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At Crimson Lights, Ashland questions Lily as to whether Billy is really sincere about wanting to make peace. They trusted him before and then he tried to blackmail him. Lily argues that he paid the price. She tells Ashland to accept that he won and leave Billy alone. Ashland can’t understand what compels strong women to rush to Billy’s defense – it’s utterly mystifying. Locke feels that the man deserves the consequences of his own actions. Lily complains about Victor’s ongoing vendetta against her boyfriend. Ashland wonders how charitable she’d feel if someone had repeatedly broken her daughter’s heart as Billy did Victoria’s. Lily doesn’t think it justifies keeping this war going into infinity. She reports that Billy is coming to work with her at Chancellor and will redeem himself. Ashland thinks it’s smart to have him where she can keep an eye on him, and figures she’s trying to find out if there will be implications for Chancellor if she brings Billy on. He assures her there won’t be retribution from him and updates her on his positive cancer news. Lily’s glad to hear all of it and wishes him well. Ashland wishes her well too – her and Billy.
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At the ranch, Victoria tells Victor that she is the reason Billy backed off of Adam. She claims she found out about Billy’s plan and demanded that he come clean about his ruse, or she would blow his cover. “If it weren’t for me, Newman Media would be in a huge mess right now.” Victor figures she and Adam are even now. He doesn’t want her to use this situation to go after Adam. “I don’t like it.” Victoria informs her father he’s given Adam too much responsibility – he can’t handle it. Victor won’t rip Newman Media out from under Adam to sell it to her. Victoria asks him to imagine how unstoppable a force they would be in the communications industry. “Daddy, how can you pass on that?” Victor wonders why Chance Comm isn’t enough and warns that over-confidence is a dangerous thing. He asks if Ashland’s on board. Victoria smiles – what he likes best about her is her ambition. Victor wants to give Adam more time to prove himself. Victoria thinks it’s only a matter of time before he runs the company into the ground, at which point she’ll buy it for a lot less. Victor smiles. He doesn’t see that happening.

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Outside Society, Sally tries to talk Adam into coming to New York with her. He’s tempted but there’s a lot going on at work right now. Sally reminds him he has business there. After they’re done working they can paint the town. Chelsea interrupts and thinks they must be freezing. Adam tells Sally as much as he appreciates her offer, the timing isn’t great. Sally gives Adam back his coat and he walks off. Chelsea asks Sally, “What exactly did you offer Adam?” Sally informs Chelsea she’s turning into an icicle and needs to go back inside. She acts stunned that Chelsea thinks she was hitting on him and claims she was just letting him know she’s a team player. Chloe comes out and Sally goes inside. Chelsea tells her pal she has a feeling that Sally made another move on Adam, who shot her down right in front of her. “Go easy on the poor girl.”
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Chloe rejoins Sally inside and tells her she’s very lucky she’s going to New York to take these meetings. Sally hopes it’s not just something they’ve cooked up to keep her busy until they figure out how to get rid of her. Chloe insists they don’t want her to go. Sally’s unconvinced that Chelsea wants her on board. She figures Adam doesn’t want to get back together with Chelsea and with Sally gone, she’ll have to face that sad reality.

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At home, Lily is working and calls head office to find out if Billy is in with Jill. She thanks the person for the intel and signs off.

