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At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria chat while getting their coffee. She asks how he likes his new job and he says he’s loving it while talking up Lily’s smooth transition. Victoria thinks Jill made the right choice. Talk turns to Ashland, who Victoria calls his most trusted advisor. Billy notes she feels the need to point out he’s not her subordinate. He needles about Ashland being responsible for much of her recent success and knows she won’t walk away from trying to get Newman Media. She snarks at him about backing out of their plan. Billy knows she’s still pumped up about the deal that will allow her to kick her brother to the curb. He’s let go of all that and thinks she should too – it’s not worth it. Victoria thinks he’s just jealous she might get to triumph over Adam. Billy thinks her best triumph was when she sold the media division to be independent from her father. “You’re going to owe him, and he is not going to forget. Victoria, don’t let him suck you back in. Walk away while you still can.”
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At the ranch, Adam is irked that Victor is considering selling his company and wonders when he was going to let him in on this. He complains about Victoria acting smugly and now he knows why. Victor muses that acquiring the company would make Newman-Locke a powerhouse in media. Adam is aware of what it would mean for Victoria, but questions what would it mean for him? Victor assures his son there’s no reason for concern – he would still work as CEO. Adam reminds him how hard they worked to keep Newman Media independent – what’s changed?

Victor feels there’s good reason to combine the media companies under one umbrella. He admits he was disappointed that Adam didn’t see through Billy’s ruse, but this isn’t related to that, it’s business. Adam cites his successes at the company. Victor points out that’s why Victoria would make them a substantial offer. Adam groans – it’s true what Nicholas says – no good deed goes unpunished. Victor insists it’s not about punishment, but Adam counters that he’s brought Michael in – why isn’t he bringing him into the loop? Victor assures him he’ll find out what’s going on in due time.

Lily arrives at the penthouse where Devon updates her that Abby and Chance agreed to give him shared custody. She is thrilled and hugs him. They sit down as Lily gushes about becoming an aunt. Amanda appears as Devon explains all that’s left to do is finalize the legal documents. Lily then learns that Dominic will gain the Winters name in honor of Neil. She thinks it’s an amazing gift to give his son.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance comes in from a jog in time to hear Abby explaining to Dominic that he’s going to his special room at Devon’s house. “Devon loves you so much.” She thinks spending more time with him is going to be a good thing. After the baby is down for a nap, Chance learns Abby is tired and hopes it’s not because of him – he was tossing and turning. Abby was hoping that working things out would relieve some of the pressure. She wishes his nightmares would go away, but they may need more help. She theorizes that they made the right decision even though it’s hard.
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At the coffee house, Tessa’s glad Mariah was able to get away from work. Mariah shares that she’s learned that Devon, Abby and Chance have reworked Dominic’s visitation schedule. Tessa muses that he must have had a better legal case than they thought, and asks how Mariah feels about it. Mariah has mixed emotions. Part of her is relieved that the Baby Chancellor Crew won’t be ripped apart, but she also has pangs of jealousy. She’s trying to remind herself that she’s not Bowie’s biological mother. Tessa asks, “But does it bother you that Devon will have partial custody?” Mariah feels the child will be surrounded by people who love him and that’s all they wanted. Later, Mariah lets Tessa know she has a lot to be grateful for and they gush about being engaged. Talk turns to when they’ll wed, and Tessa suggests springtime. Mariah doesn’t think that’s too soon and wonders if they could do a destination wedding. Tessa teases the redhead about becoming a bridezilla. Mariah thinks they should start planning tonight before her mother and Faith beat them to it.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland wonders who put the frown on Victoria’s face. She admits she had a run-in with Billy, who isn’t in favor of her going after Newman Media – he’s worried about her and doesn’t want her to trust her father. Ashland figures Victoria knows how Victor’s mind works better than anyone. He wonders if he’s using their bid to keep Adam in line. Victoria points out if that were the case he’d have told Adam right away. Something else is going on and they aren’t going to know until he’s ready.
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At Newman Media, Noah arrives to tell Adam he took a job at New Hope. Adam isn’t surprised Victor didn’t tell him – they’re having communication issues. Noah figures Adam can understand him wanting to work with his dad – he’s working with his. Adam muses that it’s not working out as he’d imagined but Noah’s opportunity will be good for him. Noah leaves and Sally comes in. “There’s something you should know.” Adam sighs, “Now what?” She explains Chelsea and Chloe signed the lease on the new location. Adam has bigger concerns right now. Sally’s bummed – she liked being able to barge in and annoy him whenever the mood hit. He’s sure she’ll still find a way and admits he’ll miss it too. Sally wants him to come up with an excuse to cancel the lease on the new offices, but Adam wants to support Chelsea moving on. “Like I said, I have bigger concerns.” Sally asks, “What did Victor do now?”

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At the penthouse, Devon and Amanda discuss the responsibility of taking on Dominic. She’s looking at it as an adventure – with him. Devon smiles, “That’s why you’re amazing.” They kiss.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Christine asks Abby and Chance to look over the legal documents in case they have last minute changes or second thoughts. Abby reassures her that they’ll be careful. Christine stands up, but before she goes, there’s one other thing she has to tell them – Devon has made an additional request. He’d like the baby to have an overnight stay right away. Abby’s taken aback, “Today?” Christine reminds her it’s just a request and they’re under no legal obligation yet. Chance reminds her they were just saying how tired they are – but he’s not pushing. Abby figures they might as well get used to the new normal. “I’ll go get Dominic’s things.”

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Nikki joins Ashland and Victoria at Newman-Locke and is eager about Victor allowing them to make an offer on Newman Media. She warns that Victor is intending to be very involved with the company. “You better decide if you can live with that before you go all in on it.” Victoria’s more concerned about dealing with Adam and shares that Victor wants him to stay on as CEO of there’s no deal. Nikki gawps. She supposes she could make peace with it if Adam can change his attitude. Ashland reminds them they helped them at the wedding. Victoria feels he did it to stay on Victor’s good side and that didn’t work out so well. Now that Victor’s planning to sell out from under him, she has to wonder how he’ll react to that. One thing is for sure – she’s not going to let her guard down around Adam.

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Sally that it won’t just be Victor looking over his shoulder. She panics that there might be a new boss coming in over them. Adam swears her to secrecy – she especially not to let Chelsea know she’s in the loop – but Victor’s considering selling the company to Victoria. Sally’s furious on Adam’s behalf. Adam explains that his father likes people guessing where they stand. She asks how he’ll handle this. He’s not sure yet, but his father does plan to keep him on as CEO. He realizes it’s a game. Sally worries about Victoria taking shots at him, but points out she’ll eventually fall out of favor with their father as well, and Adam will be in the perfect position to pick up the gauntlet. Adam has a lot to think about and expresses how nice it is to have someone in his corner.
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At their offices, Billy and Lily discuss work matters. Billy then updates Lily on his chat with Victoria, who didn’t seem willing to take his advice. Lily figures if she’s going after Adam and is successful, they can watch from the sidelines. Billy agrees it’s a pretty good deal. Lily tells her love about Devon striking a deal with Abby and Chance. Billy is glad for Devon, but knows it can’t have been easy for Abby and Chance.

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Devon arrives at the Chancellor Estate to pick up Dominic and promises to call if he has any questions or concerns. Amanda offers to video call them and Abby says they’d love that. She hands Devon the boy and he asks, “Are you going to go to Daddy’s tonight?” Abby glances at Chance before they tell the kid they love him. Once Devon, Amanda and Dominic are gone, Abby goes into Chance’s arms and he holds her.
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