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At Newman Media, Adam flashes to Victor saying he’s going to take a more active role around there. He grabs his coat and heads out.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby is appalled that Devon’s taking them to court. “How could you do something so hurtful?” Devon isn’t trying to hurt them. He points out that Chance has been struggling. Chance doesn’t see a reason to take this to the extreme. Devon explains he didn’t think it was extreme to ask for more access, but they didn’t leave him any choice except to sue to legally get shared custody. Abby asks to speak to Devon alone, but Chance doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Amanda doesn’t either. Abby’s most concerned about Amanda’s presence. She can call Christine or speak with her friend alone so he can explain his motivation. Devon agrees; he didn’t want to involve lawyers and hopes they can work something out. Amanda and Chance exit the house. Chance asks her to talk with him privately on their way out the door.
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Adam walks into Crimson Lights and sees Victoria and Ashland. He smirks and strolls over to offer congratulations on Chance Comm, but adds, “It’s never over until it’s over.” Victoria beams that it is over… at least as far as Chance Comm goes. Adam wonders, “What else do you have in the works?” Victoria smiles knowingly at Locke. Adam asks how Victoria found out what Billy was up to – did he try to bring her in on it? Victoria feels a child could have seen through his game. Adam wonders if she was onto him why didn’t she warn him and dad? “After all, we’re all Team Newman.” Victoria muses, “What other team is there?”
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Adam can’t help but wonder if there are two Team Newmans nowadays – Newman Media and Newman-Locke. Victoria sniffs that they’re not comparable and Adam reminds her they won Cyaxares over her. Adam guesses she has another plan and that her first order of attack will be to try and turn father against son. He wonders if Ashland is on board. Locke says his wife is brilliant and doesn’t allow her husband to call the shots. Adam informs Victoria that her plan to divide him and Victor has backfired – they actually bonded more. He questions why she’d even bother with Newman Media, can she not handle a little competition? Victoria doesn’t see them as such. Adam reminds her they intervened on Ashland’s behalf before their wedding. Victoria says they thanked him for that and insists she respects him – but as his older sister, she won’t hand him a bogus win. “What would be the fun in that?” She warns that their father might not always have Adam’s back. Adam, in turn, warns she shouldn’t be so sure that he will always have her back – or Ashland’s. He walks out and Victoria gawps at Ashland.
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Lily’s excited that Billy is home when she arrives. She wants to know everything that happened with Jill. He first wants to kiss her and does. After sex, Billy still doesn’t want to talk about work, but Lily needs to know about his mindset. It’s strong and he’s ready to take on the world. Lily guesses his conversation with Jill went well. Billy confirms it was constructive – the biggest takeaway was that she likes Lily and really believes she’ll take the company to new heights. Lily’s happy about that, but still wants to know if she accepted Billy’s apology. Billy says he came clean about everything and she credits Lily with being his guardian angel. Lily learns they made up and he’s coming to Chancellor as her COO with Jill’s blessing. Lily tells Billy about Adam texting her to wish her luck. He sees it as a threat. Lily agrees, which is why she went to confront him. Billy feels it’s something they should keep an eye on. He worries just because he turned the other cheek, it doesn’t mean Adam will – it’s not in his DNA. Lily grins about telling Ashland that Billy would be her COO and now she can tell the world.
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At the ranch, Victor takes a meeting with Michael, who admits he’s been thinking about the offer he made the other day. He’d like to hear more about what the job might entail. Victor seeks confirmation that he’s stepping down as D.A. Michael is leaving his post and is intrigued about the possibility of working with him. Victor will make it as appealing as possible. He tells Michael there are plans in the works involving Newman-Locke, Newman Media and Chance Comm. There will be shuffling regarding power and control. He muses that Victoria’s done an amazing job merging with Ashland Locke’s company, but he’s recently noticed some signs of immaturity in his son Adam. He has done a good job, but recent events have made him consider taking a more active role. Victor is thinking of solidifying the companies with the Newman name. Michael isn’t keen to be in the middle of a Newman war. Victor understands, but he wants to protect his legacy and who better to help with the legalities but Michael. The one wild card in all of this is Ashland Locke – he loves his daughter, and she loves him, but Victor doesn’t trust him. Michael is surprised to hear this.
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Victor reiterates that Ashland and Victoria love each other, which is why he made sure the wedding went off without a hitch. In the meantime, he’s learned some unsavory things about Ashland Locke. He reminds Michael how much his company means to him – and now it’s called Newman-Locke. It doesn’t sit well with him. He’ll never trust an outsider to run his company. Victor questions what kind of man merges his company with another unless he’s at death’s door – if Ashland recovers and gets well, “You don’t think he’ll regret what he did?” Michael admits it could get tricky. Victor will remove any obstacles Michael could encounter. He would like nothing more than to have his old buddy, Michael Baldwin by his side to fight this legal battle. “Because, trust me, things are about to get very interesting.”

