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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis tells Jack she did a little digging on the texts he’s been getting — she loves a good mystery. She found the address and learned who owns the house. Just then, Summer video calls, so Phyllis and Jack say hello. Jack leaves them to talk as he has a meeting. He’s about to walk out, when Traci appears. She teases that he didn’t say he was coming here at breakfast. Jack insist he and Phyllis are just friends. Traci replies, “If you say so, Jack.” Just the, he gets a text that says, “Please don’t dismiss these messages. You’ll be glad you pursued this,” and frowns slightly. Traci asks what’s wrong, but he tells her it’s nothing to worry about.

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In their apartment, Tessa and Mariah brainstorm for their wedding. Mariah warns if they don’t make a decision and book a venue, they’ll have to push the date back. Tessa declares that’s not happening — she can’t wait to be her wife. Tessa suggests a couples’ massage wedding to save money on dresses, complete with robes and a nap afterward. Mariah gawps at her excitement. She invites Tessa to plan her ideal wedding. Tessa thinks she’s all about kitten and rainbows. Mariah shakes her head, “You are mistaken.” Tessa pauses, “Rainbows…” She suggests they go back to San Francisco where they first kissed for their wedding. Mariah loves the idea of taking something that was confusing and making it joyful. She thinks the ideal wedding for Tessa would be Dollywood. They decide to make some calls and find out if they even do weddings.
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At the penthouse, Devon tells Amanda he’s leaving soon to meet Abby and Chance to go to the hospital. She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want her to go along. Devon appreciates her being there when he got his bone marrow tested and she has a lot going on today. He explains the real test isn’t today, but the next few weeks as they see how Dom reacts to the transplant. She wonders if he’ll tell Moses about Dominic’s condition. Devon hopes he’ll be healthy by the time his brother has questions. Amanda didn’t tell her sister either.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby remarks to Chance on the difference in their son, who is listless. The bone marrow transplant just has to be a success. She worries about not having told their families what’s going on before asking how Chance is doing. He assures her he’s fine. “Don’t worry about me.” Abby wants the truth. She realizes this has been hard because he’s always been the guy to save the day. Chance doesn’t want to talk about it. Abby makes him sit down and tells him ignoring it won’t make it go away. “I really think that you need to see someone.” Dom was sick and they took him to a doctor for treatment. There’s no shame in helping their son, so why would his situation be any different? Chance will think about it.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is talking to Faith about their big college trip when Nick and Noah come in. Nick’s sure any school would love to have her, and Noah teases that it sounds like their parents can’t wait to get rid of her. Faith brings up London, and Noah’s glad he went, so he could find out what else is out there. After they get back to planning, Faith thanks her mother, who is looking forward to making these trips. Moses comes in and Sharon goes off to get drinks. Noah asks his mom if Faith and Moses are applying to the same schools. Sharon admits she’s applied to schools in the area where Moses’ mother lives. Nick suggests she talk to her about how much Moses should, or shouldn’t, factor into her decision. On the patio, Faith asks Moses about visiting schools. He admits that since he’s pursuing music, he’ll probably stay at GCU. Faith suddenly decides, “I think that might be the best choice for me too.” Moses is surprised. Faith could do an internship at Newman. Moses worries if she gets accepted at a big-name college, her family will think it’s because of him. Faith denies it, but feels it would save them time to be in the same place.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby asks Devon how he’s feeling after the bone marrow donation. He’s fine. Abby heads upstairs and Chance thanks Devon for getting the equipment for Dom to recover at home, before remarking on him saving his life. Devon shrugs that he didn’t do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done; it was the luck of the draw. Devon asks how Chance is doing and the cop insists he’s good. Devon recalls thinking that he could get through Hilary and the baby’s death without help, and that led to panic attacks. When he reached out for help it was well worth it. He urges him to go after the help he needs and take charge, before what’s bothering him in life takes charge of him.

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At the hotel, Phyllis breaks the news to Summer that she’s not taking the job with her. She realized that Genoa City’s home. Phyllis has the hotel and friends there — it wouldn’t feel right to leave now. Summer’s disappointed, and asks how much Jack factored into her decision. She can’t help wondering. Phyllis insists they’re just friends. She’s not going to jump into another relationship after the horrible break-up with her dad. Summer knows she and Jack care about each other. Phyllis notes that she trusts him, and he always forgives her. Summer asks if she’s positive it isn’t love, because it sure sounds like it is. Phyllis reiterates that Jack’s not the reason she turned down the job. “Are you satisfied.” Summer sighs; they’ll just have to visit more often. They express their love and sign-off. Phyllis looks thoughtful.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon takes a call from Chance, who is at the hospital for Dom’s procedure. He wants a referral for a counselor. Sharon will look into it.

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At the hospital, Abby thanks Chance for making that call; she knows it wasn’t easy. Chance probably should have made it sooner. Devon appears with Amanda, who has come to support them.

In their apartment, Mariah and Tessa have come up empty on venues. Mariah suggests the rooftop restaurant, even if it’s cold in April. They regroup and brainstorm fun theme ideas and destinations such as a haunted house. They have too many great ideas and need help.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah explain to Sharon, Nick, Noah, Faith and Moses that they need help narrowing down their wedding ideas. Noah ends up being the tie-breaker and he thinks it’s pretty obvious what they should do — combine the ideas in a theme like “all of me.” They agree. Mariah thanks Noah.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby marvels to Devon, Chance, and Amanda that you’d never know what Dominic’s been through today — just one little band-aid. Chance promises to update them, but Devon is upset about spending the night away from him. Abby offers for both of them to stay there. Devon is pleased, “We’ll take you up on that.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis updates Jack on her call with Summer, who took her turning down the job very well. Jack marvels at how well they’ve taken to parenthood with Harrison. He asks about the information she has on that text. Phyllis pulls it up and says, “Hao Nguyen.” Jack’s face changes. She asks if that name means something to him. Jack says it’s a very common Vietnamese name. “My late wife, Luan, was Vietnamese.” Phyllis muses that she was Keemo’s mother. Jack says her maiden name was Nguyen and her father’s name was Hao. “But it can’t be the same person.”

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