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At Newman Media, Adam is typing away on his laptop when Lily knocks and says, “Sorry to interrupt.” He holds up a finger, finishes his typing and then asks to what does he owe the pleasure. She wants to know what he meant by his cryptic text wishing her the best of luck at Chancellor. Adam insists he was being sincere. Lily finds it curious that he decided to send it right after Billy declared a truce. Adam respects her and wants her to do well in her new position. Lily doesn’t trust him and thinks it was a veiled threat. It was like a counter-punch since Billy got the best of him. Adam doesn’t lose sleep over Billy’s tantrums and really was just wishing her luck. Lily reminds him a truce has been declared. Adam snaps at her and she smiles. “There it is. You still haven’t let it go, have you?” Adam thinks they’re talking past each other and insists again that he genuinely wants her to succeed. Lily calls him out for trying to get on her good side. Adam’s not ashamed of it and asks if Jill’s made a decision about Chance Comm. Lily wishes him luck and advises that Billy’s coming to work for her as COO. She hopes he’ll let things go with Billy so they can move on with their lives. Victor enters and Lily urges him to tell his son that his feud with Billy is over – he’s waved the white flag.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria and Ashland share a kiss before she tells him Jill is selling Chance Comm to them. For now, it looks like they’ve won. Ashland thinks Adam and Victor must be seething. Victoria spoke to Victor, who seemed fine with it. Adam on the other hand will be fuming. If she has her way, Chance Comm’s not the only company Adam is going to lose. Ashland is still an outsider where her family’s concerned, but hopes she won’t poke the bear unnecessarily. Victoria reminds him if they take over these companies they’ll dominate the field. Ashland counters that Adam’s a wild card. Victoria knows just how to handle him.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate spots Devon and asks if there’s any news on his request for shared custody. Devon reveals they said no to him. Nate’s sorry. Devon reassures him and appreciates the advice he gave him. It was a conversation that needed to be had and pushed him into taking action. They sit and Devon explains he’s decided to officially file for shared custody. Abby and Chance made it clear they’re against him having a larger role in Dominic’s life and he feels it’s his only option since he’s concerned about stability. He doesn’t want things to get messy, and hopes they can resolve it as painlessly as possible. Nate wishes him luck. Talk turns to Nate and Elena moving in together. Nate explains they had concerns in the beginning because of working together but it’s worked out great. Devon’s happy for them and notes they’ve been acting like newlyweds themselves since returning from Italy.
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At Society, Sally flashes to Chloe warning her about upsetting Chelsea. She then thinks about Adam telling her the spying is done – no more trying to score extra points with the boss. She picks up her phone and dials. “Hey, we need to figure out this working relationship of ours. Can you meet me at Society?”

At Newman Media, Adam fills Victor in on Billy pretending to spiral in hopes they’d put out a story so he could sue and cripple their company. Victor marvels at him copying their idea and calls him a pathetic SOB. Adam relays that he’s called a truce, but he doubts they’ve heard the last of him. Victor feels they have more important things to focus on – he got a call from Jill, who is selling Chance Comm to Newman-Locke. Adam wants to get on the phone, but Victor tells him to leave it alone. “We lost.” He’s going to congratulate Victoria and he wants Adam to do the same.

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Chelsea shows up at Society and asks Sally, “What’s this all about?” Sally admits she was forcing herself to say the right things the last time they spoke. Instead of spouting platitudes, she’s come up with some pitches. She wants Chelsea to consider them and give her honest feedback if she rejects them. Chloe arrives and Sally reminds her, “You wanted me to figure this out with Chelsea, so let’s do it. Right here, right now.”
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After Sally’s pitched some ideas, Chelsea’s only able to stomach 10% of them. She fumes that they shouldn’t have to sit through all of Sally’s bad ideas – she should pick the top five. Chloe is working to mediate when Adam walks in. Chloe notes he doesn’t look very happy. Chelsea excuses herself and joins him at the bar. Adam tells her he’s not in the mood… for anything. He’s had a rough morning. Chelsea wanted to thank him for the talk with Conner, who has realized keeping the penthouse isn’t key to keeping them together… though now he’s trying to get her to move into the ranch. Adam shakes his head – she needs to explain that’s not a good idea. Chelsea has no desire to live that close to Nikki and Victor.

