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At Newman Media, Adam and Sally toast to “two wrongs making something very right.” Adam tells her they need to pool their ideas and show the world she was the right choice for the job. Sally thinks Ashland and Victoria will realize Adam’s the right man to run the media division. They go over how things between them have to remain uncomplicated and the wisdom of not celebrating the Valentine’s Day holiday. Adam questions if that really would have been the worst thing in the world. Sally asks, “If I brought you the chocolate-covered strawberries and the champagne?” Adam replies, “You know what I meant.”

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At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon he has to work on the burglary case tonight. Sharon knows he’d be wining and dining her if he could and likes the sound of him making it up to her. She asks how Chance did on his first day. Rey states he wasn’t ready and may have realized. Sharon hopes he gets the help he needs. Rey loves that she’s always looking on the bright side and wants to show her how much he loves her. Sharon teases he could clean out the walk-in refrigerator. Rey asks, “Where’s the mop?” She was kidding. He offers a world-class back massage, but they just kiss and promise to celebrate no matter how late he gets home.
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Faith enters, freaking out because she doesn’t know what to get Moses for Valentine’s Day. They give her a bunch of ‘lame’ suggestions that aren’t helpful. She and Sharon go to the patio, where Faith declares this a crisis and needles her mother about getting Rey a mug. Sharon urges her daughter to think about Moses, who he is and what makes him happy. Faith feels his smile lights up the whole world. Sharon encourages her to think about what makes him smile. Faith hugs her mom. “This is gonna be great.”

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At Society, Noah and Nick discuss business. Noah’s anxious to see their project come together and mentions that the Valentine’s decorations aren’t helping his mood. He remarks on them both being single and Nick assures him he’s fine. “Are you okay?” Noah reassures his dad and suggests they hang out tonight. Nick agrees. Moses comes in as Noah exits. Moses tells Nick he needs his help. He can’t figure out what to get Faith and figured Nick knows her better than anyone. Nick thinks her mother might have something to say about that, but believes he can help. He asks what Moses wants to say with this gift. Moses wants to let her know how special she is and is running out of time. Nick is impressed with his bravery in coming to him and assures the kid they’ll come up with an idea. Once they come up with one, Moses thanks Nick.
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In their apartment, Tessa sets the ambiance for Mariah for Valentine’s Day. Mariah searches for her gift, but gives up. Tessa explains that her gift is too big for a box. This song is written specifically about her and for her. She breaks into song, but someone knocks on the door. Mariah pleads with her to keep singing. Tessa worries it’s Mariah’s mom, but the redhead doesn’t want to be interrupted. She answers the door to Noah, who is bearing a gift and says, “Surprise!”
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Mariah invites Noah in and he explains she wanted to bring by the belated house-warming gift. He realizes he’s interrupting and will leave the gift and go. They plead with him to please stay — at least until they open the gift. They sit down and Mariah opens a framed drawing of her and Tessa. She gasps, “Oh Noah!” Tessa loves it too. They choose a spot for it on the wall and Mariah thanks Noah for creating the masterpiece for them. Noah hopes they know how happy he is for them — for their marriage, their adoption plans, and anything else that comes their way. They’re thrilled to say they have their very own Noah Newman original art. Noah makes his way to the door and Mariah stops him to give him a hug.

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Chloe arrives at Chelsea’s hotel suite and hears about her terrible insomnia. Chelsea explains she went to Crimson Lights and had a nice conversation with Rey. Chloe feels her new life without Adam will have many people interacting with her without judgement. She counsels Chelsea to keep looking forward. Chelsea’s worried they shouldn’t get their hopes up where Lauren’s concerned — she basically stole from her. Chloe thinks Lauren sees how hard she’s working to put her past and her toxic relationship behind her. She coaches that they need to go out there and get things for themselves.
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At Newman Media, Adam and Sally congratulate themselves on staying focused on the big picture. Adam’s pleased they can compartmentalize their feelings so they don’t get in the way of what they’re trying to accomplish. Sally asks, “Are we?” Adam puts down his drink. Sally does too. Adam closes the door and Sally walks over to help him lock it. They start kissing tentatively and then more passionately; knocking his champagne glass to the floor.

Soon, Adam and Sally’s clothes are coming off and flying through the air. Sally falls on top of him on the sofa and then he pushes her backward so he’s on top. After sex, Sally gasps, “That was intense.” She waited a really long time for this moment and still wasn’t prepared for it. Adam kisses her and they smile.
Sally Adam sex Y&R

After, they get dressed and Sally wonders if things are going to get weird between them now. Adam has thought about this moment for a long time too, but it didn’t come close to the reality. They kiss and Sally asks, “So what now?” Adam chuckles, “I really don’t know.” They agree to play it as they go. He suggests they get to work and Sally agrees, but they’re both starving.

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At Crimson Lights, Faith and Moses run into each other’s arms. Rey teases Sharon that maybe they should make themselves scarce. In their booth, Moses and Faith hold hands and reflect on the Valentine’s Day holiday. They exchange cards and realize they’ve both given each other concert tickets to see the band that was so magical for them.

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Nick comes in to the coffee house and joins Sharon. They watch Faith and Moses as Nick muses, “Young love.” Sharon recalls when they were teenagers and Nick claims he remembers the first gift she gave him — a friendship bracelet she made herself. They realize that Faith and Moses came to each of them looking for help with a gift, and they gave similar advice. They high five as Nick says, ““We are good!” Nick then places his arm around Sharon as Rey watches from afar.
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At Society, Chloe and Chelsea are working on designs when Sally and Adam walk in. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else. She asks if he wants to. Adam shakes his head, “No.” They decide to stay and reiterate that they decided to play this by ear. Sally shrugs that, after all, this is just a business lunch.

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Adam and Sally approach Chloe and Chelsea, who notes they’re spending a lot of time together lately. Adam explains that Sally is his new C.O.O. Chelsea snarks, “Seriously? That’s the job you gave her?” Sally muses that it’s nice working with someone who appreciates her skills. Chelsea bites out, “I bet he does.” Talk turns to their pitch for Lauren, and Sally warns them to cross all their tees and offers to look at their designs given that she has more recent experience. Chelsea says they’re good. She remarks on Sally getting a job so quickly — it’s almost like Adam did her a favor. Sally demurs, “You have no idea.” Adam’s eyes widen. Chelsea stares at him. Adam thinks everything turned out well for everyone and has no doubt Sally will be a great C.O.O. Chelsea rolls her eyes. After they walk away, Chelsea tells Chloe their presentation is going to blow Lauren away. At their table, Adam asks Sally is she’s okay. She replies that it’s the best Valentine’s Day ever.
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In their apartment, Tessa finally sings Mariah’s new song to her for Valentine’s Day. Mariah wipes away tears and gazes at Tessa as she croons, “I choose this. Every time. This is not a love song, this is real life, this is real love…” When she’s done, Mariah leans over and kisses her.
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At Crimson Lights, Noah looks in at Faith and Moses. He watches Rey walk over to join Nick and Sharon, and then thinks the better of going in. He walks off.

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