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At the ranch, Victoria informs Victor and Nikki that Ashland won’t be joining them; he had a cancer treatment appointment. Nikki’s heartened by how well the treatment is working. Victor pointedly notes it almost borders on miraculous. Victoria shoots him a look. She thinks the treatment was a Godsend. Victor questions his absence from the meeting again and Nikki glares at him as Victoria assures her husband’s not trying to hide anything. Victor wonders why he went all the way to Peru to cure his cancer when the best institutions are here. Victoria asks her father what it is that he really wants to say. He’s wondering how things will look going forward since Ashland seems to want to be very involved. Can he handle the stress? Victoria looks at her father as he repeats that Locke seems to have recovered miraculously.
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At Society, Ashland tells Nate he now believes in miracles given how good he feels. He asks Nate what’s on his mind. Across the room, Lauren is talking to Michael, who’s fixated on Nate and Ashland. She calls him out on it, and he confides in a whisper that there are questions surrounding Locke’s Peruvian treatment center – no one can figure out where the funding is coming from. Ashland’s been flexing his muscle at Newman-Locke and it’s making Victor suspicious.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea and Chloe pack boxes for the move. Chelsea sighs about leaving the place behind, as well as the memories. She feels like a total failure. Chloe gives her a pep talk. Once she closes this chapter she can move forward to the future. Chelsea sulks, “You mean a future without Adam.” Chloe concedes that change is hard, but she thinks moving out of the penthouse was taking care of herself. “You are taking your power back and that’s a sight to behold.” They flash to how much they’ve been through together and to arguing about Adam. Chloe will always be Chelsea’s rock and she has a feeling that things are going to turn around for them today.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam asks Sally how things are going. She admits she’s freaked out about her future. Sally recaps coming to Genoa City from Los Angeles and proving herself and laments that, now, things are at a dead end again. She’s still a genius but she’s out in the cold. Adam invites her to come to Society, belly up to the bar with him, and grab a bite. It’s the best – and only – offer she’s had all day.

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At Society, Lauren questions Michael about Victor’s suspicions regarding Ashland’s treatment center. They just welcomed him into the family. Michael reminds her The Mustache is always playing chess in his mind and 10 steps ahead. Lauren can’t understand why Ashland going back to work is a big deal. Michael reminds her of Locke’s reputation, and states that it’s one thing to make allowances for a man who’s about to die, but it’s another thing now that it looks like he’s going to live.
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Across the room, Nate admits to Ashland he had grave doubts about the experimental treatment, but the results speak for themselves. Ashland recaps that he was running out of time and the universe cut him a break. He recalls how he was adamant with Victoria that he wouldn’t undergo treatment, but she insisted. He’s not out of the woods, but feels good. Nate has never been happier to be wrong.

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At Lauren’s table, Chloe and Chelsea have joined her and Michael, who steps away to take a call. Chloe and Chelsea have a pitch for Lauren. They see their recent twist of fate with the platform as an opportunity. Lauren is glad to see Chelsea and Chloe together again but points out what happened the last time Chelsea worked for her. Chelsea acknowledges the theft and says that’s not the person she is anymore. As Sally comes through the door, Lauren tells them that as long as the pitch doesn’t include Sally Spectra, she’ll gladly entertain it.Chelsea apologize Lauren Y&R

At Ashland and Nate’s table, the doctor can’t help but wonder if Locke only wants to bring him on board at his company because they’re friends. Ashland has learned to trust his gut and knows Nate has all the tools he needs and elaborates on his pal’s experience. Nate is flattered but is nowhere near ready to turn his back on medicine. Ashland understands, but the offer still stands. They toast as Locke heads off to another appointment. Outside, Michael eyeballs Locke and says into his phone, “Thank you for the information.”

