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At Society, Victor runs into Victoria and asks about the merger with Newman Media. She reports it’s been remarkably smooth. Victoria brings up Adam hiring Sally, and Victor muses that it was an interesting choice actually. Victoria’s taken aback. She can’t figure him out these days. Victor relays that he talked to Adam and Sally and they were very persuasive. Victoria’s unconvinced and wonders if this is another test. “What are you after?” Victor wants unity in the Newman family and believes in Adam.

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At Newman Media, Sally shares ideas for growing their audience with Adam, who admits he likes her passion, but it’s a little simplistic. He remarks on the complexity of the merger and warns, “It’s not going to be as easy as you think.” Sally continues her spiel, but Adam still thinks they’ll have to downsize before expanding. Sally informs him he’s wrong. “Let me put the numbers in front of you.” Adam wants to discuss this further over breakfast, where they can focus in a public place.
Adam, Sally need to focus Y&R

At home, Lily’s been up for hours when Billy comes down. He had another sleepless night, but his brain wave was good and he got some good ideas down. Billy feels his run of genius beats her few hours of caffeinated morning slog. Lily asks, “Who’s getting competitive now?” Billy’s been thinking about the idea Devon had for him to do a podcast. He could just be himself and help people overcome challenges and adversity. Lily loves that he’s excited about this, but she wants to make sure that it wouldn’t take time or energy away from his COO duties. Billy feels it gives him more energy for his work — he’s finally digging deep enough to find the goodness. He thinks people will connect with his journey. Lily may not be ready to share her COO with the public.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate and Ashland meet up. Locke asks if he’s ready for the professional change they talked about. Nate changes the subject to Ashland’s health. Locke feels great, but warns he won’t let Nate off the hook that easily. He could be using his talents toward more important things than hospital paperwork. Nate understands the need for administration, he just thinks there are a lot of necessary complications in the system. That’s why Ashland wants him; they could put Newman’s healthcare divisions together with Locke’s communication tech… with the right leadership. Nate marvels, “That was quite the pitch.” Ashland sees it not only as a way to give back to him, but as a way for Nate to make change globally.
Ashland, Nate meeting Y&R

At the hotel, Amanda welcomes Phyllis back, and is happy to learn that she’s staying in Genoa City. Jack walks in and Amanda asks if he’s the reason. Phyllis won’t lie; her friendship with Jack factored in, but her friendships with her and Michael are important too. Amanda refers to Jack as a romance and Phyllis insists they’re not going there. She inevitably does something to screw up their relationship. Amanda won’t try to change her mind, but watches Phyllis watching Jack.

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Jack joins Phyllis and Amanda, who has news to share with her pal. She has a very interesting job offer on the table. Imani comes in, so she tells Phyllis she’ll update her later. Phyllis asks Jack if he’s received anymore mysterious texts. Jack says no, and pointedly adds that if someone is playing games with him — and he believes they are — he’s not up for it.
Phyllis Jack texts Y&R

Adam and Sally walk into Society as Victoria is questioning Victor — his actions sometimes belie his claim to want unity. Victoria congratulates Sally on her new position, and Adam reports they’re there to discuss the redhead’s ideas for the media division. Sally asks if Victoria would like to hear them, but she has to run. Once alone with Victor, Sally talks up Adam, who insists, “I didn’t pay her to say that.” Victor asks to speak to Adam alone, so Sally goes to get a table. Victor reminds Adam he asked him to keep an eye on Ashland Locke. Adam won’t let anything get by him. Victor observes that Sally seems to be good for him; she’s showering him with compliments. Adam believes she’ll be an asset. He goes to join her and Victor watches them with a keen, assessing eye.

As they eat, Sally takes a bite off Adam’s plate and he teases her. He could get used to sharing. Sally thinks she should burn this off at the gym before returning to work. They banter about taking breaks for exercise. Adam might have a better idea how to get some cardio in. Sally calls, “Check, please!”

