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In his office at Newman, Adam is surprised when Sally strolls in. She’s so eager to talk about the specifics of her new job and how they will play out in reality that she doesn’t think she can sleep. He wonders if she is having second thoughts. Spectra is very flattered he wants to work with her but worries he offered her a job spontaneously to help her save face with Chelsea and Chloe. Sally can’t thank him enough for finding her a place at Newman Media, but she wants to know what that place is. He laughs, expecting she’s looking for something. She wants to know what she is committing to. The Newman sees a lot of potential in her so he wants to make her the COO of Newman Media. Her jaw drops. Sally doesn’t know what to say about this massive vote of confidence. Adam says he’s thinking outside the box. She’s creative with a head for business, and has a fire inside he respects and admires. She thanks him for that and admires him too. He is determined to prove to his family that he can helm Newman Media and he wants someone like her by his side.

Sally and Adam talk job at Newman Media Y&R

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Adam trusts Sally, and her loyalty, plus he wants to fill the position before his sister starts recommending people. Sally worries about how Victoria will react but he reassures her. “There is a big bright future ahead for us,” he says. When he asks her for a celebratory drink, she says they need to discuss their personal relationship before they go forward with anything else. She reminds him that she hugged him earlier in a more-than-co-worker way. It made her temperature rise. He admits he had to cool off after too. Sally says they need to stop dancing around and address their chemistry head-on. “I can literally feel the fireworks in the making,” she explains, adding that she doesn’t have the self-discipline to control this much longer.
Adam and Sally put limits Newman Media Y&R

Chelsea stops by the Grand Phoenix to get a suite and immediately heads up with her luggage. When she gets to her room, she pulls out a picture of Connor and then reads a text from Lauren before heading out.

At Society, Nick sits down with his son and tells him he knows he’s hurting. He wants to help and then tells Noah they should order more empanadas. Noah could go for that but will pass on whatever else his father wants to serve up. He senses he’s working up the courage to find out what’s in his head. Nick knows that he’s having trouble with the Mariah and Tessa situation. His son assures him he will be fine. He thought his purpose in life was art but maybe it’s something else. Either way, he’s there. His father tells him that his parents will always be there for him. Noah couldn’t ask for any more and thanks him.

Noah listens to Nick at Society Y&R

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In their apartment, Mariah takes a blindfold off Tessa to reveal how she has set up their apartment. Tessa says it’s perfect and kisses her. Mariah makes chocolate martinis, and Tessa thinks she’s going above and beyond. Mariah doesn’t want to stop celebrating. The first part of the evening was for their friends and family but the rest of the night is for them. Years from now, Mariah will remember this as one of the best moments of her life. They talk about how lucky they are. Mariah suggests they watch a movie. Tessa starts kissing her instead.

Tessa and Mariah kiss apartment Y&R

After sex, Mariah and Tessa drink bottled water in the kitchen. Mariah doesn’t want this warm and fuzzy feeling to end. She’s really glad they moved into the apartment. They have an actual bedroom and the space is filled with possibilities. Sitting down, they read all the comments their guests wrote on their poster. Mariah is startled when she notices the unsigned heart and Tessa explains it’s from Noah. The singer interprets it as meaning he loves both of them. Mariah says she asked her brother to draw something. They talked and got all the weirdness out. Now they are good. But she feels bad for him. It sucks having feelings for someone you shouldn’t. Tessa thinks it’s important they show him everything is normal. Neither of them is sleepy so they start making out again.

In his bed at home, Noah dreams of Tessa telling him it was all for him, “the words, the songs, everything” and then kissing him. He wakes up in a daze.
Noah dream Y&R

In Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon what a great job she did for Mariah and Tessa’s party. She admits she was a bit worried about how some of the dynamics might have played out. Rey thinks her daughter seems to be in a good place and was cool about Dominic. He thought Sharon would be more worried about Noah and his lingering feelings for Tessa. She is worried, which is why she’s relieved that Nick is taking him home. She knows her son is a grown man but is still concerned.

Sharon and Rey talk party at Crimson Lights Y&R

Sharon is feeling extra maternal tonight since she’s been reflecting on Mariah coming back into her life. There was a time when her daughter would have scoffed about anyone finding true love. She’s sure what she and Tessa share in their hearts will give them the strength to overcome any obstacle. When Rey says he’s happy for her and her family, she reminds him they are his family too. Sharon worries that Rey is feeling like an outsider. He assures her that’s not the case. The cop reminds her of their conversation about how she and Nick can read their children so easily. When he sees them all together, he realizes how he has missed out on parenting. It’s not that he wants children, but sometimes he has fleeting glimpses of a life that could have been.

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Chelsea interrupts and notices the place was closed for a private function. Before she can leave, Sharon offers to get her a drink. While Sharon fetches her cider, Rey asks Chelsea about her new business. She says she and Chloe are close to getting financial backing for their new venture. She rambles about Sally working with Adam. After Sharon hands her the cider and wishes her the best, Rey urges Chelsea not to waste a drop of energy thinking about Adam. Putting him into the past is the best thing she can do. She comments that moving out of the penthouse has been a step in that direction. The future is going to be all sunshine. Rey tells her everyone is rooting for her.

Chelsea and Rey talk parenting at Crimson Lights Y&R

Nick drops by to help them clean up. As he and Sharon go to the patio, Chelsea tells Rey that she’s grateful for them becoming friends. That’s not something she could have foreseen. He’s genuine and kind and can see her for who she is. She starts showing him pictures of Connor and he tells her she should be a proud parent.

Meanwhile, on the patio, Nick and Sharon talk about how everyone who gets involved with his family ends up being collateral damage. That’s why he avoids it now. He tells her about his conversation with his son. She assumes Noah claimed there was nothing wrong. He confirms it. Sharon worries that if their son is not willing to open up to them about his feelings, it’s not a good sign. Nick doesn’t think there is any cause for alarm. It will just take Noah time to get over his feelings and focus on his work. She notices he’s encouraging her to back off and let things work out on their own. He repeats that he’s sure their son will be okay.

Nick and Sharon discuss Noah at Crimson Lights Y&R

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At Newman Media, Adam assures Sally their feelings won’t be a problem if they are working together. He admits he feels the same way she does. “I want you as much as you want me,” he confesses. Sally gasps. Adam continues on to say that they both know it’s not that simple. Sally says the best things never are. He suggests that they work out all the business details before they act on any of their feelings. That abruptly switches the mood. “Got it,” she says, bidding him goodnight and slowly walking out. He smiles to himself.

Sally and Adam discuss their fireworks at Newman Media Y&R

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