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Adam walks into his office at Newman Media, where there’s a huge bouquet of red roses on the desk alongside an ice bucket of champagne and chocolates. Sally appears and asks what exactly he thinks he’s doing — that’s completely unprofessional. Adam was about to ask her the same thing — is she the one responsible for the flowers? Sally would never show her feelings in such a traditional way. She wonders if they’re from Chelsea. Adam pulls out the card and learns it’s a Valentine’s Day stunt from an advertiser. Sally’s up for enjoying the swag and pops a chocolate-covered strawberry into her mouth. Glancing at Adam, she thinks the better of it. Adam updates her that there’s a work gift for her — there’s a press release going out about her new position. Sally frowns. If he thinks her being made COO is some kind of gift he’s giving her, then they seriously need to talk.
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Adam clarifies that the gift is the press release, not her title. Sally grins; she knew what he meant. But she also has an important question, “What exactly are you expecting from me?” She asks if she has autonomy or if he’s just looking for a ‘yes’ woman. Adam wants her input — he values her opinion. He sees similarities between the media and fashion worlds and feels Sally knows how to attract people. Adam know she could shine. Sally won’t disagree with him, and adds that she knows her way around a spreadsheet and can crunch a budget — but convincing people they want something IS her super power. Adam admires her confidence, but warns this won’t be easy; they have to answer to Victoria and Ashland and his sister will use any false move to kick them to the curb. Sally feels they have to hire the best storytellers. Adam thinks she has good instincts. He was right that she’d be a natural for this job.

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Victoria arrives at work to find Ashland putting bouquets of flowers all over her office. She thinks he must have bought the florist out. Ashland loves her and is grateful to have her in his life. Victoria gives him a ring with the symbol of the Locke family name on it. He will cherish it forever. They embrace. There’s a dozen reasons he doesn’t deserve her love, but he’s thankful every day that she came into his life. Ashland gifts Victoria with a V-shaped necklace and places it around her neck. Being sick taught him never to miss an opportunity, so he proposes they take the rest of the day off to go celebrate. Victoria would love to.

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At the ranch, Victor thanks Michael by phone for the update and tells him he’ll see him soon. Nikki appears and asks who was on the phone. Victor explains it was Michael calling from Peru — he has some more information about Ashland. He updates her that the cash from Locke’s shell company to the clinic in Peru doubled just before he went there for his experimental treatment. Nikki doesn’t know why that’s suspicious. Victor smells a rat. Something about Ashland’s story does not add up. Nikki can’t understand why he’s stirring things up with Ashland and Victoria and wonders if he remembers what today is. Victor asks if she really thinks he’d forget Valentine’s Day? It’s another chance to show her how much he loves her. Before they go to lunch, he wants to take her to the stables. Nikki asks, “Victor Newman, what have you done?” He smiles.
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At the penthouse, Amanda hides a card behind her back for Devon, who appears and admits he’s been so preoccupied he forgot Valentine’s Day. Amanda knows he’s concerned about Dominic. Devon is trying to be positive but can’t stop thinking about Dom crying. Amanda knows how much he cares and assures he’s in the best possible hands. She suggests they take the day off, but Devon thinks work will be a good distraction. He agreed to meet Lily and doesn’t want to obsess about the results. Amanda will check in with him later. Devon explains he ordered her something for Valentine’s Day, it just won’t arrive in time. Amanda’s unbothered; she can feel his love every single day.
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At home, Lily awakens Billy, who’s asleep on the sofa, by tickling his nose with a red rose. He wakes up and she leaps on top of him. They make out until Lily reminds him it’s a work day. Billy counters that they work from home and keeps kissing her. There’s a knock on the door, and Lily exclaims — they have a meeting with Devon! Billy lets him in, where Lily is smiling and adjusting her clothes.

