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At Society, Devon is anxious for him and Amanda to get to Abby’s house. She knows he’s eager to sign the papers. They go over how great it is that they didn’t have to go to court and then take off. As they’re walking out, Christine enters. Devon’s surprised to see her – she’s going to be late for their meeting with Abby and Chance. Chris asks, “You didn’t get Abby’s message?” Chris relays that she sent a text asking for more time. Amanda and Devon want more information, but Chris doesn’t have any.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Chance she’s sorry about postponing the meeting, but once they sign these papers there’s no going back. Chance asks if she’s having doubts about the whole thing. He promises they will get through this together. Abby will miss Dominic on an molecular level. Chance asks again if she’s having second thoughts. Abby says she’s not – Dominic is just as much a part of Devon as he is of her. She can’t deny them the chance to spend time together. Chance hugs her with assurances that he will always know how much they love him.
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In Lily’s office, she tells Billy she’s waiting to hear from Devon after he signs the custody papers. She gets a call and Billy goes off to run errands.

At the hotel, Phyllis asks Jack what brings him by. He wanted to see if she made her travel arrangements for Milan. Phyllis is going later that day and is excited to see Summer. Jack figures the sooner she leaves, the sooner she’ll have answers about her future. Nick wanders in and wants to book a fundraiser there for New Hope. Phyllis would love to help him. Jack grimaces awkwardly and tells Phyllis he’ll check in with her later. Nick asks if he interrupted something. Phyllis has something to tell him – she’s considering moving to Milan and working with Summer. Nick stares as she explains how great it would be and then asks, “What about Jack?” He thought they were working there way back to something. Phyllis says Jack is her friend and happy for her. Nick congratulates her.
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At the coffee house, Tessa marvels at Mariah’s outfit for meeting with the adoption attorney. Mariah’s puzzled because the texted Noah to join them for coffee, but he hasn’t responded. She notices Tessa’s been making a strange face for days and reminds her they said no secrets. Tessa sighs, “It’s about your brother.” Mariah urges her to continue. Tessa recounts how she ran into Noah the other night, who had been drinking alone. Mariah worries she’s been too wrapped up in their excitement to notice something was bothering him, and asks if he opened up to her. Tessa hedges, “Yes and no.” She explains he didn’t come out and say it, but he hinted that he still has feelings for her. Tessa tells Mariah exactly what he said to her and she sighs, “So my brother is still in love with you.”

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Tessa insists he’s happy for them and doesn’t want anything to come between the three of them. Mariah knows Noah doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body – if he says he’s happy for them, she believes him. “I’m not angry. In fact, I kind of feel sorry for him.” She wonders if he fixated on Tessa after getting his heart broken because she’s unobtainable. Tessa agrees; nothing could come of it. She tells Mariah she’s the love of her life. “We’re inevitable.” Mariah agrees, “Yes, we are,” as they clasp hands. Noah walks in. He apologizes for not texting Mariah back and relays that he’s meeting Nick. Mariah reveals they have an important appointment with the adoption attorney. Noah hopes it goes well. After he walks off, Tessa’s pleased that nothing awkward happened. Mariah assures her nothing has to change.
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On the patio, Jack tells Billy what a great decision he made moving to Chancellor Industries with Lily. Billy asks why he looks like he just lost his best friend. Jack admits that Phyllis is moving to Milan to be with Summer so he’ll have a hole in his life. Billy got the feeling he wanted to get back with her after she and Nick broke up. Jack thinks maybe it’s for the best, they could never really sustain things. He tells his brother that wasn’t a dig. Billy thinks it would be hard not to take it as one, and wonders what it is about Phyllis that inspires such chaos and conflict, yet also such devotion. Jack muses that she’s a beautiful conundrum.

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At Society, Christine is urging Devon and Amanda not to jump to conclusions, when they get a text from Abby saying she’s ready.

At the Chancellor Estate, Chance apologizes for the delay. Abby appears with Dominic; she wanted him in the perfect outfit for the occasion. “It’s a big day for all of us.” After the papers are signed off-screen. Christine and Amanda say how impressed they are with how they all handled this. Abby declares they’re a family – and now it’s official. Christine leaves, and Devon thanks Chance and Abby again. He knows it hasn’t been easy and that it will take them a while to get back to where they were. Abby reassures him before handing Dominic over. Devon tells him, “This party is for you, buddy.” The baby reaches out to touch his face. They chat about how much he loves his music class and Devon is invited into the loop. They agree that Dom will be just fine and Devon thanks Abby and Chance for this beautiful gift.
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Devon welcomes Lily into the penthouse, where she welcomes him to parenthood and promises to help him. Devon shares that he used one of Neil’s pens to sign the papers and ruminates about the day he became a part of Lily, Neil and Dru’s family. He has some big shoes to fill. Lily hugs him. She has some ideas for Dom’s bedroom and Devon loves them. He chooses one and talks about putting a sound system in there to play the songs from his music class. Amanda comes in and updates that she filed the paperwork. She’s excited to start this new chapter. They kiss and the doorbell rings – it’s Billy, who comes bearing champagne. Lily gives Devon a memory book for Dom that has his name on the first page. Devon can’t wait to fill the pages with his son.

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At the hotel, Phyllis scoffs that Nick seems to be on the bandwagon of people who think she should move out of town. Everyone thinks she should leave, she snarks, except Michael and Amanda, who may be her only real friends. Just then, Jack reappears. He has a gift for Phyllis to take to Harrison. Reading the room, Nick makes his exit.

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Phyllis tells Abbott that Nick was very supportive of her plans. Jack thinks that’s great, but Phyllis isn’t enthusiastic. She throws herself into Jack’s arms and pleads with him to tell her to stay and that they’ll have a future together. Suddenly, she snaps out of it – she was daydreaming – and Jack is standing there asking if she’s alright. He has a meeting to get to, and hopes she finds what she’s looking for – he looks forward to their dinner together when she gets back. “Take care.” Once alone, Phyllis shakes her head and then calls for a car to the airport.
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At the coffee house, Nick notes Noah’s working really hard and questions if he’s avoiding dealing with something or someone. He asks if it has to do with Tessa. Noah assures him it’s nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix and walks up to the counter. He offers to buy Mariah and Tessa something as well, so Tessa joins him. Noah tells her he got a weird vibe from them. “You told her, didn’t you?” He wonders what possessed her to do that and insists he only meant he loves his sister. Tessa could tell something was up, and doesn’t keep secrets from Mariah. “Now we’re all on the same page.” Noah figures his sister wants his head on a silver platter. Tessa assures that she understands. They all want the same thing. Noah scoffs about being one big happy family. Tessa hopes he’s okay with his, because she and Mariah are. “This too shall pass, right?” She wants Noah to be a part of her life with Mariah. “This kid is going to need his Uncle Noah.” She rejoins Mariah and they head out for their meeting with the attorney. Nick walks over and asks Noah, “What was that?” Noah insists everything is cool and then pretends that a buddy just texted him to get together. “I’ll catch you later.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Dom’s gone down for a nap and Chance tells Abby he’s proud of how she handled that today. She can hold onto him as tight as she needs to. Abby asks if there’s anything she can do for him. He wants to take her out on a date the next time Devon has the baby. They should make it a tradition. “Let me make up for all that lost time I missed out on.” Abby thinks that sounds perfect. Chance notes she’s hardly eaten and offers to make her something. After he goes to the kitchen, Abby calls Ashley and asks if she has time for an update. “Everything went according to plan.” She insists she’s not crying, but wipes away a tear. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I know it was the right thing to do.”

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