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Victoria joins Ashland and Nate at Crimson Lights and weighs in on her husband pressuring the doctor to take on a new position with them. Victoria argues it would have to be the right position for him. Nate has to get going and Ashland asks him again to consider his offer. Once alone, Victoria asks Ashland why he’s so intent on getting Nate to leave the medical field. “Why him?” Ashland trusts Nate implicitly. Victoria questions, “You feel like you need more allies now?” Locke feels you can never have too many people willing to look out for you.
Ashland Victoria questions Y&R

At Grand Phoenix, Imani is thrown that Amanda is considering an offer from Billy and Lily t be Chancellor Industries head counsel. Amanda reveals that there would be a place there for her and they would still work together. Imani is open to it, though she feels the decision is ultimately Amanda’s. She questions if Amanda is entertaining the idea because she’s afraid to go out alone, which has always been her ideal. Amanda counters that it would never get boring, and the pay and perks are top notch. She reminds Imani that they’d still be able to work together and that’s the reason they decided to go into private practice together. “I rest my case.”

Across the room, Phyllis grills Jack about the mysterious text and he hands over his phone so she can read them.

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Upstairs, Sally needles Adam about how long it’s taking him to get the door of their suite open. As soon as they’re inside, they begin kissing and the clothes start coming off. Adam lays Sally down on the bed to make love to her. After sex, Sally says that was way better than the gym and Adam laughs. Pillow talk turns to work and Sally asks what Victor wanted to talk to him about privately. Adam says it was a family thing. Sally knows with the Newmans, family is business. As her COO, he should give her a heads up so she can look out for him. Adam confides that Ashland may be falling out of favor with his father. Sally asks if he’ll spy.
Adam, Sally make love Y&R

At Society, Nate thanks Elena for listening to him about Ashland’s job offer. Elena knows he’s friends with Ashland and Victoria, but he’d be working with the Locke Ness Monster… not to mention, Victoria isn’t always the warmest person. She warns about him getting caught in her crossfire. Nate mulls all the good he could do, however. Elena isn’t sure he should make another life-changing career decision.
Elena cautions Nate Y&R

Billy opens the door of his apartment to Imani and Amanda, who explains they’d like to take them up on the job offer, if it’s still on the table. Lily hollers, “It is!” They come in and Billy jokes that the snacks are better at Chancellor Industries and that there’s a ledge to holler from. He assures Imani that it won’t be boring. They sit down to get to work, and Lily has a challenge for them right away. Amanda tells Imani, “See, I told you this job would keep us on our toes.” After the women leave, Billy congratulates Lily on getting Amanda and Imani on board. She’s feeling confident. Billy says it looks good on her and they kiss.
Imani, Amanda Y&R

At the coffee house, Amanda and Imani marvel over joining Chancellor Industries. They need to get out of their lease and find lawyers to take the cases they have outstanding. Imani asks if there is history between Amanda and Billy — she picked up on a dynamic earlier. Amanda explains they helped each other through a difficult times. Imani guesses this next chapter will be quite a ride. Amanda replies, “With Billy involved? You can count on it.”

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In their suite, Adam admits that part of him dislikes playing Victor’s game. Sally understands it could make it seem like he wouldn’t be in charge of Newman Media if he wasn’t doing Victor’s bidding. Adam says, “Exactly.” He resents it and isn’t a chess piece in his game with Victoria and Ashland; he earned his place. Sally urges him to look out for himself first because that’s what his father and sister would do. “Don’t freak out, but I get you.” Adam smiles, “Who’s freaking out?” They kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Ashland agree that Victor is up to something. She tells him about her father being all smiles about Sally. Ashland wonders what his play is. Victoria has no idea, but intends to find out.

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At the ranch, Victor takes a call from Michael, who is still in Peru. He just had an amazing meal with a talkative doctor, who just got fired from the clinic where Ashland got his treatments. There was a story about Locke’s treatment, and he was willing to tell it for a price. Victor gives him the go-ahead to pay the man whatever he wants to speak on the record — he needs incontrovertible proof of Ashland’s deception.

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