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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance is asleep on the sofa having a bad dream. He wakes up and screams, “No!” which startles Dominic in his bassinet. The baby starts crying and Abby rushes in to ask what happened. Chance apologizes for falling asleep and says he woke up and yelled. He doesn’t remember what the nightmare was about but feels bad. Abby thinks Dom will go right back to sleep and lays him down. Chance marvels that she’s so great with him. Abby is concerned about Chance’s nightmares. Chance says he’s sorry again. Abby worries that part of him is still in Spain and suggests talking to a therapist or Sharon. Chance doesn’t think it’s necessary. Being there with her and Dom is all he needs. He tells her she’s hot and they share a kiss. She muses about him trying to distract her. Chance decides to slip out and run errands, but Abby wants to take advantage of the baby being asleep. “Come with me upstairs.”
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At the penthouse, Devon thanks Amanda for preparing the legal documents – it makes it feel different seeing it all laid out like that. Amanda asks if he’s changed his mind. “Do you still want to move forward?” Devon thinks having legal rights to Dominic is the right way to go about what he wants. He wants to help Abby and Chance and wishes it didn’t come to this. He feels bad about attacking their parenting skills. Amanda counsels that they need to go into this with a strong strategy. This isn’t about her, though, it’s about him. Custody battles can be brutal and he has to be prepared to do what it takes to win if he has her file. Devon wants to do it inflicting as little harm as possible. Amanda warns they could tell their attorney to go into battle mode. Devon just wants them to all be on the same page where Dominic’s concerned. Amanda warns if he loses, Abby and Chance could keep him from the child. She has seen cases where donors have won rights, however, and the circumstances are similar to his.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey flirts with Sharon and joins her at a table. She tells him she’s off the market and happily married but kisses him. Rey is about to put a proposition to his wife when Mariah and Tessa come in. Sharon welcomes the interruption and goes to get them drinks, but Rey looks put out. Sharon tells the girls they look so happy. Mariah jokes she would hate them if she was on the outside looking in. She tells Rey they missed him at Nick’s party. He heard it was a blast. Rey looks put out again when Tessa mentions the Newman being doted on by his own family. Sharon’s stunned to hear Mariah is going shopping with Tessa at Fenmore’s. Tessa reveals they’re then going over to Chance and Abby’s – they have a little surprised planned.
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At Society, Adam tells Chelsea he doesn’t want to talk about what happened with Victor – they have other things to discuss. Chelsea feels overwhelmed thinking about packing up the penthouse. Adam knows there’s more on her mind. She smiles; there is. Adam wants to save time by telling her this straight out, “There is no future between us.” Chelsea looks stunned. She reminds him that they’ve come back from seemingly insurmountable situations before. Chelsea wants to rebuild what they had. Adam complains that it always fell apart, and this last time it didn’t just disintegrate, it blew up. Chelsea figures he’s just afraid and urges him not to walk away from the possibility of true happiness. “I am asking you,” she reaches for his hand. “Let’s try again.” Adam knows with every fiber of this being that any attempt to get back together would be a terrible mistake. They debate until Adam says he’s tried to be gentle, but she’s holding on to something that’s not going to happen. If she doesn’t let go, they won’t be able to work together. Chelsea frowns, “That’s cold.” Adam thinks it’s the most caring thing he could do for her. “You have to stop holding onto hope that we can get back what we had. The sooner you can come to terms with that, the better off you’re going to be.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance comes downstairs buttoning his shirt, checks the sleeping baby, and then leaves.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is about to give Rey her full attention again when Chance walks in. She goes to get his cider and Rey asks his partner about returning to the force. Chance has decided to take an indefinite leave. Rey’s sorry to hear it but supports him. Chance needs to spend time with Abby and his son. Rey figures it won’t be long until Dominic understands how lucky he is to have him for a dad.
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On the patio, Chance encounters Chelsea. He asks to join her and she asks about Spain. He’s fine and heard about what she went through while he was in Spain. She’s okay too. He’s surprised she came back to Genoa City. Chelsea didn’t want to keep her son from his dad. She confides that she was hoping they could work things out, but it’s not going to happen. Chance muses that Adam’s a complicated guy; she knows him. Chelsea snarks, “Not as well as Sharon.” She apologizes and asks to see a photo of Dominic. Chance realizes he doesn’t have one on his phone.
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Mariah and Tessa arrive on Abby’s doorstep with a gift and tell her one year ago today she asked Mariah to be her surrogate. Abby takes the present and opens it to reveal cute baby clothes for Dom. She notices that Mariah and Tessa are extra happy today, so they tell her they’ve decided to adopt and are ready to be parents. Abby squeals; she’s so excited for them both and is happy to see Mariah back to herself. Tessa muses that it’s been a long road but they made it through. Mariah thanks Abby for being so understanding and supportive with everything. They share a group hug. Talk turns to Chance and Abby explains he’s doing better, but “have you spoken to Devon recently?” Mariah replies, “No. Why?” Abby explains he wants to make changes to their arrangement – he’s grown very attached to Dominic and is having a hard time letting go. She complains that this is an important time for them. She told him they wouldn’t agree to what he was asking and hasn’t heard from his since. Abby figures he’s trying to make peace with it. Mariah will perhaps reach out to him.
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At home, Devon tells Amanda he has to do right by Dominic; he wants to move forward. She suggests he take a step back and let her handle it with Abby and Chance’s lawyer. Devon argues that it’s personal and Abby needs to hear what’s happening directly from him.

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At the coffee house, Sharon finally sits back down with Rey to hear what he has to say to her. He would like to spend some quality time alone with her and take her out. She asks what he has in mind. Rey wants to go to a French bistro and the museum… and he wants to go now. Sharon goes to wrap up a few things.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby answers her door to Devon and Amanda. She invites them in and explains the baby is off with the nanny getting a bath and bottle. Devon asks if Chance is there. Abby says he’s out running errands. Devon wants her to hear him out before she responds. Sensing the seriousness, Abby feels they should wait to have the conversation until her husband is there.

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On the coffee house patio, Chelsea goes on to Chance about Connor for a bit until Adam comes in. Chelsea tells Chance it was good to see him and heads inside, where she speaks to Rey. Meanwhile, Adam sits with Chance, who gets a text to go home, but warns his friend if he has any of the old love for Chelsea to be sure before letting it go. Chelsea overhears Adam reply, “I don’t.” Chelsea walks out as Rey watches with concern.

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At Newman Media, Adam closes the door and sighs. He pours a scotch and then sits on the sofa to think.
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At home, Chelsea wipes away tears and paces the living room. She pours a drink, sips it, and then throws the glass and smashes it in the fireplace as she cries out.
Chelsea tantrum Y&R

At Society, Tessa wonders why Mariah’s head is in the clouds. She admits she’s worried about what’s going on with Devon and Abby. She can’t ignore the irony of the situation – she’s taken a step back from Dom and now Devon is holding on tighter. He has a really special connection with that boy and doesn’t want to let go. Tessa feels bad for him, but feels bad for Abby and Chance too. Mariah decides she’s going to reach out to Devon. “I just want to help any way I can.”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby, Devon and Amanda sit in uncomfortable silence until Chance comes in. She explains Devon has something to say to them that requires the presence of his lawyer. Devon has given a lot of thought to what Chance told him the last time they spoke, and he didn’t want to take this next step, but he believes he’s doing what’s right for Dominic and himself. He’s taking legal action to get shared custody. Abby erupts, “How could you do this to us?!”
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