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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa tell Sharon they’re engaged. She is thrilled and congratulates them both with a hug. Sharon takes in the ring and gushes that she’s so happy for them. She just hopes they’re not doing this only because they think it will help their chances for adoption. Taken aback, they both promise that wasn’t the reason they got engaged at all. They decide they need to call Faith and tell her, and then share another hug.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Christine thanks Amanda and Devon for coming on short notice. Devon tells Abby and Chance they all want what’s best for Dominic. Abby reiterates that she and Chance talked and have something to tell him. “Chance and I are ready to accept your conditions.” She explains that she was terrified initially, but Chance has more healing to do and she would never want anyone to get in the way of that with a court battle. Chance helped her see this is what’s best for Dominic. Devon is thankful and assures her this is still about giving Dominic the best possible upbringing. He doesn’t just love Dom, he loves them too. Abby didn’t see that before, but she does now. Chance agrees. Since the day Devon offered to be the donor he’s been a strong and steady presence. Abby assures that this isn’t about backing down from a fight – it’s what Devon and Dominic deserve.
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Christine and Amanda will work together on the paperwork. Devon has one request. He’s always appreciated how much thought put into Dominic’s name and in that same spirit, he’d like to give him Neil’s last name. He’d be known as Dominic Philip Abbott Newman Winters Chancellor. Chance thinks that sounds perfect.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland talks about the contracts for Chance Comm but Victoria’s distracted. She apologizes for not listening and he asks what’s bother her. Victoria admits that what Adam said about dad has her thinking. “Adam’s right about one thing, our father can be very unpredictable.” Ashland muses about him seeing the world as a game of chess and using his kids as pawns. Victoria doesn’t want her husband to let his guard down. Ashland solely trusts Victoria and hope she feels the same way about him. She assures she’ll always trust him and looks forward to them making each other deliriously happy. Ashland wonders if Victor is worried about him taking a larger role in the business if he gets better. Victoria muses that the two of them working side by side would be formidable. She showed her hand about Newman Media, but is still determined to take over the company. “I want Newman Media.” She thinks they need a new strategy. Victor’s too unpredictable, but they need to convince him this is his idea. Ashland suggests returning to the original strategy of making Adam fail. Victoria smiles. They talk about suing for the name Newman Media now that they’ve acquired Chance Comm. The suit will cause them so many headaches, tie up their lawyers, and distract Adam while they hit them with the next part. Ashland asks, “Which is?”
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At the ranch, Victor updates Nikki that he’s taking a more hands-on role at Newman Media since Adam dropped the ball. She’s sure his son was none too pleased. Victor muses that no damage has been done to the company so far, but he intends to see that it doesn’t. Noah comes in with Nick. They have news to share and Noah wanted Victor to hear it from him personally. “I’ve accepted a full-time position at New Hope.” Victor exclaims at the turnaround but is happy he’s working with his father. Nikki is too, but asks, “What about your art?” Noah explains that his art had become about commerce and there was no joy in it. It wasn’t until he worked on Tessa’s album cover that it came back. He’ll continue with his art but is looking forward to improving people’s lives and talks up his dad. “What could be better than working with my old man?” Victor smiles. “Not a thing.”
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At Crimson Lights, Michael stirs his coffee and thinks about his visit to the ranch to discuss doing some work with Victor. Lauren joins him and apologizes for being late. She wants him to stop keeping her in suspense and asks about his meeting with Victor. Michael brings her up to speed on his offer. She points out he can be demanding, but Michael insists he clarified that he won’t be at his beck and call 24/7. He pitched it as a cerebral partnership where he uses his legal wiles to secure Victor’s legacy. Lauren looks dubious, but muses, “Okay.” She wants to go over the pros and cons to help her husband decide. Lauren’s cons are taking time away from them and Michael working with Victor again. Michael reassures her on both fronts. Doing work that gets his blood boiling is a plus. He thinks the Newman drama would make for some sexy pillow talk. Lauren realizes he’s really excited about this – she hasn’t seen him like this for a long time. She wonders what he’ll have to do for Victor. Michael admits he hinted at a particular concern.
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Inside the coffee house, Mariah makes a call to Faith, who, on the other end of the line, is apparently very excited as she shares the engagement news and describes the proposal. Faith asks about setting a date, but Mariah laughs that it just happened. She would love her help planning it though. Tessa takes the phone next and Sharon watches as she giggles about a possible spring wedding and reminds Faith, “I just asked Mariah to marry me an hour ago, tops.” Just then, Noah walks in with Nick. Mariah exclaims that they have perfect timing as they’ve big news to share.
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Nick and Noah are filled in on the proposal off-screen and Mariah notes she was as shocked as Noah looks right now. She recalls the beautiful speech Tessa made and the woman joke about crying. Noah seems down during the conversation and Sharon notices. Mariah goes on about how excited Faith was when they told her and Noah excuses himself to go get coffee. Sharon heads into the back. Nick tells Mariah he can’t help but think of Cassie. She knows. “All the what-ifs.” They hug. Tessa wanders over to join Noah, who remarks on how happy she seems. She wants that for him too. He tells her about New Hope and asks, “What’s not to be happy about?” Sharon, meanwhile, takes Nick aside and says, “It looks like Noah has fallen in love with Tessa again.” Nick confirms it, but feels he’s resilient and focused on making changes in his life. Noah says his goodbyes and goes. Nick tells Sharon the new job will be good for him.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki he meant what he said about Noah working with his father. Talk turns back to Newman Media and Nikki says Adam surprised her in a good way – maybe he’ll surprise Victor too. Her husband promises his expanded role won’t take away from his time with her. Just then, Michael comes in, so Nikki goes to check in with the office. Michael tells Victor, “I’m here to discuss terms.” Victor’s glad to hear it. He makes his offer off-screen and Michael is dazzled by it. He reiterates that he won’t be on call 24/7 and Victor promises. Michael still has to officially resign as D.A. Victor thinks he could begin to work for him unofficially right now. He chuckles when Michael remarks on how confident he was that he’d accept his offer. Michael’s keen to hear what he has in mind for him. Victor teases it will be very interesting.
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At the Chancellor Estate, as Amanda, Devon and Christine prepare to leave, Abby brings out Dominic. It’s about him and he should be a part of it. Devon takes the baby and tells him his name is about to get longer because he’s going to be a Winters too. His grandfather is undoubtedly looking down on him and smiling. After, Abby tells Devon he’s a great friend. She’s sorry she lost sight of that, and it won’t happen again. They hug. Amanda, Devon and Christine leave. Chance asks Abby if she’s sure she’s okay. “Did I just push you to agree to something that you didn’t want?” Abby reassures him and loves him more than ever. Chance really thinks it’s what’s best for everyone involved. Abby nods, “I know you do.” Chance realizes this isn’t how she envisioned things going, but this decision doesn’t change the fact that they are still a family. Abby admits it’s still fresh and challenging. She’ll do whatever it takes to embrace the new normal and help Chance get his footing. They embrace.

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At the penthouse, Devon is relieved, and Amanda feels it just took Abby and Chance a while to see what she already knew – he’ll be a great father. Devon marvels that his son will be living there one day a week. Amanda mentions filing the paperwork as soon as possible. Devon asks, “Are you worried they’re going to change their mind?” Amanda reassures him she’s just covering all her bases. As his girlfriend, she wants him to revel in this wonderful turn of events. Devon picks up Neil’s photo and tells him, “My man. He’s going to have your name too so he can carry on your legacy.”

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