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At Society, Billy thanks Devon for meeting him and asks about Dominic. Devon hasn’t heard anything yet. Billy recalls when Delia had leukemia before they get to work. Devon looks at Billy’s ideas for the podcast and wonders if he ever sleeps. Billy’s just feeling creative at night. Devon worries he must be exhausted, but Billy jokes about becoming nocturnal. He tells Devon about the night he spoke his feelings into the tape recorder. He’s happy right now and wants to do everything he can to keep it that way.

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At the penthouse, Lily shows Amanda a onesie she bought for Dom that says Jazz Baby. Amanda relays they’re still waiting on test results and he’s still lethargic. Lily asks how Amanda’s law practice is going. She admits it’s a little slow right now, but isn’t concerned since Imani has political connections. Lily questions if Sutton’s cronies would want to do business with them and suggests she cast her net a little wider. Amanda wonders if she has someone in mind. Lily can think of a big client. “It’s me.” Amanda asks what she needs a lawyer for; is there a problem with her contract. Lily says no; Jill has been great and fully supportive. They chat until Lily reveals that she and Billy want Amanda to work with her again… this time at the mothership. Amanda appreciates the offer and is flattered, but the timing isn’t right. She just started her own practice. Lily wants her to be in charge of all operations. Amanda marvels that that’s a senior executive position. Lily wants someone who is familiar with new ways of doing business and needs a strong team.
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At the Chancellor Estate Chance ignores a call on his cellphone and flashes back to the incident at the stakeout that left him shook. Abby walks into the room and snaps him out of his reverie. He asks about Dom and Abby stresses they need to figure out what’s causing this. She’s so glad he’s there for her to lean on. Chance wonders if she is having second thoughts about not telling her family what is going on. Abby has all the support she needs in Chance, but then worries that he needs to talk to someone. Chance relays that Rey knows what’s going on. Abby takes a call from Nate and asks if Dom’s test results are back yet. She disconnects and tells Chance that Nate’s going to bring the specialist over to explain the results to them. She supposes she’ll call Devon to join them. Abby feels it must not be good news. Chance assures her they’ll get Dominic whatever he needs.

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At Society, Billy continues talking about his podcast ideas. Devon thinks he should start one of his own. Billy jokes about boring people to sleep. Devon honestly thinks it’s a good idea. Just then, he gets a call from Nate. He disconnects and tells Billy he has to go to the Chancellor Estate for Dom’s results.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby is relieved to see Devon and goes to him for a hug. She updates him that the baby doesn’t have much energy or appetite. Devon thinks it’s a good sign that Nate and the specialist are coming over, which proves it’s not a medical emergency. Chance feels that’s a good point.

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At the penthouse, Amanda comments on how persuasive Lily is and muses about her convincing Billy to be her second in command. Lily says he’s excited about teaming up at Chancellor. Amanda’s glad he’s grown up enough to embrace a supporting role. Amanda begins to protest about giving up her practice, but Lily first wants Amanda to come with her; there’s someone she wants her to talk to.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Nate and the specialist are seated in the living room with Abby, Chance and Devon. Nate gives Dr. Austin the floor. She assures them that the bone marrow aspiration ruled out leukemia, but Dominic has a rare blood disorder. Abby thinks that sounds serious. Nate confirms it is. The specialist recommends they treat it right away and the best way to do that is a bone marrow transplant. In the best-case scenario, Dom will begin producing red blood cells and bone marrow on his own. It depends on the compatibility of the donor. Abby volunteers her and Devon, but Nate says it would be rare for a family member other than a sibling to be fully compatible, but they should both be tested. The specialist warns a parental donor would require special measures to reduce the risk of rejection. Devon wants to get tested as quickly as possible and Abby will too. Nate and Dr. Austin leave after some words of hope. Abby asks Chance to stay with Dominic and he assures her they’ll get through this as a family.
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At home, Lily brings Amanda in to speak with Billy. He makes a pitch for her to join the team. Amanda thinks it sounds like the ideal work environment. Billy promises more autonomy and a bigger paycheck, but Amanda has all the autonomy she wants at her own firm. She can’t just walk out on her sister. Lily assures there’s a place for Imani at Chancellor as well. Amanda agrees to talk to her and get back to them.

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After Amanda’s gone, Lily thanks Billy for supporting her recruitment efforts. She asks about his meeting with Devon. Billy thinks he dug their concepts. Lily hopes everything is okay with Devon. Billy points out he’s the grandson of Victor Newman and will get the best care possible. Talk shifts to work and Billy admits Devon suggested he start his own podcast, but they were joking. Lily kind of loves that idea and proposes that he could stay anonymous.
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Devon arrives at the penthouse and tells Amanda he had to go to the hospital to get tested to be a bone marrow donor. He explains Dom has a blood disorder and that’s why he’s been so tired. He needs a bone marrow transplant. The procedure is simple… the hard part is finding a donor. Devon explains why he and Abby will only be half-matches and a full match would be a sibling, which he doesn’t have. He worries that he and Abby won’t be enough and they won’t be able to save him. Amanda throws her arms around him.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance updates Rey on Dominic needing a bone marrow transplant. Rey feels for him. He’s been there with both Lola and Faith and knows it’s terrifying just waiting for news on a match. Chance is holding onto hope. Rey assures him he doesn’t need to come to work and Chance brings up what happened at the stakeout. He has to apologize for letting him down. Just then, Abby walks in and hears. She apologizes for interrupting and thanks Rey for stopping by. Rey leaves and Abby questions Chance about letting Rey down. She asks if something happened. Chance tells her it was just too soon. “Don’t worry about me.” Abby takes a call from the specialist and learns she’s only a half match. She asks, “What about Devon?”
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At the penthouse, Amanda assures Devon they will search the globe for donors if they have to and will get through this together. Devon takes a call from the specialist and learns he’s a 100% match!

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