing. Lily shrugs that they can figure it out later — Chancellor has endless resources. She questions why he’d want to waste his energy navigating the complicated dynamics at Newman when he could work with her. Lily wants him to be a part of what she’s building there. Nate marvels that he now has two fantastic offers. “I did not see this coming.”
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At Society, Billy joins Ashland at the bar and needles that he looks like a super-villain plotting world domination. He’s heard his medical situation is improving and guesses he’s hoping to get a lot more control at Newman-Locke. Ashland sniffs at Billy’s baseless accusations. Billy finds it hard to believe he’ll be happy being an advisor to his wife. He muses that Victoria waited her whole life to get her hands on Newman and Locke just threw a big ol’ wrench into her plans by sticking around. “I’m sure that makes for interesting dinner talk.” Ashland barks out a laugh and guesses Billy is trying to shock him, but he understands his bitter view of marriage given his sordid history. Billy doesn’t like Ashland’s marriage because he doesn’t trust him or like him.
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Ashland needles that it must be torture for Billy, watching Victoria with a man who’s worthy of him. Billy argues they both moved on. Ashland sniffs, “And yet here you are…” He tells Billy to keep going and see where all this gets him. They get into it about Lily and Ashland wonders if she’s not concerned about Billy’s continued interest in his ex-wife. Billy defends his relationship as Victoria arrives. Ashland tells her that Billy thinks she’s more threatened by his recovery and his position at Newman-Locke than she’s letting on. Victoria’s jaw drops. “For God’s sake, Billy. How many times do I have to tell you to back off?!” Billy reminds her that Ashland helped her father and brother destroy his career. He hates that she married someone who can’t be trusted and is glad their children are away from the toxicity. Billy feels Victoria can’t see what’s right in front of her. Victoria suggests Billy no longer cross paths with her or Ashland. Billy knows she loves her husband, but he’s going to let her down in a way that’s hard to imagine, and when he does it’s going to be a long way to fall.

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Billy arrives at home as Nate is heading out. Lily urges her cousin to consider her offer and teases there’s definitely pressure. She’ll wait for him to say yes. Once alone, Lily tells Billy about the counter-offer she made Nate. Billy thinks it seems like an easy choice. Lily’s not sure; he’s very close with Ashland. Billy feels Nate is a smart guy and should know to keep his distance from the Locke Ness Monster — so should he. He tells Lily he ran into the guy and Victoria showed up. “It wasn’t my proudest moment.” Lily gets the details and learns Billy’s not happy with the way he handled himself. Clearly, he still has a lot of work to do. Lily thinks it’s fine as long as he’s not concocting a scheme. Billy laughs. Lily knows he’s a different man, and it’s time he started believing it inside. Switching gears, Lily tells Billy they should go ahead with his podcast; it will be good for him and people will relate. It will work as long as it doesn’t take up too much of his time. She climbs on his lap and they kiss.

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At Society, Victoria muses to her husband about the anger still in Billy. Ashland says he’s of no consequence to him, but he’s concerned about the toll it’s taking on her. Victoria’s fine, and tells Ashland she had an unexpected encounter on the way over there. “I think you’ll be surprised to hear what I learned.” Victoria tells him she’s convinced Adam and Sally are now a couple. Ashland cracks up. Victoria grins that it’s a recipe for disaster. They go over Sally being a distraction for Adam and being under-qualified for her job. They just need to sit back and let Adam fail. Just then, Victor calls Victoria and asks her to come and see him at Newman Media. Victoria disconnects and informs Ashland that she’s been summoned.

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Adam meets Sally in a hotel suite and she updates him that she laid her cards on the table with Victoria. Adam gets the details of her conversation and is impressed. Sally warns she asked if they were more than professional partners. “She’s on the hunt for information about your personal life.” Adam can handle his sister. Sally thinks he seems off. Adam didn’t get much sleep — he was thinking about their conversation about him needing to stop playing games. He invited his dad to the office as a result and now fears he may have overplayed his hand with his father. Sally’s stunned to hear he refused to spy for Victor. Adam explains he basically called him selfish, disloyal and arrogant. Sally finds that infuriating. Adam ruminates that he meant every word and hates being challenged, especially by family. Sally notes Adam doesn’t seem like himself — he’s never nervous or filled with self-doubt. She thinks he can turn this around. Victor respects strength and will admire him for standing up to him. Adam’s not so sure, but is glad Sally believes in him. They kiss.
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At Newman Media, Victor gets a call from Michael, who confirms that he persuaded the Peruvian doctor to share his story on video. “It should be hitting your inbox momentarily.” He told him that Ashland paid the clinic a significant sum to falsify his medical records. Victor asks, “Are you serious?! In what way?” Michael replies, “To make it appear as though he was suffering from terminal cancer, when in fact, he was perfectly healthy.” Victor reels. “Whoa.” He’ll need more evidence to convince everyone else. Michael will follow the money. Victor says, “Send me the entire paper trail.” Just then, Victoria walks in. Victor disconnects from Michael. Victoria asks, “What is this all about?”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor prepares to march into battle against Ashland.

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