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At Newman Media, Sally’s back from New York and stops by Adam’s office to tell him her trip energized her but would have been even better if he’d have come along. He disinterestedly asks if it was a productive trip. Sensing he’s off, she asks what’s going on. Adam declines her invitation to lend him an ear, but then changes his mind. They head out for coffee.

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At Society, Chelsea thanks Chloe for meeting her. Chloe finds it odd they’re not meeting at their office. She wonders if her pal is avoiding Adam or Sally. Chelsea fumes, “All of it.” She can’t be around Adam now that he’s made it clear there’s no future for them and reveals she told Adam Newman Fashions needs to be independent from Newman Media. “We’re moving.” Chloe informs her she should have consulted her first. Chelsea apologizes and explains it will be good for the business. Chloe decides they should be in a loft or a warehouse space. Chelsea agrees – she knew her friend would get on board. She adds that Adam warmed up to the idea, though he hasn’t said yes. She wants to present him with a perfect option, so informs Chloe they’re off to view possible venues… now.
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Just then, Adam and Sally walk in together. Sally suggests meeting back to the office to discuss her trip later, but Chelsea informs her they’re moving. Sally asks why no one told her. Chelsea snaps that they make the decisions. Sally wants to go look at spaces with them and sarcastically cheers, “Go team!” Adam drags her away to a table. Chelsea fumes to Chloe that Sally certainly didn’t waste any time, and isn’t even trying to hide her intentions. Chloe insists that Sally doesn’t even know Adam told Chelsea there was no future for them and she’s probably just keen to update him on her trip. Chelsea snarls that she’s supposed to debrief them, not the boss – that’s the chain of command. Chloe muses that she sounds like someone who is not over Adam.

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At their table, Sally complains to Adam about how Chelsea treats her. Adam feels Sally came in hot bragging about a fashion show. Sally curtly reminds him that’s their line of work – is she not supposed to talk about it? Adam wants to get off the subject, so Sally tells him about an interview she did.

Across the room, Chloe informs Chelsea she’s done dealing with her moods. She wants to discuss getting more autonomy for Newman Fashion. Chelsea agrees but only pays attention to Sally laughing with Adam.

At their table, Adam tells Sally he has bigger things to worry about at work than her feud with Chelsea. Sally asks, “What’s going on?” as she watches Chloe and Chelsea leave. Adam confides that his father informed him he’ll be taking a more hands on role with the company. His father thinks he put the company at risk by falling for Billy’s performance. Sally figures it must be frustrating having Victor undermining him. Adam complains he always seems to fail in his eyes. He thought things were going smoothly, but he’s back to second-guessing him. “I don’t even know where it’s coming from.” He muses that Victor’s always three moves ahead, but he doesn’t even know who his father’s opponent is this time.
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Afterward, Adam has some regret about opening up to an employee, but Sally suggests that’s cowardly and tells him to own it. Adam really needs to know she’ll keep what he told her to herself. Sally reassures him. She starts to complain about the new dynamic with Chelsea again and Adam clears his throat – it’s time to get back to the office. Sally asks if the move for Newman Fashion was his idea. Adam says it wasn’t, but explains it was probably his fault because he told Chelsea there was no future for them. Sally wants to stay at Newman Media and complains about Chelsea always putting her down. Adam feels she’ll have to deal with it for now – one day she’ll have her own line again. Sally wonders if that’s something he’d be willing to invest in. Adam sighs and wants to focus on what’s going on in the present.

