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At Lily and Billy’s place, they discuss his ongoing insomnia. He insists it’s just a phase and sends her off to bed by herself. Once alone, he says aloud, “What the hell is going on with you?” Billy searches for articles about how to get a good night’s sleep online. He learns stressful thoughts could be behind his issue and that the article suggests processing and reflecting on his thoughts or meditating. Billy picks up a recorder and begins talking. He asks, “What are you?” He’s a man who had everything and lost almost everything. He got most of it back except for sweet, baby girl Delia. He wonders if he’s learned anything from his past mistakes. Billy worries that he can’t break free of who he really is. “Can that be who I used to be?” He tells himself that he’s both the analyst and the man on the couch. There’s no sugar-coating it or lying to himself.

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Billy remarks to his voice recorder on the inner monologue that takes place inside at night and wonders what it is that he’s hoping for. He gives himself a pat on the back for turning things around. Lily appears behind him at the top of the stairs and listens as he credits her for being so good for him. He continues questioning what’s eating away at him and whether he really wants to figure it out. Billy turns around and stops when he sees Lily. She apologizes. Billy’s just letting his subconscious run free. She gathers he’s worried about why he’s not sleeping. He’s just intrigued and curious. Billy wants to let her hear his recording, but she worries it should be private. There’s no aspect of his life he wants to keep private from her.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance assures Abby that Dominic will be fine — Devon wouldn’t have gone home if he thought otherwise. Abby can’t help the nightmare scenarios running through her mind. She worries the bone marrow aspiration will be painful or open him up to an infection. Chance urges her to stay calm and be positive. He hugs her as she gasps, “I’m so scared!” Chance is worried too, but assures they’ll do whatever they need to do to help Dom once the test results come in tomorrow. Abby thanks him for taking care of her when he’s dealing with so much. She kisses him and goes off to take a bath.

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Once alone, Chance exhales, pulls out his phone, and calls Rey to apologize again for bailing. Rey’s understanding. Chance asks what he missed and Rey explains they’re doing surveillance. Chance wants to come and join him. “It will be nice to have something else to focus on.”
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Chance kneels down beside Dom’s bassinet and coos at him before saying, “I need you to be okay.” He assures the baby they’ll do whatever’s necessary to get him through this. He and his mom will make sure Dom will be okay. He’s working to get back on track. “I’m going to be the best dad that I can be.” Chance tells himself that going back to the force is exactly what he needs so that Dom knows he can always count on him. Abby reappears in her bathrobe and Chance breaks the news he’s going to meet Rey for a stakeout. He doesn’t figure he’d sleep much anyway. Abby tells him it’s fine and asks him to be careful. After he walks out, Abby makes a face.

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In her bed at the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea tosses and turns as she thinks about Adam rejecting her and urging her to move on. She flashes to them arguing about Sally and then sits up. Chelsea grabs her phone and calls Chloe to tell her she can’t sleep and wants to go over their business plan. Chloe’s up with Bella and has to go. Chelsea disconnects, throws down her cell, and then picks up the hotel phone to call for a car to be brought around.

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Chelsea walks into Crimson Lights and spots Rey having coffee. He explains that Sharon’s gone home for the night and he’s about to go on a stakeout. Chelsea marvels that he’s fighting crime while everyone sleeps and thinks it must make Sharon nervous. Rey downplays the danger. Chelsea recalls doing stakeouts with her mom as a kid when planning a con. Rey feels that must have been scary for her as a child. Chelsea shrugs; she didn’t know anything different. She admits it was lonely sometimes, but she and Anita were a team. It wasn’t until she was older that reality began to set in.
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Rey talks to Chelsea, then, about his father and how he came to realize he got a rush from finding clues and solving mysteries. Chelsea talks about turning over a new leaf and leaving her con artist past behind for Connor. Rey can see that she’s changed. Chelsea’s still lonely and alone. Rey points out she has her son and won’t raise him as her mother did her, which is something to be proud of.

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Chance arrives at Crimson Lights as Chelsea’s involved in telling Rey a story about one of her and Anita’s old capers. He joins them and Chelsea continues the tale. Chance marvels at their attention to detail. Rey’s seen how hard she’s worked to rebuild her life. It’s time for Rey and Chance to go, so Chelsea bids them goodnight and leaves. Chance assures Rey he’s up for this and they head out.
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At Lily and Billy’s place, they listen to the recording of his self-reflection about his self-destructive tendencies and his decision to let go of his grudge with Adam. Lily finds it really deep and thanks him for sharing it with her. Billy’s unbothered by reliving it all and trusts Lily. It feels cathartic. Lily’s impressed with how far she’s come. He gives her the credit and remarks on how far they’ll go together. Lily kisses him and goes back to bed. Billy continues his session and wonders if he’s worried about backsliding like he always does; if that’s what’s keeping him awake. He’s certain he can keep up the momentum with Lily by his side.
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In an alley, Rey updates Chance on the string of break-ins and says it’s like the thief is daring them to catch him. They think he’ll strike on that street next. Rey asks about Dominic and Chance fills him in. Rey feels it sounds serious. Chance agrees that it’s tough and he’s as worried as Abby. Rey recalls when Faith got into the car accident, and Connor, when he was spending time with him, seeming so sad and confused. Chance thinks Chelsea must be grateful he’s been there for Connor. Rey says he’s a great kid. They spot the suspect and Rey tells Chance to hang back as he makes his way toward the guy. The loud sound of glass breaking startles Chance, who gasps and clutches his chest in alarm.
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Chance returns home to see Abby asleep on the sofa. He takes off his coat and she awakens, surprised he’s already home. Chance assures her everything’s fine; he just felt like his place was there with her and Dom.

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Chelsea returns to her hotel suite and looks at the unmade bed. After changing into pyjamas, she grabs a pillow and lays down on the sofa, where she dozes off. Rey enters the room and tells her she’s complicated and mesmerizing — he can’t stop thinking about her. He sits beside her, says she fascinates him, and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Chelsea awakens, sits up, and gasps.

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