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Billy stumbles down the stairs at the penthouse as he tells someone over the phone that he didn’t sleep well last night. That’s why he missed their meeting. Discovering he’s out of coffee, he takes off to find some.

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At the Chancellor estate, Chance tries to reassure Abby that their baby will be fine. They just need to wait for the lab results. After he makes tea for them, she realizes he’s supposed to be at work. He says this is more important and he’s already notified his boss. His wife tells him about the last time Dominic got a cold. Any medical situation can shake her to her core, even when she should know better. He’s grateful she had Devon and Mariah to lean on and wishes he’d been around to help too. She thinks they shouldn’t wait for the doctor to get back to them and just call Devon now.

Chance and Abby discuss Dom at Chancellor estate Y&R

Lily drops by Devon’s penthouse and he admires her jacket. She asks if he has time to speak, CEO to CEO. She’s been going through open proposals and looking at things that would make their dad proud of them; he never got the chance to see what she made of her life since she got out of prison. She partially blames herself for him dying the way he did. Devon insists she has nothing to feel guilty about and says Neil would be proud of her.

Lily pitches idea to Devon at penthouse Y&R

Lily tells him that she was looking at these projects and thinking that their two companies should join forces to honor Katherine and Neil. They could do something incredible. “Sounds incredible,” he says before being interrupted by a call from Chance. He learns that Dominic has gone to see the pediatrician. He’s lethargic and missed a feed. Devon wants to come over immediately.

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Devon shows up at the Chancellor estate and gets the rundown on the visit to the pediatrician. Abby can’t stop speculating about what could be happening. She’s been searching the baby’s symptoms online and worries he might be anemic. They puzzle over what to do. Chance says they should just wait to see what the doctor says. Abby starts blaming herself and her husband asks her to stop, reassuring her that she’s an excellent mother. When Devon says this has nothing to do with anything she’s done, she feels like he’s accusing her of overreacting and that only makes her more anxious.

Chance and Abby update Devon at Chancellor estate Y&R

Jack spots Amanda as she walks into Crimson Lights and asks her to join him. She fills him in on how her sister is settling in and asks after Phyllis. He’s sure that she’s very busy in Milan, but that’s not what she means. The lawyer thinks that he and Phyllis deserve happiness and they would find it together. So did Jack, but life is unpredictable and so is Phyllis.

Billy joins them, looking rough. He informs them of his insomnia. That doesn’t surprise his brother given the upsets in his life lately. Going from running a company with his girlfriend to being her second in command must bring up some issues. Billy insists that it doesn’t and tells him not to look for problems that are not there. Jack continues to worry but Billy says nothing ‘nefarious’ is going on.

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Billy admits that he’s feeling defensive. He’s been wired from a lack of sleep and apologizes for being testy. Jack is concerned about his insomnia. He wonders if his brother’s subconscious is having a hard time with everything he’s been put through. Amanda seems to think stress could be getting to him too, but suggests he not start shouting from rooftops again. They fill in a confused Jack on how they used to yell from the top of the Grand Phoenix. Billy assures her that he’s healthy and functional now. His brother advises that wounds don’t always heal and there may be issues he still needs to confront. Billy thinks about that.

Nearby, Rey and Sharon chat about their plans for the day. She wonders how he feels about Chance coming back to work. After seeing his old partner with Abby at the party, he thinks he may have been wrong to worry about him coming back to work too soon. Just then, he gets a text from Chance.

As he reads it, Sharon admits that she’s worried about Chance going back to police work. She knows Abby would like him to stay home longer so if he could; that would be a positive. Rey tells her the text he got was actually about Dominic going to the doctor. She wonders if she should check in but he suggests they let the couple handle it. After he gets some coffee and a sandwich, she reminds him he should get back to work. The cop has a hard time tearing himself away from her but she gives him a kiss and sends him off.

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Billy arrives at the penthouse as Lily gets off the phone with the head of facilities and explains the construction in their office building will go on for a while. They are stuck working from home. She tells Billy she and Devon discussed going in on a joint venture. He yawns as she talks about how groundbreaking it could be. Billy admits he’s been tired. She’s noticed him getting up in the middle of the night; normally she could drive a semi through the room and he wouldn’t wake up. Lily suspects that he hasn’t gotten over everything the way he thinks he has. “You sound like Jack,” he says, insisting that it’s nothing serious.

Billy thinks at home Y&R

Billy admits it feels like he’s searching for something but doesn’t know what. She saw this coming and thinks that he’s restless because his new job is vague. She’d like him to take on the project she’s proposing for Devon. Lily wants them to produce inspirational podcasts to empower people. That’s something he could sink his teeth into. She’s sure it would be a lot of fun. They make out. After they have sex on the couch, he decides working from home isn’t so bad. They discuss podcasting and he looks forward to having something to do when he wakes up at three in the morning.

Billy and Lily discuss podcasting at home Y&R

Jack meets Lauren for lunch at Society. She tells him that Michael has gone back to work for Victor. The Mustache sent him to South America on a secret mission. Jack is surprised he accepted the job. Lauren worries that anything could happen. He assures her that everything will be fine but she still feels like Victor is dominating her time with her husband. The Abbott encourages her to take up kickboxing and recalls how he used to fantasize Victor’s head was the ball when he played tennis.

Lauren and Jack chat over lunch at Society Y&R

Next, Lauren flips the subject to Phyllis. Jack says she’s in Italy and they will have dinner when she gets back. Jack promises Lauren will be the first to know what comes of that. Lauren wants to know what he’s looking for with Phyllis; she’s worried he’s giving up on romance. Jack is not chasing after it; if it’s meant to be, it will come to him. He has an amazing life and no complaints. After he helps her put her coat on, she departs and he sits down, sighing and looking at his phone. He thinks of calling Phyllis but then puts his phone away.

Lauren and Jack talk Phyllis at Society Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, as Abby looks out the window, distraught, Chance assures her that no one thinks she’s overreacting, but she can’t keep her worries in check. “Facts are different from feelings,” he explains, pointing out the doctor didn’t even keep the baby in for observation. She knows he makes sense but that doesn’t make it easier. Across the room, Devon tells Dominic that he has been studying being a dad so he’ll be able to give him everything he needs. The three of them worry the baby hasn’t been crying loudly enough. “Waiting is excruciating,” Abby declares. Finally, Dr. Bradley calls with news on the baby’s blood work. Dominic’s red blood cell count is low so he will need a bone marrow aspiration. Devon thinks that sounds severe. Abby explains to the distressed Chance and Devon that they need to bring him in for more tests right away!

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