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Victoria returns to Newman-Locke, where Nikki congratulates her on acquiring Chance Comm. She’s pleased that Billy no longer has a media company to weaponize against their family. She thinks Victor is pleased with her boldness. Victoria confirms he congratulated her, but warns, “I wouldn’t get too used to it if I were you.” Nikki prefers to be optimistic and hands her daughter a gift to celebrate – shoes.
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Victoria gushes that they’re perfect and hugs her mother. She wishes she’d been wearing them when she went to meet her dad. Nikki learns that she made an offer that didn’t go over well. Victoria explains she wants to go after Newman Media for the same reasons she bought Chance Comm. Nikki thinks it seems she wants to own the world. Ashland comes in and feels that could be their new slogan. Victoria just wants to bring Locke’s Cyaxares back where it belongs. Nikki sniffs, “Is that the only appeal?” She wonders if it’s not just another way to stick it to Adam. She doesn’t want anything to disrupt the peace in the family. Victoria updates her that Victor turned her down, but warns her mother she should be on the lookout for another pair of shoes just in case he changes his mind. Ashland jokes that he’s a size 11. Nikki doesn’t want Victoria and Adam in a turf war. Vikki feels there’s no avoiding it. It bugs her that there’s a company out there with her name on it, but not a part of her empire.
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At Newman Media, Victor wants to talk to Adam about Billy’s scheme. Adam closes the door and recaps that Billy surrendered. Victor relays that it wasn’t to prove he was a bigger person, as Lily claimed. Victoria found out about his plan and put a stop to it. Adam argues that his scheme never would have worked. Victor complains that Victoria saw the whole picture and he didn’t. “You should have.” Adam says Victoria had more opportunity to catch Billy in a lie than he did and wonders why she didn’t warn them. Regardless, he never intended to use the videos of Billy. Victor thinks he would have pushed him to use them. He asks if the Spectra woman was in on it. Adam assures him Sally was just as shocked as he was when Billy blurted out the truth. He insists Newman Media was never in any peril. Victor announces he’s going to take a more active role around there. Adam tells him it’s unnecessary. Victor informs him it’s not up for debate. “You have a nice day, son.”

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria marvels at Ashland being so full of energy and able to spend so much time at the office with her. He’s surprised Nikki didn’t get behind the idea of her acquiring Newman Media. Victoria explains she doesn’t like family tension. Ashland’s glad of Victor’s reaction. Victoria muses that he likes winners, which plays to her advantage right now. Ashland points out that he broke her winning streak by turning down her bid for Newman Media. Victoria counters that he left the door open for him to change his mind. She tells Ashland that Victor wondered if she was buying back Cyaxares on his behalf. Talk turns to Adam. Victoria isn’t vindictive, it’s about Adam never having earned his place. She fights the assumption of nepotism every day and it’s not true, which makes it all the more frustrating that Adam was handed a company. Ashland muses that what Victor giveth, he can taketh away. Victoria plans to make sure that happens.
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At the ranch, Nikki guesses Victor is stewing over Victoria having her sights set on Newman Media. Victor learns Nikki was as surprised as he was about the idea. He wants to know what she thinks about it, but Nikki asks if he told Adam that Victoria proposed the sale.

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At Newman Media, Adam flashes to Victor saying he’ll never turn his back on him. Chelsea comes in and Adam snaps, “What is it?” Chelsea wants to make a plan for getting together for drinks. He tells her something’s come up and he can’t do it anymore. “What is it you want to say?” Chelsea fumes that he’s being a total jerk. Adam apologizes – he’s annoyed with someone else and shouldn’t take it out on her. She asks, “What happened?” He was just reminded that when you’re a Newman, there is no such thing as independence. Chelsea figures Victor’s back to being Victor again and complains about all the times he’s pushed Adam aside and patronized him. Adam doesn’t know why he lets his father get to him. Chelsea says it’s because he loves him – and Victor loves him too. Adam thanks her; it’s nice having someone around who knows his history. Chelsea reminds him it’s her history too and invites him again for a drink. Adam shrugs, “Why not?”
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At home, Lily takes delivery of a bouquet of flowers and read the note, which says Billy is proud of her, will be back for her first day, and loves her madly.
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At the ranch, Victor makes chess analogies about life. Nikki’s not sure who is in danger of making a mistake. Victor’s been happy about how things have been going for the Newmans. Nikki wishes it could last forever, but it somehow seems precarious. Victor feels he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. When it does, it could mean a major shift for their family. The fact that he’s this worried has her worried. Victor reassures her.

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