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At the coffee house, Sharon tells Rey that Mariah’s sending her funny ideas for wedding venues. She wants them to have the wedding of their dreams. Rey can see Mariah planning a non-traditional ceremony and teases Sharon about interfering. Talk turns to Noah. Sharon’s worried that it will be painful to see Tessa so happy with his sister. Rey’s unconvinced and thinks his wife might be reading more into this. Sharon argues that Nick sees it too and has even talked to him about it. Rey balks. “I’m just a trained detective and not his parent. I can’t see all the signs.” Sharon, taken aback, insists that’s not what she meant. She assures him he’s an amazing step-father. Rey thanks her, but observes that she and Nick have unique insight to what make their children tick. Talk turns to Mariah and Tessa adopting a child. Rey looks forward to being there from the beginning and tells Sharon she’ll make a beautiful grandmother. Sharon thinks grandmas can look good. She’ll be a hot grandma and Rey will be a hot grandpa. They kiss.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby holds one of Dom’s stuffed animals and looks pained. Chance appears and offers to make breakfast. “Are you okay?” he asks. Abby knows they’re doing the right thing but it doesn’t make it any easier. She talks about her hopes that Devon will adhere to Dom’s routine and complains about having to hire another bartender at Society. Chance urges her to tell him what’s on her mind. She’s worried that Dominic will think they didn’t love him enough to fight for him. Chance reminds her she loved both Brad and Victor – likewise, he and Devon will love that little boy. They laugh about his huge extended family and Chance assures he’s the luckiest kid in the world to have her as his mom.
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At the penthouse, Devon tells Amanda he still can’t believe he’s getting shared custody of his little boy. He senses Amanda is unconvinced and wonders if she thinks something might go wrong. His girlfriend assures him it’s just the nature of an attorney to not relax until the paperwork is filed. She plans to ensure he can spend a lifetime loving that little boy. Devon pulls her to him – he’s so happy to have her by his side and when he imagines his future with Dominic, he sees her right there beside him. Amanda can’t wait.

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On the coffee house patio, Sharon overhears Chelsea and Chloe discussing moving to a new work space and questions them. Chelsea snaps that it’s a business decision, not personal, and excuses herself. Inside, she joins Rey, who asks her about selling the penthouse. She’s looking forward to moving away from the old memories. Rey understands. Sharon and Chloe come in as Chelsea thanks Rey for the gift for Connor and tells him that it’s nice to talk to someone who is genuinely interested in her well-being. Rey smiles and says he doesn’t think that should be a rare occurrence. Sharon’s eyes widen.
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At Newman Media, Chelsea and Chloe inform Adam they’ve found their new space. Adam informs them it’s not the right time and he doesn’t want to put out a cash outlay for a new lease. They try to talk him into it. He agrees to look at the numbers. Chelsea and Chloe insist it’s best for the business. Adam decides Chelsea is right – it’s best they’re not crossing paths all day long. Chelsea fumes, “Excuse me,” and walks out. She runs into Sally, who asks how they’re making out with the search. Chelsea snaps at her and Sally wonders what she has to do to get the woman to treat her with a modicum of respect. Chelsea’s not sure that’s possible. Sally complains that Chelsea may want to pretend her ideas are subpar, but she knows that’s not true – this is personal. She insists nothing is going on between her and Adam. Chelsea hisses, “Stop playing me for a fool.” She stalks away as Chloe appears. She’s not sure how much more of this she can take and blurts, “Something’s got to give!”
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At the coffee house, Sharon and Rey discuss Chelsea. He feels they’re all reminders of last year. Sharon reveals that she and Chloe are getting new office space. Rey thinks it’s best she puts distance between herself and Adam. Sharon notes, “You seem to make her feel better.” Rey shrugs that she likes to talk to him about her son, kisses Sharon, and takes off.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby admits to Chance that she’s worried she’ll struggle handing her son off to Devon. “I’m worried it’s going to break me.” Chance thinks she’s tough enough to handle it. Abby argues that she doesn’t think she’s strong enough – even if it’s just one day a week. It kills Chance to see her hurting and wonders if they should call Christine and tell her they’ve changed their minds. Abby says no; it’s hard but it’s the right thing to do.

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At the penthouse, Amanda teases Devon about getting ahead of himself when he talks about setting up a trust for Dom. She gets a text from Christine – they’ve approved their amendments and everything is on track!

Chloe catches up with Chelsea on the coffee house patio. Chelsea snarks that she can’t spend another minute in that office with that woman. Chloe fumes, “I have tried to give you your space and accommodate your needs on this, but you are making it very hard.” Chloe has done everything she can to try to accommodate Chelsea and she’s not giving anything back. She can’t handle the bickering. “We need Sally, she is valuable to our business, but you don’t seem to realize that.” Chloe announces she’s done trying to help Chelsea. “It’s your turn to figure this out.” With that, she walks out.
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At Newman Media, Adam refuses to hear any more from Sally about Chelsea. Sally counters that she won’t be treated like this, and she fears Chelsea is trying to squeeze her out. “I’m in trouble here.” Adam informs her she needs to figure this out. As much as he’s come to admire her ability to land on her feet, if her plan is to go to war with Chelsea, he doesn’t like her chances. Sally intones, “I think you underestimate me.”
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