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At Newman Media, Adam questions Victoria’s abrupt announcement that Newman-Locke bought the company. She explains that dad summoned her to the ranch and they struck the deal – he didn’t even drive that hard of a bargain. She muses, “I wonder why he didn’t tell you?” she muses, and then points out she now owns the name Newman Media. “I’m the Newman in charge,” she adds. Victoria assures that the employees can keep their jobs, but she needs to take some measurements for the interior designer. Adam asks her to do it another time. Victoria’s sure she wants to call Victor, and will go. She turns at the door to say she has a lot to offer him as a mentor. “I hope you’re looking forward to working with me as much as I’m looking forward to being your boss.”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Ashland and Nate discuss Locke’s new lease on life now. Ashland’s not about to shy away from the next fight that comes his way. Talk turns to Nate being Chief of Staff. He doesn’t have much time for patients, which is what he loves. He sees opportunities to improve things but there is too much bureaucracy. Nate’s come to terms with the nerve damage that prevents him from doing surgery. Ashland thinks he needs a new mountain to climb and has the perfect challenge for him. He’s thinking of Ask MD Now and taking the platform further. He’d be happy to bring him on at Newman-Locke. Nate’s not really a suit and tie guy. Locke thinks they could figure it out. He’d like to help him do good on a global scale. “With our resources, you could help millions at a time. Give it some thought. The offer will always be there.”
Ashland, Nate talk work Y&R

At Society, Sally confronts Chelsea for heavily editing her videos from New York to cut her out of them. Chelsea asks, “And why is that a problem?” Sally argues she had some great, lively discussions with some of the designers. Chelsea counters it wasn’t supposed to be The Sally Show and refers to her as relatively unknown. Sally argues the point and mentions Victoria’s dress. Chelsea rolls her eyes and wonders how long she’ll try to dine out on that.
Sally confronts Chelsea Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Faith updates Sharon on the list of universities she’s applying to. Sharon notices they’re all over the country. Faith asks her to take her to visit some of her top choices. Rey wanders in and Faith tries to enlist his support. Sharon learns that other students are visiting campuses, so agrees, but still wants her to consider GCU.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby marvels over Chance preparing breakfast. She talks about getting a ton of sleep and he assumes her batteries are recharged. Abby asks how he’s feeling about the letter. Chance says talking to her about it helped and he got a few more hours of sleep than usual. Abby urges him to seek professional help. Chance has Abby to talk to and that’s all he needs. She points out he’s been keeping things from her – like reaching out to the families. There are things that happened over there that he needs to talk to someone about in order to heal. Chance just needs to keep his mind occupied and announces he’s going to talk to Rey about returning to work. Abby’s taken aback but goes along with it. “Whatever you need, I won’t stand in your way.”
Chance, Abby there for you Y&R

At the coffee house, Sharon steps away to take a call, and Faith tells Rey that some students are considering schools in Europe, but she probably shouldn’t mention that idea to her mom. Sharon returns and Faith goes off to see Moses. Sharon can’t believe how fast her little girl is growing up.

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Chelsea’s heading out of Society with takeout when she runs into Chance. This time he has photos of Dominic to show off, but stuns her by announcing that the baby is with his “other dad” Devon. After Chance fills her in off-screen, Chelsea tells him she can relate. She’s the biological mother of Victoria and Billy’s son, Johnny. At the time she recognized that they could give him what she couldn’t. They discuss whether it’s too complicated for the child, but Chelsea feels putting the child first is love.
Chance, Chelsea talk Y&R

At the ranch, Victor tells Adam when he arrives that he’s been expecting him. Adam had a visit from Victoria and notes that his father didn’t even consult with him. Victor didn’t need his approval and reminds him business is business. Adam argues that he didn’t even have a good reason for making this business move. Victor counters that it’s a good opportunity for Adam, who asks, “What are you talking about?!” Victor supposes Victoria didn’t tell him that the deal is contingent of him staying on as CEO of Newman Media and the newly-acquired Chance Comm. Adam feels it’s even worse that he negotiated such a thing without even checking with him. Victor reminds him it remains Billy Abbott’s dream. Adam wants to be included in decision that affect his life. Victor informs him that he can stay on or quit, but Newman Media will be sold to Newman-Locke.