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At the table, Sally expresses her frustration to Chloe, who suggests they get out of there. Sally needs to convince Chelsea she’s not after Adam and not intimidated by her trying to get back with him. Running out of there would send the wrong message. She needs to sit there with an air of calm disinterest.

At the bar, Adam tells Chelsea that he will eventually find his own place to live. Chelsea appreciates that he told her son they’re good friends and colleagues. She asks him for coffee, but he has to get back to work. He agrees to grab a drink with her after work though. Chelsea beams.

At the table, Chloe sees that the interaction between Adam and Chelsea is driving Sally insane. If she can see it, it’s a problem. She’s determined to make it work out between the three of them but groans about Adam being the center of a misguided love triangle. “I’m really disappointed in both of you.” She decides that Sally should go to New York and interview designers preparing for their spring shows… as soon as possible. Sally questions if she’s trying to get her out of town. Chloe needs to fix this situation and thinks it’s best she and Chelsea take a break from each other. This way, Chelsea can see how much value she brings to the platform. Sally says, “Fine. I’ll go.”
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At the bar, Adam tells Chelsea he’s learned to rise above when his father pushes his buttons. She narrows her eyes and studies him. “You really have changed.” She rejoins Sally and Chloe and gushes about how in sync she and Adam are as parents. Adam walks over and asks to speak to Sally alone. They walk away and Chloe accuses Chelsea of going after Adam full force. This is going to end in disaster! Chelsea has to give it a try. Chloe groans. Chelsea sees that he’s changed and thinks things could be different this time. She’s glad to hear Sally’s going to New York.

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Outside, Adam apologizes to Sally for being short with her yesterday, he’d had a run-in with Billy. Sally assures him she didn’t take it personally and shivers so he puts his jacket around her shoulders. Sally asks if he has any business in New York. He replies, “I might. Why?” Sally explains she has to go there and would love the company.
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At the ranch, Victor embraces Victoria and apologizes for being late – he had to convey the disappointing news to Adam. He invites her to gloat over her accomplishment, but Victoria says she’d never do that to him. Adam… maybe. Victor’s not upset that the division is back under Newman’s guidance, though he’s a little disappointed for Adam. Victoria relays that Ashland was concerned about his reaction. She then explains that she’s not there to talk about Chance Comm – she has a proposal. “I’d like to buy Newman Media.” Victor grunts.
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Victor wonders why Victoria pitched him and not Adam. Victoria doubts she’d convince him to sell. Victor questions if she’s going after Adam to avenge Billy. She insists it’s not a personal vendetta. Victor wonders if it’s personal for Ashland. Victoria admits it could be; the company was important to him, but she wants to have a real stake in the media world. “What do you say, will you sell to me?” Victor leans in, “You’re my daughter. You’re Victor Newman’s daughter.” He sees no advantage in selling Newman Media to Ashland Locke. He thinks Adam had done very good things with the business. Victoria disagrees; she hasn’t seen any innovation at all. Victor reminds her they added the fashion platform. Victoria sniffs that any success there was accidental. Adam’s just been writing checks – she’s proven herself. She advises Victor to sell to her and Ashland before Adam does irreparable damage. “When you weren’t looking, Adam almost let Billy destroy everything.”

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Lily comes upon Devon and Nate at Crimson Lights. Nate excuses himself amid teasing over having shopping to do with Elena. Lily sits and Devon updates her that he’s decided to pursue joint custody of Dominic legally. Talk turns to her, and she fills him in on Billy becoming her COO. Devon asks if the feud with Billy, Victor and Adam is really over… or is that even possible? He admits he still has concerns about her partner, who still gets himself in trouble professionally. Devon questions if he might be a liability to her at work.
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Inside the coffee house, Nate runs into Ashland, who excitedly tells him the cancer is abating. He hopes it means many more years with Victoria building their business empire. Nearby, Lily takes a call and is surprised to see Nate is still there. He takes off to meet Elena and Ashland and Lily discuss Newman-Locke taking over Chance Comm. Lily will be intimately involved with the negotiations. Ashland hopes they’ll be pleasant and productive. He begins to walk away, but Lily has some things to say to him… about Billy. She won’t make excuses for him, but he’s walking away from the fight and turning the page. Her question for him is can he do the same?

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