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She asks about Dom and Devon explains they’re waiting to hear the results from the bone marrow aspiration. She offers to reschedule but Devon would like the company. They get down to work and Lily talks about using Devon’s streaming service to launch their podcast. Devon asks what the podcasts would be about. Billy had an idea while suffering insomnia that he believes may be perfect. He wants to do a series on bettering oneself. They can help people and put something good out into the world. Neil and Katherine would love that, and love to see them working together on it. Devon couldn’t agree more; he can’t wait to get started. They’ll bring Moses into it as well, as part of his internship. Devon gets a call and says he has to take off; he dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day. Once alone, Lily tells Billy his pitch was fantastic. Billy hopes the restless nights paid off. Lily loves the Sleepless in Genoa City concept. Billy wants to go back to making out.
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At Society, Victoria and Ashland arrive to find Nikki and Victor there. They’ve all had the same idea! Victor insists they join them, and they show off their Valentine’s Day gifts. Victor looks at Ashland’s ring and muses that’s very interesting given he has no real connection to the Locke family. He toasts to Ashland’s miraculous recovery. Ashland and Victor eyeball each other as they drink. Nikki tells Ashland and Victoria about the new thoroughbred that Victor spoiled her with today. Victoria beams that her father isn’t the only one who knows how to spoil his wife. Victor watches them and muses about how in love they seem. Victoria asks, “Seem? Of course, they’re in love.” Victor notes that his daughter’s happiness means the world to him.
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Devon arrives at the penthouse to find Amanda cooking a special dinner. She protests that he’s home too soon. Devon hands her flowers and balloons and says, “You’re home too soon.” She wanted to take his mind off his stress with a nice dinner but made a mess. They kiss and canoodle. Amanda opens her card and they kiss and slow dance.

At home, Billy and Lily canoodle on the sofa with the red rose, kissing and smiling.
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At Newman Media, Sally assures Adam that she finds the challenge of the job exciting. She admits to worrying that she was in over her head, but she woke up, put on her power suit and gave herself a pep talk. Adam assures her she’s got this. “We have got this.” They pour champagne and Sally insists they toast to work — not Valentine’s Day. Adam would never insult her by celebrating a major holiday. He raises a glass to her growing success. They drink and she thanks him for taking a chance on her; she knows she’s not the logical choice. Adam says that goes both ways — God knows how many people have warned her off of him. Sally makes another toast — to two wrongs making something very right. They clink their glasses together and look into each other’s eyes as they drink.
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At the ranch, Nikki worries that Victor’s looking for dirt on Ashland that’s not there, or that should be left in the past. She reminds him he accepted him into the family after the last time. Victor reminds her he’s a chess player and is many moves ahead of everyone else. Nikki asks again why he’s looking for trouble. Victor muses that if something is going on with Ashland Locke and that clinic in Peru, he’s going to find out about it. Later, the mood turns back to romance and Nikki and Victor slow dance and kiss.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria says to Ashland, who is looking out the window, that’s he’s been quiet since lunch. Locke informs Victoria that the reason Victor asked him to meet him at the ranch was to question him about his experimental treatment. “There’s something you need to know.” He admits the reason he knew about the protocol was because he had a colleague who was treated by the clinic years ago and gave them money. Victoria is stunned that he pretended to be hearing about them for the first time when they did their research. She didn’t see him on the financials. Ashland confesses he set up a shell company. Victoria’s angry that he didn’t tell her this and asks, “How could you?!”

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Ashland insists he was trying to protect her and Newman-Locke from any tax fallout with plausible deniability. Victoria doesn’t know how she’d have reacted if he’d told her because he didn’t give her the option. He admits he wouldn’t be telling her now if not for Victor. She reminds him of his promises and is disappointed. Locke loves her and asks her forgiveness. Victoria doesn’t think it’s fair he withheld this from her, but what matters most is that he’s doing better. Ashland concedes, “I am. Because now I have something to live for — you.” Victoria smiles. They sit pensively, but she reaches out to him.
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