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Adam wants to know the reason for Victor’s turnaround and why he’s treating him like a lackey now. Is it because of Billy? No damage was done! Victor asks if he’d lost faith in him, would he have stipulated that he stay on? Adam muses, “So it’s another mind game.” He says Nick warned him he should get off the merry-go-round. Victor reiterates that he can stay on or walk, but he’ll need an answer soon. Adam walks out.
Adam listen Victor Y&R

Victoria joins Nate and Ashland on the coffee house patio. Locke tells Nate if he accepts is offer he can write it off as a business expense. Nate thinks it’s a joke, but Locke assures him he’s very serious. Nate goes and Victoria questions Ashland. She’s dismayed about him not consulting her and says, “I’m not in the habit of making big offers on a whim. Especially to a friend.” Ashland thinks it’s a no-brainer and if he sees a smart move for the company, he’s not going to come to her for permission. Victoria updates him that she just came from seeing Adam, who she’s certain is on his way out the door. He hated the taste of what it would be like working for her and she’s convinced he won’t stay on.
Victoria, Ashland disagree Y&R

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Adam returns to Newman Media to find Sally and Chelsea bickering. He tells them to stop and announces that the company has been sold to Newman-Locke. He’s not sure he’s staying on and muses that his father is back to his old ways. Chelsea urges Adam to fight back, and he snaps at her to give him a minute to consider his next move. Suddenly, Chelsea realizes that neither Sally or Adam are entirely surprised by the news. Sally insists she’s flabbergasted. Chelsea decides to call Chloe and tell her the bad news. Sally closes the door and urges Adam to consider if he’s really ready to walk away from all he’s accomplished. Adam wonders why he’d want to get wrapped up in all that family drama again, but he would be the head of a media powerhouse. Sally thinks it might be Victor’s way of giving him more power – Victoria knows she’ll never be able to control him. “Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to find a way to control her.”
Adam listens to Sally Y&R

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby thanks Sharon for coming by and updates her that Chance is still struggling but is resistant to seeing a therapist. Sharon gets up to speed on everything that is going on with her husband and guesses he must feel overwhelmed. Abby asks if she thinks that he should be in therapy. Sharon feels Chance should be there for this conversation – she isn’t comfortable assessing his issues third hand. She offers to talk to him directly or give a referral, but warns the person has to want to do it.

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At Society, Chance sits down with Rey. They talk about Dominic before Chance announces that he’s ready to come back to the force. Rey’s confused and asks what’s changed. Chance has to get back to normal for his family and working is part of what makes him feel that way. Rey worries that it might do more harm than good. Chance argues he’s ready to come back. If he can save just one life, it might help make up for the ones he lost.
Chance, Rey talk work Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon that Chance wants to come back to work but he thinks it’s too soon – he’s still carrying around trauma from what happened in Spain and is trying to hide from his feelings. Sharon got a similar feeling from Abby. Rey worries that you have to be on top of your game to be a cop and he’s afraid that Chance isn’t there yet.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance admits to Abby that Rey had a few concerns, but he feels this is what he’s supposed to do. They’re distracted by the arrival of the nanny and Dominic. Everything went smoothly and Abby’s thrilled.

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Still in his office, Adam wants to know why Sally’s taking this point of view – does she think he’s going to protect her job at Newman Fashion. Sally thinks there’s a scenario where Victoria might be distracted, and he could turn his role into something much bigger. Adam tells her it’s an intriguing idea and she’s good at pep talks. Sally gets up to leave and asks, “So. Will you stay?”

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