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At Crimson Lights patio, Mariah enthuses about coming downstairs for coffee. Noah informs her the cup at the table is for Nick. She hopes he accepted his job offer. Noah’s made a commitment to see how things go. He asks how things are going with her and Tessa. Mariah explains things are better than ever, but she has some friends in a difficult situation. She’s hoping for the best. Nick joins them and is so excited about working with Noah. Mariah offers congratulates him and teases Noah. Nick promises every day will be different from the day before and there’s no better feeling than helping people. Noah can’t wait to get started.

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At the penthouse, Devon thanks Chance for his honesty and Abby snaps, “Just stop.” She accuses Devon of putting undue pressure on her husband. Chance reminds her that he came there of his own volition. Abby informs Devon they’ll talk to him after they’ve met with Christine. Devon reiterates that he’s her friend and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She snarks, “This hurts.” Devon is just doing what’s best for his family. Chance tells Devon they’ll be in touch and follows his wife out the door.
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Inside the coffee house, Amanda chats with Elena, who is on route to the clinic and asks how it’s going working with her sister. Amanda laughs that there’s never a dull moment with Imani, but she’s holding her own and has great contacts. Elena jokes that she wasn’t happy about her and Nate living together. She tells Amanda to tell Imani they went with the beige bathroom rug. Talk turns to Devon and the lawsuit. Elena asks how it’s going. After Amanda’s filled her in off-screen, Elena feels bad that Abby is upset with Devon, but she can understand why she’s reacting so emotionally – nothing has turned out how she thought it would. Amanda clarifies that Devon just wants to spend more time with Dom. Elena knows, but the fear of losing a child is primal. She hopes Dom comes out of this knowing how loved he is. Amanda hopes for the same thing, but for now it’s complicated.
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Nate drops in on Devon, who explains that the situation with Abby and Chance is not going well. He fills his cousin in on their recent visit and Chance’s response to his question. Nate grimaces. He understands Devon just wants to protect his relationship with the boy. Devon wonders if he could get that through to Abby – he didn’t want to take the legal route but it’s pretty clear they’re in for a battle. Nate thinks it sounds like Abby and Chance are panicking and suggests that he ease off on them. Devon argues he doesn’t want to give them too much time to come up with a counterargument. Christine might advise them to cut off all contact. “My son needs me. That’s the whole reason I started this in the first place.” Nate wants Devon to take a run with him, but Devon balks. Nate insists, so Devon acquiesces.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby rails at Chance for going to talk to the man who is suing them for custody of their son. Chance warns if they don’t figure this out a judge is going to decide. Abby rants that Devon will use his words against him. She goes upstairs to check on Dom and the nanny and Chance promises he’ll be there when she returns.
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Still on the coffee house patio, Noah talks to Nick and Mariah about pocket parks and community gardens. Tessa comes in and calls Mariah her reason for singing. Mariah asks where she ran off to this morning. Tessa just had some things to take care of and asks Noah and Nick to “borrow” her girlfriend for a while. They take off. Nick continues talking about work, but Noah pays no attention as he’s busy watching Tessa.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s had the nanny go out with the baby so she doesn’t overhear their conversation with Christine – Amanda might subpoena her. They start debating and Chance insists she doesn’t have what Dominic needs right now. She argues it just takes time and patience. Chance feels she doesn’t understand what he’s dealing with right now – he hasn’t been really honest with her about it. “I’m not okay, Abby. I’m having nightmares.” Abby’s heard him screaming. It’s hard for Chance to even talk about them. He describes how the dreams take him back to Spain along with the images, sounds and smells. Chance can’t get rid of the images and can’t fix it. Abby guesses why that’s he feels too tired to take care of their baby. Chance has tried to be a good dad, but he’s not the same guy he was when he left there a year ago. He feels he’s letting her down. Abby decides they’ll get him some help, and in the meantime, he needs to get some rest.

