Chance confesses his doubts to Abby at Chancellor estate Y&R
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Nikki is surprised when she walks into her daughter’s office and finds Ashland sitting in her chair. He informs her of the new executive he’s trying to hire. She says they aren’t hiring but he disagrees and wants to replace someone who has been on staff for ages. Nikki looks worried when he announces he’s handling all the “pesky details” while Victoria is busy. He tells her how much he adores her daughter. His mother-in-law worries that he may have leaped into an area that was off-limits when he began pursuing this hire.

Victoria arrives. Ashland tells her that Nikki has made it clear that he has overstepped. His wife thinks that if he’s happy with his choice for the team then he should go ahead with pursuing it. After he walks out for a meeting, Victoria tells her mother that she and Ashland are still working out their business dynamic. Nikki admits she and Victor never managed that. Her daughter explains that they aren’t in a shared position of power and he knows where he stands.

Victoria and Nikki at the office Y&R

Later, Ashland returns after his meeting and chats with Victoria. The topic turns to Nikki. He’d hate for her to drive Victoria crazy with her concerns. His wife assures him their work and life are in balance. “I’d like to think we are totally in sync,” he says.

Ashland and Victoria discuss work life balance at office Y&R

Rey and Sharon arrive Crimson Lights, fresh from their trip to the museum. After he tells her that none of the paintings were as beautiful as her, they notice Nick. He’s waiting for Noah. Sharon assumes it’s about the job offer. Noah wanders in and asks to talk to his father privately. He accepts his father’s job offer at New Hope. After they slap hands, he adds that he still needs time for his art. Nick doesn’t think that will be a problem and is looking forward to him hanging out with the team.

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Sharon has been eavesdropping and tells Rey this means that Noah will stick around and life will be exactly as it should be. Rey watches as Sharon joins Nick and Noah and rests her hand on her ex’s shoulder. Nick and Sharon are thrilled that their son is taking a job at a non-profit and are sure he will get a lot out of helping people. They go back inside when Tessa arrives with a surprise for Noah. Her album is ready for release to the public.

Nick and Sharon chat with Noah at Crimson Lights Y&R

In the lobby of The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis calls Summer and asks her what Jack is up to. Summer is busy and can’t talk. Phyllis looks lost.

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Phyllis is drinking alone at Society when Nick walks in. They awkwardly notice each other and she asks him to talk. When he sits down, she quizzes him about his trip to Milan and his party with the Sharon and his kids when he got back. Hearing about his other family starts to get uncomfortable. Nick quips that it feels like Christian is getting taller every week. He’s finally stopped asking when Phyllis will be back to play video games. Phyllis wasn’t sure he’d notice her absence. Nick assures her his son understands. “Are we okay?” she asks. He says they are good and walks away to pick up his food and leave.

Phyllis and Nick catch up at Society Y&R

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At the penthouse, pacing Devon tells Amanda that he can’t believe things have become such a mess with Abby when he’s tried so hard to be good about everything. Amanda tells him there’s no more to do until she files with the courts. If he really wants to proceed, he needs to make peace with his decision.

Devon tells Amanda how confused he is about Abby’s inability to see his point of view. She’s sure that Abby just feels like her family is threatened. Once the shock has gone away, she will recover. Devon counters that at the moment, Abby just feels betrayed. He’s worried that all of this will cost him his best friend. The lawyer encourages him to be optimistic. Phyllis calls and asks her to come out for a drink but she can’t. Devon encourages her to go, claiming he’s fine. As she heads out, Mariah arrives to see Devon.

Amanda and Devon discuss his case at penthouse Y&R

Alone, Devon informs Mariah that he’s taking Abby to court. She thinks this is crazy. He thought, of all people, she would understand the importance of this legal fight. They have been part of every step of that baby’s life. She knows how deep that parental attachment can be. There was a time when she couldn’t get past seeing the baby every day, but she had to accept that he is not her Bowie but their Dom. She gets that but he’s concerned that Chance is not “fully present” and the child is not getting everything he needs. Unfortunately, he knows that things will probably get ugly when this goes to court.

Devon tells Mariah about his case at penthouse Y&R

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At the Chancellor estate, Abby worries to her husband that their lives could be falling apart just as they are trying to bond with their son. She can’t wrap her head around Devon taking them to court and wonders if Amanda is to blame. Chance explains that she’s not. Abby notices Chance isn’t as upset as she is about the situation. Chance feels there are no easy answers. “The answer is no!” she insists.

Abby tries to reassure Chance at Chancellor estate Y&R

Abby tells Chance that she was shocked by what Devon had to say – he claimed that he sees himself as Dominic’s father. Chance knows he missed a lot of time with their son. His wife says that’s no reason for someone to rip their child away. Chance will fight with her every step of the way but he’s afraid of what a judge will say. She can’t believe that Devon is using a legal battle to disrupt them at the moment that Chance is trying to bond with his son.

Abby is adamant that Devon is wrong about Chance not being a present father right now. However, Chance worries that the other man might be right. They may have to consider that. No matter how much he wants things to work out, he doesn’t know that they will. There is something inside of him that won’t allow him to bond with Dominic. Someone asked to see a picture of him and he didn’t even have one on his phone. He loves him, but it’s not enough. “I can’t build that connection that he has with Devon. Doesn’t he deserve that relationship?” he asks. Taken aback, Abby knows he’s feeling insecure but thinks he’ll get past it. Her husband tells her he’s scared that he’s exposing their son to his uncertainty. Dominic and Devon both deserve more. “Is it right for us to stand in the way of that?” he asks.

Chance and Abby worry about his condition at Chancellor estate Y&R

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Back at Crimson Lights, Tessa shows her album to Noah and he tells her how easy she made creating the cover. He asks how the adoption plans are going and if she and Mariah will get married. She claims she’s ready for a “forever commitment.” Noah encourages that. Mariah shows up, wishing to talk to her girlfriend in private. As they step away, Sharon returns and asks her son if he’s alright. “Why wouldn’t I be?” he asks. She looks over at Tessa and Mariah. Her son insists everything is fine. As he walks out, Sharon shares a look with Nick.

Tessa and Noah talk album at Crimson Lights Y&R

Amanda joins Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix, happy to get out for a drink. Phyllis tells her they need to get together more. Maybe they should even have a girl’s weekend. She’s starting to worry that she will spin out of control. Phyllis never recognized how much of her spare time is spent with her children or her ex-husbands. She has to figure out what to do. Hobbies and yoga aren’t for her and she worries anything else she could get involved in would be trouble. Sipping her cocktail, Amanda finds that hard to believe. “Something better change or I’ll spin out and create chaos,” Phyllis warns.

Phyllis worries to Amanda at Grand Phoenix Y&R

When Phyllis is left alone, Summer calls with an offer for work at Marquetti.

Amanda returns to the penthouse and finds Devon sitting in the dark. He tells her that Mariah doesn’t think he should be pursuing the court case. They are both surprised by that. This has made him realize how many people the fight could affect. Kissing him, she assures him he can’t go wrong if he follows his heart.

Devon considers his choice at penthouse Y&R

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