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At the ranch, Nikki finds Victor already up and mulling over the offer for Newman Media. He admits Victoria certainly didn’t lowball him, but there’s an aspect of it that concerns him. Nikki questions if it has to do with Adam. Victor muses that no matter what he does, one of his children will be unhappy. Nikki knows how hard he’s worked to reconcile with Adam, so she understands if he’s concerned about his reaction. Victor guesses he won’t react well. Nikki feels Victoria would understand if he doesn’t go through with it. Victor wonders why she’s not pushing harder for him to sell. Nikki knows he’ll do what he wants. Victor has decided.

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At Newman Media, Adam looks at his phone before grabbing his jacket and heading out.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland greets Victoria and gabbers about his video chat with Harrison that morning. He also took a meeting about their new sports media division. Victoria balks. “You haven’t even discussed that division with me yet.” Ashland asks if she has an issue with him setting it in motion. She reminds him if the Newman Media deal goes through this division will fall under Adam’s purview – she’ll want him to answer to her. Ashland thinks it sounds like she expects him to have less influence in the company once they own it again. Victoria denies it; she loves seeing him so energized – it reminds her of when they first met and he flirted with her. She urges him to try it again now. Ashland closes the door and they both smile.
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At Chancellor Industries, Lily finishes a work call and Billy calls her the smartest, sexiest CEO he’s ever seen. It makes it almost impossible to get anything done. She giggles and apologizes. She teases they could blindfold him – or he could work in his own office. They flirt as Billy just has to accept that she’s irresistible. Lily tells him they have to get back to work.

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Michael arrives at the hotel as Phyllis wraps up a call with Summer making arrangements to be picked up at the airport in Milan. He supposes she’s made up her mind about Italy, but Phyllis assures she’s just going in an exploratory capacity. Jack walks in as she questions, “What does Genoa City have to offer me anymore?” Phyllis learns the Abbott got back last night and congratulates him on his successful business overseas. Michael announces that Phyllis has some news, so she and Jack head upstairs for her to tell him in private.
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Nick encounters Adam at Crimson Lights and tells him, “You look like hell.” He sits and asks what’s going on. Adam says it’s just work stuff. The discuss Noah’s decision to go to New Hope. Adam thinks it’s great. Talk turns to Victor and Adam muses about him and Victoria jumping through hoops for him. He feels it’s too late to get off the merry-go-round now. Nick feels it’s not – he just has to jump off. He wishes Adam luck and walks off.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland and Victoria get dressed after sex. She has a text from her father wanting to discuss the offer. Ashland claps his hands and says, “Let’s go.” Victoria want to handle it on her own. He reminds her they’re a team, but guesses she wants to take advantage of her father’s soft spot for her. Victoria beams, “Wish me luck!”

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In Phyllis’ suite, she calls Jack out for not responding to her texts. Jack admits he wanted to reach out but didn’t want to put her on the spot on the phone. He wanted to talk in person. Phyllis explains that she bailed on him because she didn’t want to be under scrutiny from his sisters, but Jack knows that’s not the real reason. Phyllis confesses she’s scared to take the next step with him – she respects him and doesn’t want to let him down again. Jack is taken aback to hear that Summer called and offered her a job at Marchetti. “Wait, what are you saying?! You’re moving to Milan?” Phyllis recaps that there’s nothing there for her. She and Nick are over and the dynamic between her and Jack is confusing. “We keep missing the mark.” Jack can’t argue that and urges her to follow her instincts. Their paths will cross in Italy. “When would you be going?” Phyllis is going to see if it’s even feasible. Jack has one request before she leaves. He would like to have dinner together. Phyllis would love to, but she’s leaving in a couple days. “When I get back, definitely. I won’t be long.” Jack is disappointed she can’t make time sooner but accepts that. He asks, “What about the hotel?” Phyllis will find someone else to run it, or she’ll sell it. It would be her only connection to Genoa City. Jack hopes there’s another one.
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At Society, Tessa and Mariah marvel at all the information they received on adoption. Tessa wants coffee, but Mariah wants to avoid the prying eyes of her family. Mariah goes to wash her hands and Tessa flashes to her run-in with Noah there. Mariah returns and they talk about the possibility of adopting an older child rather than a baby. Cassie and Devon are good examples. They agree it’s not off the table. Tessa assures they’ll find the right person to love and they’ll build them a loving, stable home. Mariah mentions Noah being an uncle and Tessa’s expression briefly changes.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah zones out when Nick is talking about New Hope. He admits he went out last night and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. They resume the discussion about work until Nick thinks Noah’s had enough. Noah alludes to being a little too human last night and it wasn’t pretty. “Enough said.”

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Inside, Billy runs into Adam and tells him it’s good to see him. Adam can’t return the sentiment, but Billy happily yammers about how great his life is, and assures Adam that his fine as well – at least for now. He needles that Victoria’s going to get her hands on Newman Media. “She’s her father’s daughter and she knows how to get what she wants.”
Billy needles Adam Y&R

At the ranch, Victor informs Victoria that he’s considering moving forward with the deal except they need to clear up one thing – Adam must continue as CEO of the company. When the companies merge, he will take over Chance Comm as well. He thought that was clear, but his name is nowhere in the deal. Victoria sighs. “Is there anything you’d like to add?” Victor will also continue in his advisory role to Adam… and to her as well. Victoria tells him, “We have a deal.” They hug and then shake on it.

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Victoria returns to Newman-Locke and updates Ashland that she struck a deal with her father. “He brought up Adam as we knew he would. We agree to keep him on or dad takes his marble and goes home.” Locke doesn’t want the next meeting to be held at the ranch and give Victor home court advantage. Victoria’s confused – the deal has been done. Ashland frowns. “You finalized the deal without even consulting with me?” He assumed he’d be able to weigh in, at the very least. Victoria reminds him they discussed it at length. “What exactly would you amend?” Ashland would add stipulations to keep Adam in line. They have to make clear the limits to Adam’s authority. Victoria figures her father would have changed his mind if they did that. Ashland explains that’s part of negotiating a deal and warns she’s put herself in an untenable position. Victoria reminds him he previously told her she was brilliant. Nikki comes in and asks if they want her to talk to Victor. Victoria says no; she gave her father her word and she can handle Adam. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” She walks out.

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Nick and Noah finish up on the coffee house patio, and Nick goes. Noah spots Tessa inside and calls her out to the patio to apologize for last night – that was the last thing she wanted or needed. He hopes this doesn’t change anything between them – or with the three of them. She offers to give him space, but he just wants to forget about it and move on. He leaves.
Noah apologize Tessa Y&R

In the hotel lobby, Phyllis assures Jack that he’ll be the first person she calls when she gets back. Michael wanders up to her and she admits that she’s more confused than ever about her feelings for Jack – the whole time they were talking she was hoping he’d stop her. But he didn’t.
Phyllis Michael talk Y&R

At Chancellor Industries, Billy and Lily wrap up some business. Talk turns to Adam and they believe he’s on a collision course with Victoria. Billy thinks that’s an understatement – Adam’s going to lose his mind.

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At Newman Media, Adam is on the phone as a call comes in from Victor. He ignores it and Victoria strolls in. She wanted to see what she was getting for her money. Adam’s expression changes. She muses, “Oh don’t tell me I’m the first to break the news…” She announces that their dad accepted her offer to buy Newman Media.
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