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At the Chancellor Mansion, Abby can’t believe Devon is doing this. “Is this about my parenting?” It’s the only thing that makes sense to her. “Is it about the trip to Spain? Is it because I left him with you?” Devon thinks she’s a great mom. Abby rants that it all goes back to that trip. Devon admits leaving the boy with him strengthened their bond, but this is about him wanting a bigger role in his life and being concerned about her husband. Abby hollers that they had an agreement and now he’s turning on them! Devon loves her and Chance but wants to support Dominic. Abby shouts that he is blaming her. “You don’t think that Chance and I are capable of being good parents to Dominic, that’s it isn’t it?!” Devon doesn’t think that about her, he thinks it about her husband – he’s concerned how Chance’s psychological state will affect Dominic!
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Abby admits she’s concerned about Chance too – that’s why she’s fighting so hard for her family. Devon informs her that Chance told him he was struggling at home – Dominic needs a father figure that can be there for him. Abby narrows her eyes, “You see yourself as Dominic’s father.” Devon’s not saying that Chance isn’t his father too. He wants to fill that role right now while Chance takes time to get his mind right. Abby is stunned he sees himself as Dominic’s father – she can’t even process that! Devon questions her – she picked him to take care of the boy when she went to Spain, not family. “So, what’s changed for you?”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Amanda’s surprised when Chance says he understands where Devon is coming from a lot more than Abby does. He can see how much he loves Dominic. It’s undeniable he’s been playing catch-up as a father and figures this has to do with him.

Inside the coffee house, Ashland worries that Adam knows something about Victor’s agenda. Victoria thinks he was just trying to knock them off guard; it was a sloppy move. She reminds Locke how far her father went to protect him. She was disappointed he didn’t agree to sell her Newman Media, but he loves the game. Victoria is certain she planted doubt in her father’s mind about Adam’s competence. Locke loves watching her play the game. “I’m sure, more now than ever, that we can accomplish anything and everything they set their minds to.” Victoria agrees; they’ll keep applying pressure.

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On the patio, Chance tells Amanda he might have been too honest with Devon about his demons. He plans to heal and to be the best father he can be to Dominic. Chance believes Devon should be involved – the more people loving their boy the better. Amanda agrees. She really hopes they don’t have to get a judge involved. She reminds Chance all Devon is asking for is time with Dom at his home at pre-arranged times.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby informs Devon that Dominic has a father and his name is Chance. Devon knows that and is just trying to do what’s best for the boy. Abby retorts, “Well, this isn’t it.” She finally has her family back and they’re working on healing – they’ve lost so much time already. Devon isn’t trying to take him away from them. Abby argues that suing for shared custody will only make Chance’s emotional state worse. Devon doesn’t think it’s Dominic’s job to heal Chance. He doesn’t want to argue with her and was hoping they could reach an agreement without going to court. Devon can’t back down because he feels like he’s doing what’s best for Dominic. Abby sniffs, “You’re doing what’s best for you and now I’m broken-hearted.” Chance and Amanda come in. Devon announces he’s going to take off and thanks them for listening to him.

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Once alone in the Chancellor living room, Abby tells Chance that Devon wouldn’t listen to her. “We need to call Christine.” Chance thinks they need to talk about this first. Abby gawps, “Wait. You don’t think Devon has a right to do this, do you?!”

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At home, Lily has prepared a press release about Billy being her COO. They toast to success and start making love again.

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At the penthouse, Devon updates Amanda on his conversation with Abby, who thinks him going for shared custody is going to unravel her family. He doesn’t understand why she sees him as a rival. Amanda didn’t get the same feeling from Chance. She warns Devon again that the key for any judge will be what’s best for the child. If he moves forward, he’ll have to put Chance on trial. Devon doesn’t want any of this, but he can’t back down.

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