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At Grand Phoenix, Chelsea joins Chloe for their meeting with Lauren. Chloe thinks she’d be crazy not to work with them. Chelsea’s nervous. Chloe gives her a pep talk. Chelsea just has butterflies because this is a whole new beginning again. They strategize and Chloe urges Chelsea to take shots at Sally whenever the opportunity arises — Lauren has more issues with her than she does. Chelsea is suddenly raring to go.

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At Society, Jack shows Lauren photos and shares stories from his trip to visit Kyle, Summer and Harrison. They’re sure Phyllis will come back with lots of memories as well. They speculate on whether she’ll accept Summer’s offer. Lauren thinks Jack is fully invested in the outcome. “Be honest. How much are you hoping she turns down that job and stays right here?” Jack plays it cool and Lauren keeps probing until he admits he’d miss Phyllis a lot if she left. Lauren wonders what he’d say if she walked through the door right now. Jack shrugs that it doesn’t matter; it isn’t happening. Lauren smiles, “I wouldn’t be so sure.” Just then, Phyllis enters the restaurant and waves. Jack beams.
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Phyllis joins Jack and Lauren with hugs and greetings. She asks if she’s intruding and is assured she’s not. Lauren has a meeting with some potential partners and exclaims, “Oh, here they are now!” Chelsea and Chloe walk in. Jack wishes them luck and Phyllis is glad to hear Sally’s not in the picture. She notes that Chelsea is staying at her hotel indefinitely. “You got rid of Adam, you got rid of Sally… all that toxicity out of your life. Good for you.” Lauren, Chloe and Chelsea head to a table for their meeting.

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At the table, Chloe and Chelsea make their pitch beginning with the financial plan. Across the room, Phyllis tells Jack her trip was wonderful, challenging and enlightening.

At Crimson Lights, Abby thanks Rey for meeting with her. He’s surprised she reached out given all that’s going on with Dom. Abby updates him that Devon is a full match and he’ll get treatment. There’s nothing more she can do about that tonight, so she wanted to talk to him about Chance. She overheard him discussing what happened at the stakeout and wonders if she should be worried. “What happened that night?” Rey worries about sharing a confidence, but Abby presses him. “How bad was it? Rey, what are you not telling me?”
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In the alley where Chance suffered PTSD during the stakeout, he stands and flashes back to that night. He recalls the panic attack and Rey returning to say they got the perp. He remembers telling Rey that he choked. “I failed again!” Chance paces and sighs as he thinks back to apologizing to Rey and exclaiming that he was useless tonight — just like in Spain. Rey reassures him and tells him he just came back too soon. Chance worries he’ll never be ready.

At Crimson Lights, Abby impresses upon Rey that she can’t help her husband if she doesn’t know what’s going on. Rey says it became evident to both him and Chance that he wasn’t ready to return. That’s all he’s comfortable sharing right now. Abby fears that Chance isn’t opening up to her because he’s worried about being a burden. She asks if Rey will talk to him. Abby thinks he’s the only person who can convince him he doesn’t have to hide what he’s going through from his family.