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Inside, Sally sidles up to Chelsea, Chloe and Lauren and muses, “So much talent at one table, and all women I am proud to have worked with.” Lauren replies, “It’s too bad you couldn’t trust your own talent because it would have made you a success.” Chelsea snarks that they’re in the middle of an important business meeting and Lauren sneers that Sally will land somewhere as Adam walks in. He strides over and announces that Sally will be just fine, actually, she’s coming to work with him at Newman Media. Sally’s eyes widen in surprise.
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At Nate’s table, Michael mentions how well Ashland was looking and mentions the experimental protocol. “Is it the breakthrough the world has been waiting for?” Nate admits it seems almost too good to be true. Nate exits and Adam walks up to Michael to ask just what exactly his father is having him do. Michael says they haven’t decided but muses that his father is a restless man and they’re kindred spirits.

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Adam joins Sally at the bar, and she thanks him for coming to the rescue over there. She’ll explain they couldn’t come to terms on salary and that the job fell through. Adam surprises her by saying that as much as he enjoyed that little mic drop moment, he was actually considering offering her a job – for real. She has business savvy and drive – and Victoria likes her, which is half the battle. Adam’s not sure what she would do or what her title would be, but a job is hers if she wants it. Sally places her hand over his and exclaims, “Yes! I want it!” Across the room, Chelsea notices their hands and glares. Sally wants it Y&R

At Lauren’s table, Chloe’s pitching an exclusive line for Fenmore’s as Chelsea eyeballs Sally and Adam at the bar. Lauren asks them to put together a business plan and they’ll meet later in the week. Chelsea watches Sally and Adam toast.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria asks Ashland how his doctor’s appointment went. His numbers are still good and she’s thrilled. They kiss and canoodle until Locke asks about her meeting with Nikki and Victor. She admits her father was curious as to why he didn’t attend. “He kept wondering out loud about your treatment and your overall health.” Ashland asks, “In what way?” Victoria guesses he wants to know if he’s strong enough to be a partner to her and what things are going to look like moving forward. Locke’s just glad to have today. Victoria’s sure her father didn’t mind shaking her up a bit. He probably wants her to act like a proper Newman and see Ashland as a threat.
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Locke wonders if Victor thinks he’d use the gifts he’s gotten to undermine his wife. Victoria assures this was all coming from her dad – her mother was working to keep the peace. Ashland figures they’ll just have to be on guard. Victoria loves how calm he is about all this meddling. Locke figures Victor expects loyalty from his children, but he reserves the right to shift his from one child to another to keep them off balance. That’s why he’s trying to subvert her trust in him – he’s realized they’re more formidable as a team. Victoria muses, “You might be right about that.” Ashland warns her father will have to contend with the fact that he’s going to be a full partner in this company. “Whatever Victor’s planning, I’ll stand with you.”

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At the ranch, Michael questions a good guy like Nate being friends with Ashland Locke. Victor muses about things changing when a man faces his own mortality. He agrees that it was odd he asked Nate to be his best man without really knowing him. Michael muses, “Decency by association?” He relays that Nate told him the treatment was almost too good to be true. “Do you think Ashland’s lying? That it’s not really stopping the spread of the cancer? And what would be his motive for that?” Victor doesn’t know what his motives are, but something doesn’t feel right. Michael’s discovered that there’s a shell company funding the treatment center and the trail leads back to Ashland Locke. Victor wonders why he would hide the fact that he’s funding a clinic that saved his life. “Why would he not talk about that?” Michael asks, “What are you thinking?” Victor wants Michael to go to Peru for however long this takes. Michael’s incredulous. Lauren will not like him taking off to South America at the drop of a hat. He’ll do it… because he’s
almost as keen to solve this mystery as Victor is. Victor knew it. “Cheers.”
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At Society, Lauren’s gone and Chelsea apologizes to Chloe for getting distracted. Chloe warns her not to let Sally showing up let her take her eye off the prize. Chelsea snaps about Adams showing up and coming to his rescue with a job that doesn’t even exist. She’s so sick of the games. Chloe remarks, “Then don’t play.” Chelsea decides her attitude is right and wants to go put together their plan. Sally stops them to wish them luck and notes that Lauren can be a stickler. Adam appears, puts Sally’s coat around her shoulders, and the redhead explains they’re off to the office. As they go, Chelsea tightly smiles at Chloe, “Eyes on the prize.”

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At Newman Media, Sally throws her arms around Adam and thanks him so much for giving her this chance. She pulls back and they look like they’re going to kiss but don’t. Adam nods.

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