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At Society, Chelsea assures a distraught Chloe that their fashion platform might be okay if Adam stays on as CEO of Newman Media. Chloe isn’t so sure and hates leaving their fate in his hands. She fears it could all be over tomorrow. Chelsea’s not giving up yet and wants to fight. Chloe’s relieved to hear her say that – she’s put so much energy into this, mainly for Chelsea’s sake. She agrees they should not let this obstacle get in their way. Chelsea decides they don’t have to eave their fate solely in the hands of Adam. “Come with me,” she says. They’re going straight to the top.

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On Crimson Lights patio, Lauren questions Michael about being so eager to go back to work for Victor. Michael muses that he keeps life interesting, not unlike Lauren. He’s not sure what Victor’s next move will be.
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At the ranch, Nikki notes it was a bold move handing Adam’s company to Victoria. Victor points out that he’s been asked to stay on as CEO. Nikki wonders what he’ll do if Adam says no. Victor tries to change the subject, but assure his wife he’ll do everything possible to keep the peace with Adam. If he doesn’t choose to stay on, he has a plan B.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria assures Ashland that Adam would rather eat glass than work for her. The only reason he’s not gotten back to them is that he likes leaving people hanging.

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Sally he’s made up his mind about whether or not he’ll stay on. She asks, “And?” He assures her she’ll hear his verdict very soon and walks out as she shouts his name.

At the hotel, Elena and Nate talk about how much they needed this day off. Nate complains about how much of his job is administrative and wonders if he should take Ashland up on his offer to join Newman-Locke. Elena shoots him a questioning look. Nate fills her in on his conversation with Locke. Elena’s surprised he’d actually consider giving up Chief of Surgery. Nate relays that he wants to take Ask MD Now further, which is great for her. That said, he’s not ready to leave the hospital altogether. Elena realizes he can’t do the job he loves because of her. Nate deserved the punch from Devon and works to reassure Elena that he loves where he’s at right now. “I love you.” Elena smiles.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith tells her dad that she may want to take business and go into the fashion or beauty business like Aunt Victoria and Summer. Nick looks pressed. Faith points out that her grandmother and even her mother worked in the business – maybe she inherited the gene! Nick agrees her mother is inspirational and reminds her she doesn’t have to make a choice now. Faith realizes she may change her mind. Nick worries, “Does this interest in business have anything to do with your grandfather?” Faith explains he didn’t talk to her but she thinks he’d be pleased to have her follow in his footsteps. Nick nods, “Oh yeah.”
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Adam arrives at Newman-Locke and tells Victoria they need to talk. She’s sure he’s leaving, but he surprises her by announcing he’s staying on as CEO – she already has so much on her plate. Victoria shoots a tight-lipped look at Ashland. She admits she’s taken aback, but welcomes him aboard. Ashland talks about a seamless transition. Victoria figures their father will be pleased since he fought so hard for his job. Adam thinks his work speaks for itself and he hopes to enjoy the same amount of autonomy he currently enjoys in the job. Victoria snaps, “Not so fast.” She prefers to see where he can take things before she gives him full autonomy. Adam makes his appeal to Ashland, but he agrees with Victoria that instant autonomy is a bit much for the new, bigger division. Adam will take it as a challenge and looks forward to showing them what he’s capable of. He then asks, “Who wants to break the good news to dad?”
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Chelsea and Chloe walk into Victoria’s office and make a pitch for her to honor their contract with Newman Media. Victoria’s aware of the platform and feels a connection with Sally because of the beautiful wedding gown she made for her, but she’s jettisoning the entire platform altogether. Chloe and Chelsea are aghast. Victoria urges them to create their own label. Newman-Locke isn’t interested in the hassle or cost, and they have other plans for Newman Media.

