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At Crimson Lights, Sharon greets Tessa and asks if she can help with the adoption process. Tessa explains they’re going to a seminar tomorrow to go over their options and joined a support group. Sharon notices she seems distracted, and Tessa admits Mariah got news that hit her hard – Abby and Chance gave Devon shared custody of Dominic. Just then, Mariah arrives and asks to speak to Tessa alone. She leads her to the patio with her eyes closed and reminds her of their first date – the move at the Athletic Club. “Open your eyes.” Tessa marvels – Mariah has recreated the evening. Mariah recalls that was the first time they told each other how they really felt. She was so scared. Tessa was too. Mariah knew it could change her life forever. She reminds Tessa of another night they spent in a field looking up at the stars. “I imagined you up there.” Tessa laughs as they recall the funny constellations they found. Mariah muses that it became their story, written in the stars. Mariah produces a box with a ring and Tessa tears up. Mariah kneels and says, “Tessa Porter, will you marry me?” Tessa gushes, “Yes.” They wipe away tears, laugh, embrace and Mariah puts the ring on Tessa’s finger. Outside, Noah watches.
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Sharon joins the happy twosome and apologizes for peeking before congratulating them. She wants to talk wedding plans. Mariah spots Noah and hollers at him to come in. “The timing couldn’t be more perfect.” She invites him to join in on the planning, so they all sit down. Sharon offers to throw them an engagement party. Mariah and Tessa agree it’s not really “them.” Sharon wants to mark a family milestone and play games, but it’s not their vibe. Noah teases about having two proposals and Tessa’s fans calling them “Teriah”, and says he has the perfect way for them to celebrate. “Why don’t we have a listening party for Tessa’s album.” Tessa says no; then it will be about her, but Noah argues that every song on the album is about her love for Mariah. Tessa confirms it’s basically one big love poem. Mariah decides that is an engagement party she can get behind. Tessa can too. Sharon studies Noah’s face.
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At the penthouse, Devon plays jazz for Dominic and tells him how happy they all are to have him there. Amanda refers to him as ‘Daddy’ and Devon admits he was reluctant to say that in front of Abby and Chance. She loves seeing him so happy and appreciates being a part of it. They agree the thanks goes to Abby and Chance. Amanda reminds Devon that it’s Dom’s bedtime. Devon has one important step to add to the schedule.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby paces the floor while Chance tries to read. She admits she doesn’t know what to do with herself and reminds her husband they need to fill in their family members. Chance understands how she’s feeling and assures her she’ll get to plan everything just the way she likes. Her phone rings and she doesn’t want to deal with it, but Chance answers. “I don’t think you’re going to want to miss this one.” It’s Devon with Dominic saying, “Say hello to Mommy!” They discuss colic and Devon reports he’s been perfect. He credits Abby, who tells her boy to be good for Devon and wishes him a good night. After disconnecting, Abby leans into Chance, who holds her.

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At Devon’s place, he and Amanda share a smile. They put Dominic down, but he doesn’t settle. Devon worries he’s picking up on tension or just needs to get acclimated. Once the boy is asleep, Amanda muses that he’s lucky to have so many people loving him and in his corner. Devon’s determined that he’ll grow up in a happy and stable environment. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door – it Lily, excited to see Dom. The baby wakes up and cries. Lily holds him and croons, “I’m sorry for waking you up.” Devon wishes he’d been able to meet his Grandpa Neil. Lily’s sure their mom and dad are up there looking down on him. Dom falls back to sleep just in time for Moses and Faith to clamor in and wake him up again. Devon explains this is the kid’s second home now. They explain the situation and Faith asks if they can see him. Devon agrees; they just have to be super quiet. Lily steps aside with Amanda, who says there’s something wonderful about seeing Devon with his child. She’s glad they avoided court. Lily is too. Devon announces it’s time to break up the party, so Lily and Faith leave and Moses walks them out. Devon takes Dom up to his room.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance says it made him feel better seeing Dom at Devon’s. Abby’s unsettled not having the baby to center her evening around. She’ll just have to get used to the new normal. Chance wants to prove to her that this doesn’t have to be a weekly ordeal, but rather something special. They get into night clothes, Chance lights candles and massages Abby’s shoulders. He wants to show her how much she means to him. She thanks him for reminding her to slow down. “This gives me hope that we can not only survive, but thrive, as a couple and a family.” Chance marvels at how amazing she is and how much strength she has. He promises to be the husband and father he’s supposed to be. They kiss.
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After Abby’s left the room, Chance finds a letter and becomes emotional while reading it. Abby reappears and asks, “Chance? What’s wrong?” She asks who the letter is from and notes there are tears in his eyes. Chance tells her it’s from a woman in Florida whose husband was with him in Valencia. She was thanking him for sending money for the funeral and for his support. Abby didn’t realize he’d reached out. Chance tried to contact all of the families. Abby feels that was so generous of him. She asks what else was in the letter. Chance reads that it mean a lot to learn the perpetrators were sent to prison. The woman asks him to stop feeling guilty and find a way to be as generous with himself as he’s been to her and her little girl. “Find a way to make peace with this in your own heart.” Abby hopes he listens to her words. “Stop blaming yourself because none of this is your fault.”
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Chance frowns. The woman is a widow and the kid doesn’t have a father – is he just supposed to move on and let that go? He understands no one blames him, but he still blames himself. Chance can’t erase the memory of his entire team being killed in what was supposed to be their safehouse. “I failed them and I failed the mission.” Abby knows he’s tortured, but together they’ll find what he needs to cope, to heal and to get to the other side. Chance tells her, “All I need is you, Abby. That’s it.” They kiss.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah thanks Noah for helping them brainstorm and invites his ideas for the wedding. Noah has to take off; he’s getting drinks with friends. After he leaves, Mariah asks Sharon not to go overboard. They decide they’re hungry and Tessa offers to go get them something from Society. She takes off after kissing Mariah.

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Tessa walks into Society and spots Noah alone. She thought he was meeting friends. Noah supposes they must have bailed on him. She glances at his beer and notes the party went on without them. Noah’s just continuing the celebration for the happy couple. Tessa asks, “Why don’t you let me take you home.” Noah replies, “That’s not a good idea.” Tessa panics as he dons his coat, obviously drunk. Noah insists he won’t drive. Tessa asks if he’s sure he’ll be okay. Noah replies, “Why wouldn’t I be okay? When you love someone, you want them to be happy. I love my sister.” Tessa gawps as he walks away.
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At the penthouse, Devon and Amanda enjoy a snuggle and a glass of wine after Dom is asleep. Amanda compliments him on the way he handled the delicate situation and he’s grateful for her support and for welcoming Dom into their home with open arms. They’re about to kiss when the baby cries. Devon says he’ll be right back. “I’ve got this.” Amanda finds that incredibly attractive.

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At Crimson Lights, Faith explains to Sharon that they couldn’t listen to music at Moses’ place because Dominic was there and will be living there part-time. Mariah walks up and Sharon asks if she’s okay. Mariah admits she felt a pang when she first heard, but she was able to make a mental shift. Considering how much Chance has been struggling, she thinks this is what’s best for the baby. Devon will make a great dad and she and Tessa will have a child of their own. Sharon hugs her.

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