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At Crimson Lights, Nick arrives and calls out Sharon’s name. “I got your message. Are you here?” Suddenly, his family jumps up from behind the counter and shouts, “Surprise!” He smiles and grins. Nick thanks Moses and Tessa for being there as well and jokes about them ganging up on him. He suddenly remembers a very important root canal, but Mariah tells him to have a seat as they fit him with a crown.

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Nick makes a call to his sitter and asks her to give Christian a hug for him before rejoining the party. He chats with Sharon, who remarks on how great the kid thinks his dad is – it was all he could talk about when he stayed with him. Nick joins Tessa and Moses, who warn Nick about the roast his kids have planned for him.
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The family sits Nick down for a roast and Faith makes fun of his Newman death glare. Tessa asks to see it and cringes, “It’s like you’re looking through me,” when he does it. Everyone laughs. Faith remarks on how he looks out for them all and walks over to give him a hug. Mariah is up next and promises she won’t go so easy on him.

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Mariah takes a dive into Nick’s love life. He points out he doesn’t have one right now, and Mariah teases that they all know that won’t last long – he’s a hopeless romantic. She thinks she and Noah should screen his future dates, but he balks. Mariah explains there’s nothing wrong with being in love with love and they share a hug.
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Noah takes the floor to roast Nick for growing old… or older. Nick’s pretty sure he can still beat him in basketball. Noah fondly recalls him being there for him as he grew up and knows he was there for Summer in the same way. Nick asks if he’ll accept his job offer. Sharon asks, “What job offer? You want to hire Noah?”

As the kids get the birthday cake ready, Nick explains to Sharon that he offered Noah a job at New Hope. He wants him to run the entire organization with him. Nick thinks it could give his life meaning and help him heal. Talk turns to Adam’s offer, and Sharon insists she didn’t push it; she just asked him to consider it. She wants him to stay in town. Nick agrees – now he has two great offers to choose from.

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By the coffeemaker, Tessa tells Noah she and Mariah are looking into adoption. He congratulates her. She tells him, for the record, that Nick’s not the only one happy to have him back. It’s nice having her friend there again. Everyone gathers to sing Happy Birthday to Nick and Noah teases about the number of candles. Moses will keep quiet since he doesn’t want to get the Newman death glare. Sharon quips, “Lay off the old guy.” Nick blows out his candles and they pretend they forgot presents to mess with him.
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At the penthouse, Devon worries he’s been neglecting Hamilton-Winters. Amanda knows he is facing a big decision about Dominic. Devon can’t let the company he built with Neil fall apart regardless. Later, Devon puts on some jazz but hears a baby crying. He rushes through the penthouse looking for Dominic and hollering, “Daddy’s coming!” Just then, Amanda wakes him up – he dozed off and was having a bad dream. He shudders; “It was awful.”

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Devon tells her about the dream – Dominic was crying, and he couldn’t find him. “He needed me and I wasn’t there for him” Amanda observes that Devon was the child no one could get to when he was young. She was that child too. Amanda understands he wants to protect Dominic. Devon wonders what if he’s not meant to protect him; maybe that’s why he couldn’t find him in his dream. Amanda asks if that’s what his heart tells him. Devon is torn because he doesn’t know if he’s doing what’s best for Dom, or just what’s best for him. He has a natural instinct to protect the boy and want’s to be there for him all the time. Amanda knows she has her own issues wrapped up in this, but assures him it’s not selfish. There’s nothing wrong with how he feels. Dru and Neil gave him that love and now he wants to pass it on. She won’t let him feel there’s something wrong with that. A teary Devon kisses her. He doesn’t want to make any more decisions tonight. Amanda heads upstairs. Devon paces and looks at Neil’s photo before following her.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby marvels at how adorable Chance sounded reading to Dominic. He snarks that it’s probably best she was listening in as back-up. Abby protests but he heads to the kitchen. When he rejoins her on the sofa, Abby assures him she wasn’t checking up on him. Chance worries he’s not doing enough where the boy is concerned. Abby understands since she couldn’t do enough to bring their child into the world. She wants to give Dominic the world, but parenting is a journey. “There’s no right way to do things. Your way is the right way because you love him.” Chance sighs – she must be so worn out from looking after her son and her husband. “You shouldn’t have to deal with my problems.” Abby reminds him they’re a team. She offers a bubble bath for two, but he takes a rain check. Abby goes to shower.

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Chance sits by the window and is thinking about the explosion when he snaps out of it and hears Abby telling Dominic in the monitor that she’s there – Daddy probably fell asleep, that’s why he didn’t hear him when she was in the shower. He looks guilty and alarmed. Abby comes downstairs and Chance tells her he fell asleep. She wants to go upstairs, but he just wants to sit for a minute. She leans on him and looks concerned as he studies the baby monitor and looks lost. Eventually, they go upstairs with Chance tailing Abby.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick opens all of his gifts amid more joking. Sharon found his favorite old shirt in a vintage shop, and they tease it’s back in style. Nick thanks them all for a very special night. He says he’s got it really good and Faith says he’s getting sappy in his old age. Tessa decides the party needs vintage music and puts some on. They all start dancing and laughing as Nick looks on fondly.
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Later, Mariah reads out loud from the new dad joke book. Nick takes Noah aside to ask if he’s thought about his job offer. Noah doesn’t want to back out of Newman Media, but Nick thinks his grandfather would understand. Noah needs more time to decide. Suddenly, Faith shouts, “Omigosh, you and Tessa are having a baby?!” Everyone turns to Mariah, who explains it’s early on in the process as Tessa comes to stand by her side. Mariah apologizes for sharing it on Nick’s special night, but he’s happy the family is growing – it’s the best news ever. They all enthuse except Noah.

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The party breaks up at Crimson Lights as Moses and Faith leave. Nick updates Mariah and Tessa on Harrison stealing Summer’s heart. Tessa notes they’ll have more time to get used to the idea of parenting since the adoption process is involved. Nick knows it will work out great. Noah tells Sharon he’s leaving and she notices he’s been watching Tessa and Mariah laughing together.

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Once Nick and Sharon are the only two left, they remark on Moses and Faith being adorable. Nick loves seeing Tessa and Mariah is such a good place. Sharon noticed Mariah hardly reacted when Moses mentioned Dominic. Talk turns to Noah. Sharon’s still worried about him and agrees he needs a new direction. She notes Nick is happier since he got home from Italy. His family is his touchstone. They’ve created something special with their kids and it’s only getting stronger.

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