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Chance enters the Chancellor Estate to find Rey there with Abby. He asks about the baby and learns that Devon has an appointment to take the next step in donating his bone marrow tomorrow. Abby asks if Chance is okay. He wants to know why Rey is back. Abby admits she went to talk to Rey because she had questions about the stakeout. Rey assures he didn’t say much. Abby asks Chance to talk to his partner and leaves them alone. Chance can’t believe Rey talking to his wife behind his back. “What the hell are you doing, man?”
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Rey assures Chance he has no ulterior motive — he and Abby are concerned about him. Chance angrily suggests he take care of his own family. Rey’s house is in order and Chance’s is not. Even with everything going on with the baby, his wife tracked him down because she’s so worried about him. “Think about that. Think about the position you’re putting him in.” Chance doesn’t want to add to her plate! Rey argues that if he doesn’t open up to her, she won’t be in the picture at all. “You can only supress what’s going on inside you for so long until you explode!” Chance thinks Rey and Abby are making too much of this, but Rey disagrees. Whatever happened in Spain is eating him up alive. Chance argues he’s handling it, but Rey warns it’s going to keep impacting his life until he does something about it. Abby needs him; not some hollowed out shell of what he used to be. Chance glares and Rey urges him to tell his wife how he really feels. Chance is still glaring when Abby returns and Rey leaves them to talk.
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At Society, Chloe and Chelsea continue their pitch to Lauren and suggest the name Bella Milconna — the name of their three kids. After looking at their ideas, Lauren announces she’s seen enough. Across the room, Jack loves hearing about Phyllis’ trip. Talk turns to her job offer at Marchetti. Phyllis goes on about the challenges of the job and questions, “Do I want to do it?” Jack notes that she said there’s nothing that ties her to Genoa City any longer. Phyllis forgot about one element — herself. Her life is rooted there and made her who she is. Does she want to go to Milan and change? Jack figures she had to find that out for herself. “So, are you going to stay?” Phyllis confirms that she is — she loves her hotel, her friends and her life there. Working for a big fashion house isn’t her dream, it’s her daughter’s dream. Jack’s glad to hear it and asks about having dinner together. Phyllis is all for it.
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Over at their table, Lauren tells Chloe and Chelsea she loves their vision and can’t wait to see what they bring to Fenmore’s. Chloe and Chelsea are thrilled. Chelsea promises to prove herself to Lauren, who assures her if she didn’t think she’d changed, they wouldn’t be having this conversation.
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As Lauren leaves Society, she glances over at Jack and Phyllis laughing together over dinner. At their table, Phyllis and Jack marvel at how cute and charming Harrison is and share stories about him. Talk turns to dessert and Phyllis tells Jack, “You know me so well.”

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Chloe enthuse about their new partnership with Fenmore’s. Chloe tells Chelsea she crushed it today. Chelsea replies,”You too partner.” She takes a seat while Chloe goes to the counter for tea, looks over and sees a despondent Rey sitting alone. She flashes to her dream about him passionately kissing her. Just then, he snaps her out of her reverie by saying, “Hey Chelsea.” Rey asks why they came in so excited. Chloe joins them as they explain. He’s pleased their hard work paid off and that they’re away from Newman Media and Adam. Rey tells Chelsea, “You should be proud of yourself. I know Connor would be.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance admits to Abby that he was trying to keep his troubles away from her. She has no idea what happened at the stakeout, but her imagination is conjuring up all kinds of things. He’s sorry. She reminds him he told her they need to lean on each other. “Lean on me. Let me be strong for you.” Chance shakes his head, “It’s not that easy, baby. It’s not.” Abby complains that she’s tried to respect his space, but things are getting worse. The only way they’re going to get through these next few months is together. “You have to let me in!” Chance confesses he thought he’d be fine at the stakeout, but he got real tense and felt fear rising in him. “I was reliving Spain all over again. I felt it all.” He spiraled and thought he could get Rey killed just like his team. He heard a loud noise and froze. Chance was paralyzed, couldn’t back up his partner, and was scared. Abby hates that he went though that, but is really happy that he shared that with him. She assures him he’s a strong, brave man, but his family needs him to find a way to cope with this — and he needs to do it right now.

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Chelsea she has to cut their work session short and takes off when Chelsea says she’s going to stay. On her way out, Chloe pauses to watch with interest as Chelsea invites Rey to join her and they start laughing together.
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At Society, Phyllis and Jack enthuse about their dinner and evening together. Phyllis feels she belongs there, and he agrees. She accepts his offer for a ride back to the hotel. Jack makes a face as he gets a text from a random number in L.A. He explains to Phyllis that it’s just an address for a hotel in Los Angeles. Phyllis goes out to get the car and Jack texts back to say it’s the wrong number. The texter replies, “No. This message is for Jack Abbott. You need to go to L.A.” He responds, “Why? Who is this?” The reply comes back, “Something you’ve been missing.”
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