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At Crimson Lights, Faith and Moses put the finishing touches on Tessa and Mariah’s engagement party. Sharon appears and tells them they will love it. Noah walks in and marvels tat the decorations as well. His eyes fall on a photo of Tessa and Mariah and he looks wistful. Faith distracts him with questions about the displays as Nick arrives. The teens want Noah to write a message for the engaged couple, but he balks. Nick calls him away to help carry in a box – it’s Tessa’s album on vinyl.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby worries to Chance about people having questions and comments about their new custody arrangement when they’re at the party tonight. She talks to the baby in the bassinet and calls Chance over. “Does he seem okay to you? Does his breathing seem a little faster than usual?” Chance gets in there to have a look at Dom.

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At the penthouse, Amanda and Devon kiss and share a little slow dance, but she notices he’s tense. Devon just doesn’t know if it will be awkward at the party. Amanda urges him to point anyone who asks for details on the custody arrangement in her direction, but he hopes the focus will be on Mariah and Tessa. Amanda works to reassure him, and Devon teases her about getting closer to the baby. She admits she thinks he’s a little miracle. Amanda knows what to do to make him smile and she hopes he likes her. Devon knows he does. Amanda never had parents to love her, or love back, so this is a whole new world for her, but she kinda loves it. Devon is moved that she thinks about what Dom will be like when he grows up.
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At the coffee house, Faith calls the family together to introduce Mariah and Tessa, who walk in with their hands over their eyes. When she tells them they can look, they marvel that it’s more than they ever could have imagined. Mariah tells Tessa it’s almost as beautiful as she is. As the party gets underway and everyone mingles, Sharon calls for the first photo to be taken against the special backdrop on the patio. Rey urges Noah to take the photograph, but he refuses as he’s already been drinking champagne. Faith volunteers.

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After the photo shoot, Rey carries in a gift. No one knows who it’s from. They open the card and learn it was sent by Kevin and Chloe, who can’t make it to the party and are compensating by breaking the no presents rule. The gift is a shield from Mariah and Kevin’s favorite book series, which features a royal wedding with jousting. Tessa thinks it’s perfect, which prompts a kiss from Mariah.
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At the Chancellor Estate, the baby is asleep, but Abby’s still concerned about his breathing. Chance thinks he looks fine, and they can leave him in the nanny’s capable hands. Chance remarks that he got him to sleep for the first time and maybe he’s getting the hang of this parenting thing.

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Devon and Amanda arrive at the engagement party and marvel that Tessa and Mariah are glowing. Amanda asks if Abby and Chance are coming. Tessa thinks they should be there any minute. Mariah decides to be upfront and asks, “How is the shared custody thing going?” Devon relays that it’s just gotten underway. He’s already had Dom at his place and it was tough for Abby, but he’s tried to make it as easy as possible. Amanda and Devon let Mariah know she’s welcome to visit the boy there. She’s thrilled about that and shares the news that they’re planning to adopt a child. They offer their full support. Sharon and Rey happen by, and Rey reveals that Chance is coming back to work tomorrow.

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  • Elsewhere, Noah is chatting with Nick, Moses and Faith, who reveals she’s thinking of taking business. Noah thinks Victoria better watch her back – there’s a new young mogul in the family. At the door, Chance and Abby arrive and are greeted by Tessa and Mariah. Devon and Amanda look on awkwardly. They all gather to chat and Mariah brings up the custody agreement – it’s so good to see them make peace. Abby wants to focus on Mariah and Tessa, but the redhead can’t help but think back to when they started this as the Baby Chancellor Crew. All the bumps along the way made their bond even stronger.
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    As the party continues, everyone gets their photos taken in front of the special backdrop. Sharon finds Abby to ask about Chance. Abby thinks things are looking up. Nearby, Rey tells Chance that tomorrow will be a big day. Abby joins them and jokes that Genoa City doesn’t stand a chance with the two of them teaming up. Rey walks off and Abby tells Chance he can postpone if it’s too soon, but he needs to go back to work.
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    When it’s Noah’s turn to write Tessa and Mariah a message, Mariah pops up to tell him if he can’t think of anything he can always draw a picture – it will be worth a fortune one day. Noah knows that Tessa told her some insanity about him still having feelings for her and he just doesn’t want Mariah to hate him. Mariah isn’t upset with him – she’s upset with herself. She hasn’t forgotten how she and Tessa got together in the first place. “You and Tessa were a couple.” Noah reminds her they’ve all moved on. Mariah thanks him for forgiving her for hurting him. Tessa is awesome, she can’t blame him for noticing that – she just wants him to be okay. Noah assures that he is, and he just wants them to be ecstatically happy forever.

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    Across the room, Nick asks Abby about the surprising custody news. Abby couldn’t handle family interference, for her own sanity. She recaps that Dom has more love in his life than he can deal with. Nick’s always there for her. They hug. Sharon calls for everyone’s attention to introduce Tessa’s new album. As everyone dances and Tessa and Mariah canoodle, Noah drinks his champagne. When the song ends, everyone applauds, and Devon thinks they’ve a hit on their hands. Sharon talks about Mariah and Tessa’s relationship being an inspiration. Suddenly, a tipsy Noah announces he has something to say if he could have the floor for a minute. Sharon shoots an alarmed look at Nick.
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    Sharon suggests Noah save his speech for later, but it’s something he has to do. Noah recalls when he first heard Tessa sing, which was by far the most beautiful thing he’d heard. He talks about Tessa and Mariah’s love, which they should all be so lucky to find one day. Noah asks everyone to toast to Mariah and Tessa, who are made for each other and proof that dreams do come true. Nick and Sharon look relieved. Abby tells Noah that, now, they just need to find him someone to love like that. Mariah thanks their party guests for being part of their journey. Tessa thanks Mariah’s family – especially Sharon – for making her feel she belongs. They promise there will be a wedding at some point, and everyone claps. Chance and Abby get their coats and say their goodbyes. Tessa tells Mariah, “That’s going to be us one day, running home to our little one. Meanwhile, Noah finally approaches the message board, where he draws a heart. Tessa watches as he drops the pen and walks away.
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    Abby and Chance arrive at home from the party and the nanny says the baby slept the whole time they were gone and didn’t even wake up for his bottle. Abby kneels by the bassinet and tries to wake up the boy. She asks Chance, “Does he look pale to you?”
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    At the party, Devon and Amanda congratulate Tessa on the album and say goodbye to her and Mariah. Faith pulls Mariah aside and asks, “What do you think?” Mariah tells her it’s the perfect time. Faith puts on Tessa’s song and Mariah asks her to dance. Tessa wonders if this is what it feels like to dance on clouds. Sharon worries to Nick that tonight was hard on Noah. Nick decides he’ll get their son out of there, and does. As he leaves, Noah takes a last longing look at Tessa.

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