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Adam catches up with Nikki and Victor at Society. The Mustache is chuffed to hear that he’s staying with Newman Media. He pumps his fist and tells his son he made the right decision. Adam relays that he just came from telling Victoria and Ashland. Just then, they walk in and Victoria suggests a toast. Adam can’t say no to champagne. Ashland asks to speak to Victor privately and tells him there are changes he wants to implement once they take control of Newman Media. Victor thinks they should discuss it with Victoria present and blows him off. They rejoin the others and Victor hoists his glass to his two children, who are passionate about the family business and have found a way to work together. “To all things Newman!”
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At Newman Media, Chloe asks Chelsea what the hell they’re going to do now. Chelsea feels they might as well cancel their new office lease. Chloe suggests they keep the business and shop around for other buyers or investors. Chelsea argues it’s Victoria’s intellectual property. Chloe thinks they could start a fashion platform from scratch – they did it before. Chelsea loves the idea. Her only stipulation is that Sally can’t be involved. Chloe argues that Sally is a proven asset and they’ll need all the help they can get. Chelsea disagrees and suspects Sally knew about this sale ahead of time and didn’t warn them. “We’re alone now. We need to fight to stay afloat.” She tells Chloe they can’t trust Sally the way they do each other.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick overhears Lauren talking to Michael about going back to work for Victor. He questions Michael, who jokes they’re getting the gang all back together again. Nick quips, “Better you than me!” Michael asks if Nick thinks he’s making a mistake. Nick’s not saying that, but wishes them both luck with the arrangement. After he exits, Lauren wants to know exactly what Victor has Michael doing, but he reminds her of the confidentiality limitations. Just then, he gets a call and asks, “What?”

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At Society, Adam excuses himself to update his employees, and Victoria asks him to set up a meeting for the two of them. Victor wants to meet with her to discuss the transition of power. Once Nikki and Victor are alone, he assures his wife he knows what he’s doing. Nick walks in and notes he ran into half the family outside – it appears there’s some serious moguling going on in her. Victor confirms it – Victoria and Adam have figured out a way to work together. Nick muses about so many family members working together and warns, “Be careful what you wish for.” Victor thinks it’s a boon for the company. Nick hopes it works out and teases that Faith is eyeing business programs. Victor wonders if she might one day be able to convince her father to work for the company that bear his name. Nick wouldn’t count on it. As talk turns back to Newman-Locke, Nick warns that there seems to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen and everyone thinks they’re the head chef.

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After Nick leaves, Nikki muses that his concerns about Newman-Locke aren’t unfounded. Victor relays that Ashland wanted to push through some changes without Victoria’s approval. Nikki knew it. She’s seen a new dynamic forming between them. Victor figures now that he’s healing, Ashland wants more power and leverage. He won’t allow it to happen. He’ll watch his every step.

At Newman-Locke, Ashland questions Victoria about what Victor’s advisory position will entail. Victoria thinks they need to define someone else’s position first. “Yours.” She wants to know how he sees them functioning at work. Ashland wants a more active role. Victoria sees the sense in him having more control, particularly over divisions that were previously in his company. Locke is so glad she sees things his way.
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea, with Chloe, inform Sally that Newman Media is dumping the fashion platform. She doesn’t think Adam would do that, but they explain it was Victoria. Sally becomes passionate about the idea of going out on their own – she’s certain they can make it a success. “I think we should give it a shot!” Chelsea barks, “It’s over Sally! Time to move on.” Sally can’t believe Chloe is throwing her overboard – they got the platform off and running together while Chelsea is still away. Chelsea snaps that they don’t owe her anything. Sally informs them they’ll fail – she is the reason it took off. Chelsea thinks she has some nerve. Sally calls Chelsea a has-been and tells Chloe she’s a fool to follow her around. “Good luck with Chelsea 22.0 or whatever number you’re at now because you are going to need it!”
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Adam arrives at his Newman Media office and looks wistful as he takes in his surroundings.

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At the ranch, Nikki is grilling Victor about his role at Newman when Michael arrives. Victor asks her to give them a minute She’s put out, but exits. Victor asks Michael, “What have you uncovered.” Michael explains there’s questions surrounding the legitimacy of Ashland’s treatments, and the Peruvian clinic where it originated. Victor was skeptical all along about that nonsense and orders Michael to dig deeper.

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