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At Society, Victoria and Nikki go over business details. Nikki then asks if they’re going to keep Newman Media’s staff on. Victoria wants to ask Ashland, who is keen to sink his teeth into that part of the business. Nikki realizes he doesn’t trust Adam and she can’t believe Victoria agreed to keep him on. Victoria reminds her Victor insisted on it, but assures they’ll be keeping a very close eye on him.

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At Newman-Locke, Adam finds Ashland (now played by Robert Newman) alone and asks what he’s working on. Locke talks about a company he was thinking about acquiring. Adam remarks on his health improving and is glad they’re now on the same team. Ashland asks, “Are we?” Adam feels they are. Locke is pleased that’s his attitude because now that they own Newman Media he’ll definitely be hearing from him. He thinks Adam will be glad he came aboard when he did. Adam volleys that he and Victoria will be glad they kept him on.
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Ashland chuckles at the famous Newman confidence and warns Adam he will have to make some adjustments — he’s not the sole decision maker anymore. Adam realizes his father will be a consultant and Victoria will want to weigh in occasionally. Ashland corrects him. He and Victoria will be charting the company’s course and giving Adam direction, not the other way around. If he’s not comfortable with that, he should move on. Locke tells Adam not to challenge their authority — they won’t tolerate it. Adam marvels at Ashland’s assumption that he’s Victoria’s equal partner at Newman-Locke. Locke insists that’s exactly what they are, and then informs Adam, “The world doesn’t revolve around you, and neither does Newman Media.” Adam can’t wait to show him how wrong he is. Victoria walks in and asks, “What’s going on here?”

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Outside Society, Lily calls Billy and tells him an executive she wanted to promote resigned. She’ll need some help finding a replacement. She spots Nikki inside and lets Billy go.

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Inside, Lily approaches Nikki and asks if she can pick her brain about something. Nikki invites her to sit down. She hopes this isn’t about handling Jill; it’s not one of her strengths. Lily assures her she just wanted to talk to someone who was close to Katherine as she takes over her company. Nikki confirms she was tough as nails and confides she never set out to be a business mogul — it became her responsibility when Phillip died. “She loved it when people underestimated her.” Nikki thinks her advice to Lily would be to have fun. Lily has a vision, but Chancellor has such a rich history, she feels presumptuous to think she’s in their league. Nikki reassures her and is sure she still hears Neil’s voice – he and Katherine are watching over her. “Trust Jill’s judgment. She would never have put you in charge if she didn’t know you were ready.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sally runs into Billy, who quips that he didn’t recognize her without her disguise. Sally hoped he’d be over that by now. Billy scoffs that it’s been a whole two weeks. He asks her about Victoria getting rid of the fashion platform. Sally relays that Adam’s keeping her on. “I am now the chief operating officer at Newman Media.” Billy gawps, “You’re the COO?!” Sally confirms it. “That’s right Billy, we have the same job.” Billy guesses her super-spying really paid off for her, no offence. Sally insists she actually has a lot of business experience.
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Billy thinks it’s obvious Adam hired her because she’ll stoop to any level he asks her to. Sally points out he tried to entrap Adam — where does he get off playing the victim? Billy argues that Adam cost him his reputation and his job and debates Sally’s contention that Adam felt bad about his suffering. Billy has an issue with Adam running the company he built. Sally tells him Victoria kept him on. Billy doesn’t imagine this situation will last long. He wishes Sally luck as he leaves.

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At the ranch, Victor gets a text from Michael who reports that he’s arrived at the clinic in Peru. Ashland’s name opens doors but he’s been unable to confirm the financial ties just yet. Victor urges him to stay on it.

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At home, Billy asks what’s on Lily’s mind. She just can’t believe the executive resigned and how it will look. Billy reassures her. Lily relays that she sought Nikki’s advice. Billy thinks that was a good idea. Lily admits she wants to make sure she can live up to those who preceded her. She asks Billy to let her know if he doesn’t want to listen to her concerns, after all, it’s the job he wanted. Billy assures her he doesn’t hold a grudge — she’s the right person for the position and he’s very excited about what they’re building. Billy’s sure Katherine, Neil and Jill all had doubts too and gives Lily a pep talk. She kisses him. Billy understands what’s it’s like to feel you don’t measure up and vows that Lily has all the tools she needs. She know she can do the job, but has anxiety. Talk turns to Billy’s insomnia — clearly something’s going on. Billy insists she’s already helped by giving him the podcast to focus on — he’ll sleep like a baby tonight.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria learns that Ashland and Adam were drawing battle lines. Adam relays that he came by to let Victoria know that he hired a COO — Sally Spectra. Victoria muses that she’s a fashion designer. Adam insists she has a business background and would like a clean slate after what happened with Summer. He wonders if he has the ability to hire and fire who he wants. Victoria assures him he has autonomy and is fine with him hiring Sally. Adam thanks her for her time and leaves. Ashland immediately questions Victoria, who explains that Sally is reckless; it could play into their hands. Ashland gets a call from Victor, who asks him to come by the ranch to talk.
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At the ranch, Nikki updates Victor on her chat with Lily. She thinks Jill was smart to hire her. Victor questions her judgment given she’s involved with Billy Boy Abbott. Talk turns to Victor inviting Ashland over. She wants to know why. Victor swears her to secrecy before telling her what he knows about the clinic in Peru — Locke’s been sending money to it for years. “It was a tax dodging scheme.” Nikki’s stunned and doesn’t think Victoria knows anything about this. Ashland arrives and Nikki excuses herself.

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Victor tells Ashland he’s curious about his treatment plan and offers him a drink — unless that’s not part of his treatment plan. Locke says it’s fine, so they pour scotch and toast. Victor muses about his son-in-law finding the experimental treatment just in the nick of time. Locke admits it was a little more than luck. He cops to being one of their benefactors and confides that years ago an associate of his was going through a life-or-death situation so he wrote a check. Locke admits his accountant had to get creative to get the money down there, but they kept it afloat. Victor marvels at the same clinic saving his life. He’s surprised Victoria never told him about this. Ashland concedes that she doesn’t know — he didn’t worry that his jumping to the front of the line would create some kind of obstacle. Victor muses that protecting Victoria is always his first concern.
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Nikki rejoins Victor after Ashland’s gone. The Mustache tells her that Locke had an answer for everything. She thinks that’s good, but Victor disagrees. His answers were to glib; too polished. “It troubles me.”

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At Newman Media, Sally recounts her run-in with Billy to Adam, who wouldn’t put too much stock in what Abbott has to say. She asks where Adam was, and he admits he went to see Victoria about hiring her. Sally assumes that Victoria wouldn’t let her have the position. She wishes she could catch a break and wonders if it would help if she offered to be invisible. Adam is afraid that won’t work — she’ll have to be very visible since she’ll be helping him run a huge conglomerate. Sally gawps, “What?!” Adam grins. “Congratulations Madam COO. The job is yours.” Sally can’t believe he sat there and let her think she was fired. Adam just thought she might be so happy when she realized she got the job, she’d throw her arms around him again like she did the other day. Sally thought they agreed they shouldn’t be thinking along those lines. Adam replies, “You are right.”

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At Society, Ashland orders a scotch and yanks his tie off. His phone rings and he answers. He learns there’s an American asking questions about him in Peru. He tells the person it doesn’t change anything; they need to stick to the plan. He disconnects and downs his scotch.

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