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In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis tells Jack that the texts he’s been receiving come from a property owned by Hao Nguyen. That’s the name of his late wife’s father. This doesn’t make any sense to him. She doesn’t see why it is so odd for his ex-father-in-law to send him messages requesting he go to Los Angeles. He tells her that Hao died before he ever married Luan. He knows that Keemo changed his name to Nguyen to honor his mother’s family. She suggests that this could be his son but Jack doesn’t think so. Phyllis suggests they just call him. He tries making a call but has no luck. Jack admits that he doesn’t have Keemo’s number.

Jack discusses Keemo at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Frustrated, Jack claims he doesn’t have time for any more of this. Traci interrupts, fresh from her spa massage. She wants to know what’s going on, even though her brother tries to dismiss it as nothing. Phyllis explains that someone has been sending Jack cryptic messages. They aren’t sure what they mean but they think Keemo might have something to do with it. Traci is bewildered. The texts have been coming from a property owned by Hao Nguyen, Keemo’s grandfather. Jack insists his son is not reaching out to him. Keemo cut him out of his life years ago. The last time he tried to communicate with his son, he told him he didn’t want anything to do with him. Jack confesses he’s been lying to everyone about having contact with his son for years. Traci wonders if Keemo’s had a change of heart, but Jack argues his son would have reached out directly. “I don’t want to reopen this wound,” he insists, grabbing his coat and walking out.

Phyllis listens to Jack discussing Keemo at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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At Society, Nate strolls in and finds Victor at the bar. They chat about the wedding in Tuscany and the Newman asks how things are going at the hospital. Nate thinks it’s fortuitous that he’s run into him since he’s mulling over a major life change, one that would put Victor’s name on his paycheck. Without being able to perform surgery, he spends all his time doing admin. Going to work with Ashland would mean he could help people on a global scale. Victor says that Newman-Locke would be a good place to work.

Victor grills Nate at Society Y&R

He asks the doctor what he thinks of Ashland’s condition; a few months ago, he was at death’s door. Nate doesn’t know a lot about the treatment but can’t disagree with the results. As he continues to probe, Nate says Michael asked him the same questions. He guesses that’s no coincidence since the lawyer works for him. Victor tells Nate that he is genuinely concerned about Ashland’s health as he’s part of his family. The doctor didn’t mean to offend, but he doesn’t have what Victor’s looking for. Even if he did, privacy about medical information matters to him. Victor wouldn’t want him to violate his ethics. He respects loyalty above all else. On his way out, Nate bumps into Jack and they exchange pleasantries.

Victor questions Nate at Society Y&R

Jack runs into Victor at the bar. Although Victor is about to leave, Jack offers to buy him a drink. “Will miracles never cease?” Victor laughs, ordering a tequila and sitting back down. He guesses that Jack is having personal problems. Jack muses on regrets. He has many of them, although not really about their feuds. Those were just about business. This has more to do with being a father. “You ever look back and wonder if the mistakes you made in the past could be fixed?” he asks. Victor admits he’s made mistakes but regrets are only good if they spur you on to new action.

Jack buys Victor a drink at Society Y&R

He doesn’t see why Jack is so concerned about being a good father. He’s an excellent father to Kyle. Jack says Kyle isn’t the problem. The past snuck up on him today and stabbed him in the chest. Getting philosophical, Victor tells him they are men of action and actions can come back to haunt you. It’s how you handle it that counts. Jack thanks him for his counsel. Victor admits that he never likes to think about the past, particularly since his was pretty awful, but the past is never done with him.

Victor gives Jack advice at Society Y&R

At the Chancellor estate, Devon paces and Amanda admits she’s a nervous wreck waiting to hear how Dominic is recovering from his procedure. Chance and Abby are terrified. Amanda thanks them for inviting them to stay there. She assures them that this is only the first of many events they will share. The lawyer is proud to know them all and to see they have such a deep bond. Abby thanks her for the beautiful sentiments. They get hungry and decide to order takeout. Once they order, Abby asks for a distraction from all the bone marrow talk. Amanda announces that she’s going to work for Lily. They chat about Chance and his career. Devon is still grateful to him for going after Colin.

Abby, Devon and Amanda order takeout at Chancellor estate Y&R

The food from Hunan Garden arrives and they unpack it around the table. They discuss the new socially conscious podcasts Devon is producing and then begin recalling Katherine. Dom starts crying and Devon and Abby instantly run to him. They leave Chance and Amanda behind to wonder what is happening. She knows none of this is easy for him. She hopes that he knows Devon isn’t trying to usurp his role in his son’s life. Chance does. They are just in uncharted territory. If they lead with love, it should be fine. Abby and Devon return. The baby just needed a diaper change.

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Nate stops by after they eat and they thank him for all of his help. He checks on Devon and suggests they all get some rest. Taking care of a sick baby can be stressful and exhausting. He heads up to see the baby while Abby apologizes for not asking Devon about how he’s doing since his bone marrow donation. He brushes it off.

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As the women go to the kitchen to get fortune cookies, Chance thanks Devon for helping Dominic again when he couldn’t. Devon says it was simply a matter of biology but Chance thinks he’s generous and special. Shrugging, Devon says he will always give what the boy needs but that doesn’t diminish Chance’s role as a father. However, Chance continues to worry that he doesn’t have a natural paternal instinct.

Chance thanks Devon at Chancellor estate Y&R

When the women return, Nate comes back down and tells them everything is fine. They offer him some leftovers so he heads to the kitchen. The others open their fortune cookies. Abby’s says a dream she shares with others will come true. Once they finish, everyone is exhausted and head upstairs to bed.

Chance and Abby read fortune at Chancellor estate Y&R

None of them can sleep upstairs. One by one, they all return to the living room to stare at the baby monitor until they fall asleep.

Chance, Abby and Devon sit at Chancellor estate Y&R

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Back at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis tells Traci they need to do something to help Jack. They can’t understand why Keemo pushed him away. Traci says he may not want to be part of the Abbott family, which is sad because everyone tried to welcome him in. That makes some sense to Phyllis, who tells her the family is pretty intimidating. The Abbott explains Keemo worked at Jabot for a while, but as soon as his mom died he distanced himself from them. Phyllis is determined to hunt down whoever is sending these texts if it’s just some cruel prank.

Phyllis and Traci talk Keemo at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Traci is reminded of how devastating it was when Jack lost Luan. She always thought she was the most significant love of his life. Phyllis notes that he doesn’t talk about her. “It’s too painful,” Traci says, and gives a rundown on the relationship. They conclude that Keemo was another son that Jack was never allowed to raise. Looking at Phyllis, Traci adds that she can now see Jack has found an even more intended love than he had with Luan. She can’t wrap her head around what’s going on in Keemo’s mind. Phyllis says a lesser man than Jack would have cracked from all this. But who is sending the texts and why? Red is determined to find out. She has resources at her disposal for things like this. Not doubting that for a second, Traci suggests she put a hold on that. Her brother may not want to know who is sending the texts.

Phyllis and Traci worry about Jack at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Later, Jack returns to the lobby and joins Phyllis. She tells him his sister said she will be there if he needs to talk. He knows his sister will always be there for him, just like she is. He thanks her for getting him to open up about all this. It’s made him think long and hard. “I can’t walk away from this mystery,” he says. Jack can’t ignore the texts any longer and needs to go to Los Angeles to find out what is really going on.

Jack tells Phyllis he wants answers at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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