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At the penthouse, Devon runs through his recent interactions with Chance in his mind. He glances at the photo of Neil on the piano and wishes he could talk to him. His father would help him break it down and get to the heart of the matter. He just wants to hear Neil say he gets why he’s doing what he’s doing even though it’s not going to be easy. “I’m just trying to do the right thing for my son.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby wants Chance to explain why he doesn’t want to fight Devon. She’s disgusted that her friend is questioning his parenting. Chance argues that Dominic doesn’t have time for him to sit around and figure this out. Abby feels like everything is unraveling. Chance feels their best option is to find some common ground before this gets ugly. Abby intends to fight for her son, and she needs to know that her husband is with her and on her side. He assures her he always is and hugs her. After, Abby gathers up her things to go out and explains she’s not upset with Chance, it’s Devon, who is using everything they say as a weapon. Chance regrets opening up to him. Abby recaps that he’s using it as an excuse to change their agreement. “Devon has gone too far.” She leaves and Chance pulls out his phone.
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Billy and Lily greet Sharon at the coffee house and he boasts that it’s his girlfriend’s first day as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily relays that it’s his first day as COO as well. They look forward to putting everything that happened at Chance Comm behind them. Adam comes in and Lily suggests they leave, but Billy questions, “What kind of message would that send?”

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Billy approaches Adam and thanks him for the text of congratulations to Lily. He was surprised to hear he reached out. Sharon interrupts to get Adam’s coffee order. The Newman offers to buy Lily and Billy’s coffee as well. Billy hopes any lingering hostility will be directed at him and that the Newmans will let Lily run her company without interference. Adam nods. “Absolutely.” They thank him for the coffee and leave.
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Sharon joins Adam to comment on his performance. Adam shrugs that he really does wish Lily the best. Sharon’s about to get back to work, but Adam has something to ask her. Conner’s been riding with Faith and texting her when he wants to meet at the stables – he hopes his son hasn’t been taking up too much of her time. Sharon reassures him and loves to hear in his voice how important his son is to him. She’s glad he reconciled with Victor and hopes he’ll also let go of this thing with Billy. “Walk away. Use this battle as a gauge to see how far you’ve come instead of using it as an excuse to go back to bad behavior.” Adam wonders if Billy will get the same speech. Sharon nods. They’re a lot more alike than they realize and have both come a long way.

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Abby enters the coffee house looking distressed and Sharon excuses herself to ask if she’s okay. Adam greets his half-sister and says he hopes things get better before leaving. Sharon convinces Abby to sit with her. Abby opens up about trying to hold everything together, which has become her primary job. When Sharon asks about Chance, Abby can’t understand why everyone acts as though he’s falling apart. Sharon urges her to acknowledge her feelings. She doesn’t need a therapist. Sharon’s sorry about what she’s going through and assures her she’s not alone. If she doesn’t want to talk to her, she should reach out to friends she trusts. Abby feels that she and Chance have to be enough. She needs to get home and rushes off.
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At Society, Chelsea joins Chloe, who updates her on the successes of Sally’s trip to New York. Chelsea sighs and Chloe urges her to spill. Chelsea wants to change the subject and Chloe guesses it’s Adam. This is why she told her to avoid him like the plague. Chelsea snaps about Chloe harping on about him, and then admits she was right – again – about everything. If she’d just listened to her she wouldn’t be in this mess. Chelsea explains she thought she was destined to get back with Adam, who she assumed felt the same way but was just fighting it. Chloe learns that he was very blunt and cold about there being no future for them and warned they wouldn’t be able to work together if she can’t forget about the past. Chelsea concludes that she was wrong about their bond – he made it clear it’s broken, for good. Chloe just wants her friend to be happy and to stop making excuses for Adam’s terrible behavior – she needs to break free. Chelsea wonders if Chloe thinks she should walk away from the company. Chloe just wants her to focus on making the company strong so it can survive if Adam messes up. She needs her to get over her addiction to her ex. “This isn’t the end of something, it’s just the beginning. You have your power back and we are in control of our own destiny.” Chelsea gives her a weak smile.
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Nearby, Nate and Elena banter about lamps for their home. Talk turns to Chance Comm having a new owner. Elena worries the person may not want to continue with Ask MD Now. Nate relays that it’s Newman-Locke, so he may be able to pull some best man strings. Elena is still concerned. Nate questions if she actually wants the site to fold. Elena asks why she would want that. Nate knows she’s got a lot on her plate. “Too much, maybe?” Elena admits she sometimes feels a little overcommitted, but she loves all her work. She’s committed to Ask MD Now as long as the new owners are too and assures Nate she won’t start neglecting him. He’ll just have to pamper her more when she does come home.

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Billy and Lily arrive at the office to find flowers and liquor along with a note from Jill marking their first day. They marvel at starting a new job in their old office. Billy reminds her she is now the CEO of Chancellor Industries and will do amazing things no matter where she is. They kiss as Devon knocks and peeks in. He’s brought a gift and wanted to wish Lily luck. Everyone who loves her is proud of what she’s accomplished. She laughs and smiles as he welcomes her to the CEO Club. Billy heads to his office and Lily warns Devon to keep his reservations about her boyfriend to himself. Talk turns to Dominic and Devon reveals he’s started the legal process. Lily learns that Abby didn’t react well at all and Chance is harder to read. Devon’s phone dings as he gets a text from Chance asking if he has time to get together and talk.
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Chelsea arrives in Adam’s office. She realizes he was being cruel to be kind and make sure his intentions were clear. Adam thinks they’ve said everything that there is to say. Chelsea won’t humiliate herself by pressing the issue. She wants to discuss how they’ll move forward professionally – there’s something she’ll need from him in order for that to happen. Chelsea has to be sure he doesn’t have reservations about her running Newman Fashion. Adam wants her to continue building up the business with Chloe – she’s an incredible talent. Chelsea’s glad because she’s excited about their ideas. In order to do her best, however, she needs Newman Fashion to relocate to a different workspace so they’re not running into each other. Adam thinks that’s a little extreme. Chelsea feels it’s a reasonable request and one he can easily manage. She walks out. Stops and exhales.
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At the penthouse, Chance tells Devon there’s no lawyers and no Abby – he needs to know something. If he didn’t make it back or was in a better headspace, would Devon still be making all these demands? Devon’s reluctant to talk hypotheticals. Chance needs to know how they can handle this without it turning into war. They sit to talk. Chance doesn’t like what this is doing to Abby. Devon is curious where Chance stands. He loves Dom and his wife and just wants what’s best for everyone. Devon wants that too and doesn’t understand why they’re so threatened by what he’s asking. He questions if Chance can honestly say he’s in a solid place emotionally to give Dominic everything he needs? Just then, there’s a knock on the door – it’s Abby, who is surprised to see her husband there. Chance was just going to see if they could work something out. Abby’s offended that she was left out. Chance just wanted to talk to Devon father to father. Abby learns that Devon just asked if he was ready to give Dominic all the love and attention he needs right now. Chance tells her the answer is no. “I’m not sure I can.”
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At Chancellor Industries, Billy peps Lily up before her meeting with the staff and talks up his mother’s wisdom in putting her in charge. Lily is happy he’s by her side. Today is about them. Billy grins, “It’s a damn good day, isn’t it?”

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After the staff meeting, Billy gives Lily applause and tells her they loved her. “How do you feel?” Lily will just show him. They make out.

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