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The doorbell goes – it’s Christine. Abby tables their discussion and lets her in. Chris says she’s sorry they and Devon are at odds. Abby’s confident they’re protected by their agreement. Chris wishes it were that simple – there isn’t much relevant case law. The judge will make a decision based on what’s best for the child. Chance asks if Devon could win. Chris confirms it’s possible. Chris explain that them being a married couple is a plus and they could argue that giving shared custody to Devon would be disruptive. On the other hand, Devon could make a case for Abby encouraging him to take a paternal role by leaving the child with him when she went to Spain, an and it would be in his best interests to continue that. They could also bring up Chance’s issues and he would have to testify under oath that those allegations are unfounded. Abby blurts, “Yes! Chance would do anything.” Chance interrupts her and states that he can’t lie anymore – and he definitely can’t lie in court. “Devon is absolutely right.”
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Devon and Nate arrive at Crimson Lights, where Nick and Noah approach to talk New Hope business. Devon talks about starting Hamilton-Winters because he wanted to work with his dad. The father/son bond is precious.

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Back on the patio, Nick yammers away about New Hope and Noah sighs. It’s a lot of detail all at once and he needs a break. Nick asks his son about him looking deflated when Mariah and Tessa left. Noah smiles, “They’re pretty entertaining.” Nick asks., “Are you sure that’s all it is?” Noah’s not sure what he’s getting at. Nick suggests he has old feelings resurfacing for Tessa. Noah would never do that to his sister’s girlfriend. Nick says actions are easy to control – feelings not so much. Noah sighs. “You don’t think Mariah noticed do you?” He promises not to make an ass of himself – Mariah and Tessa are happy and have his support 100%. Nick muses that even if they revisited it, it might end the same way. Noah thinks maybe it felt safe to be nostalgic. He’ll focus on work and family.
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Upon arriving at Society, Mariah takes in the private romantic set up and Tessa confirms she tricked her into coming there. “This is for us.” Mariah asks if they’re celebrating something. Tessa replies, “Hopefully.” She drops to one knee. Mariah gasps, “Oh my God, Tessa! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?!”
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Mariah feels like she’s dreaming. Tessa says they deserve every bit of happiness because they never gave up on love, themselves, their dreams. She takes Mariah back to when they started out and describes how their love only grew stronger and more powerful. She can’t imagine her heart being any fuller than it is now, but when they have a family, it will only expand and become more infinite. Mariah asks if she’s doing this because they are planning to adopt. Tessa can’t remember a time when she didn’t want this’ She was just waiting until they were both ready. Now she is, and she’s hoping Mariah is too. Tessa reveals the ring and Mariah marvels at the rock.
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Tessa knows in her soul they were meant to live this life together… that’s why she’s proposing that they make it official. “Marry me, Mariah?” Mariah can’t. “Before I answer your question. There’s something that I have to tell you.” She asks Tessa to stand up with her because that’s who they are. She talks about Tessa’s strength making her strong. She was honest with her when it was difficult and brought her back to life. “Thank God you are so brave.” Tessa feels they both are – relentlessly. Mariah is so grateful for all of it and wouldn’t change a thing because it brought them here, to this moment; to a thrilling life and a love she would be proud to share with their kids. She wants a lifetime of them. “Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you!” Tessa puts the ring on Mariah’s finger. They embrace and share a kiss.
Tessa Mariah engaged Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Chris has gone, and Chance tells Abby he’s sorry. He’s barely holding it together right now. Chance reveals he has survivor’s guilt and reiterates that he can’t get in front of a court and lie. Abby still isn’t on board with giving Devon permanent legal rights to their son – this is temporary! She’ll take on all of the childcare while he recovers. Chance can’t understand why she’s fighting this so much – Devon loves Dominic! There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to play a permanent part in that boy’s life – it’s what any good father would do. Abby hollers that he is Dominic’s father. Chance is broken and has nothing left to give to Dominic. He needs this just as much as Devon and Dominic. “You’ve got to trust me. This is the right thing to do.”

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Abby is so sorry – she had no idea how much pain he was in. She wishes she could make it go away. Chance will keep fighting to get better. He warns again if this goes in front of a judge, they’re going to do what’s best for the baby and they both know where that will lead. Abby worries if they give in to Devon now, what’s to stop him from asking for more time later. Chance feels they have to trust Devon, who just wants to add a little love. Abby’s uncertain. Chance knows this isn’t what she wanted. Abby complains it was supposed to be the three of them. He urges her to think about what they could lose if they go in front of a judge and how much they all stand to gain if they agree to Devon’s request. It’s just welcoming Devon into the family and giving him time to heal.
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At the penthouse, Devon teases Nate about putting him through a workout. Nate muses that it kept him from checking his phone every two minutes. Suddenly, Devon gets a call from Abby, who says she and Chance have talked and if he’s up for it, they’d like to talk again.
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