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At the hotel, Phyllis hugs Amanda and is getting an update on her new law office when a process server appears. He asks Phyllis to identify herself and serves her. Amanda reads the lawsuit and reveals it’s from a guest who didn’t get the promised experience from the Escape Club. Phyllis explains the girl was a freak who wanted them to act out a script. She texts the script to Amanda, who reads it and cringes. They launch into a table read of the weird cheating scenario and Phyllis points out she never promised they would hit her ex with a bus. She muses that they’ve all been there – wanting to hit someone with their car. Amanda asks, “You mean fantasized about it.” Phyllis replies, “Sure.” Talk turns to Jack, and Phyllis says she feels selfish for relying on him too much. She’s taken more from him than she’s given. Amanda advises her to be a good friend and not to leave him in a lurch. She offers to take care of the lawsuit, but Phyllis plans to offer the woman a year in the Escape Club free of charge.

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At Society, Imani spots Elena and Nate and compliments him on the color of his shirt, which looks so good on him. Elena asks her to weigh in on a paint color – it’s for their bathroom. “I moved in with Nate,” she smiles. Imani didn’t realize they were that serious and hopes they’ll be happy. Elena muses that billable hours are important to lawyers, so Imani best get on her way. Imani grabs her takeout and goes.
Imani stunned Y&R

Nate marvels that Elena really brought the claws out. Just then, Nate gets a call from someone named Roland. He’s on the hospital advisory board and is upset that Nate brought Elena as his date to a fundraiser. Nate relays that the man doesn’t think them dating is appropriate. He wonders if being Chief of Surgery is worth the hassle. Elena asks if he’s saying he wants to quit. Nate just didn’t know there would be so much politics involved, but he’s determined to make it work.

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At home, Lily and Billy canoodle after sex and she tells him how happy she is that he abandoned his plan to go after Newman Media. She questions if he’s sure about coming to work with her, and he explains he couldn’t be prouder to help her take over the world. They discuss Victoria using him and Billy losing sight of the big picture. It felt good to tell Adam he wasn’t worth it. Lily could not be prouder or more in love with him. They kiss.
Billy, Lily after sex Y&R

Later, Billy and Lily dress and he tells her he needs to go repair the bridge he burned with his mother before joining her at Chancellor. He’ll go to see her in Chicago. Lily offers to go with him, but he has to do this on his own. Besides, she needs to stay put and get focused. Billy has someone else to apologize to as well now that he’s given up his plan to eviscerate Adam.

At Newman Media, Chelsea asks Sally why she’s loitering in the hallway. Sally just had a meeting with Adam. Chelsea needs to see him, but Sally suggests it’s not a good time. Chelsea sniffs that it’s personal and barges into his office. Adam vents about Billy sailing in there like he’d won the lottery when everyone knows he’s a loser. Chelsea questions why he can’t let this go. Adam concedes that Billy pushed his buttons. Chelsea urges him to forget Billy – he’s at the top of his game. Talk turns to Connor, who is upset about the idea of selling the penthouse. Adam learns he ended up in tears and that Chelsea needs his help to make this okay for the boy. Adam will do whatever he can.
Chelsea questions Adam Y&R

At Society, Chloe tells Sally they need to re-evaluate what’s going on with her and Chelsea if this is going to work. Sally insists she’s not the problem; it’s Chelsea, who has an issue with her personally. If anyone goes, it should be Chelsea. Chloe snarks about Sally’s negative attitude and reminds her she works for her – which makes it an even bigger problem for the redhead. They debate about whether or not it was a big deal for Sally to hang out with Adam on New Year’s. Chloe asks how many times she has to ask her to leave him alone. Sally thinks this is about Chelsea not being able to move on. Chloe warns running her mouth about her boss is the stupidest thing she could do. “Fix it,” she orders, and walks out.
Sally, Chloe argue Y&R

At the ranch, Connor wants Chelsea and Adam to go skating with him, but they want to talk about moving out of the penthouse. Adam reminds him that change can turn out awesome, but he doesn’t want things to change anymore. Adam recalls he wanted to move due to the memories. Connor feels they’ve made new happy memories – like at Christmas – and can do that again. Adam and Chelsea discourage that thinking. Connor decides that he and Chelsea should move into the ranch; they’ll never find a better place than this. Adam thinks his son is smart enough to know his mother can’t move to the ranch. Connor campaigns for them to get back together, but Adam explains it’s not happening. Connor protests, “I want to be a family!” Chelsea soothes that they’ll always be a family, but they don’t have to live under the same roof. Connor finally agrees to help her find a new place to live.

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Traci arrives at Billy and Lily’s place, where he thanks her for coming by. He updates her that he abandoned the plan – it’s over. Traci’s relieved that he listened. Billy apologizes for putting her in a position to lie for him. Traci knows Jack will be glad too. Backing away was the right thing. Billy agrees; it feels good. Traci admits she paid Victoria a visit over it and didn’t mince words. Billy is irked that she interfered. “I just wish that you would stop treating me like a wayward child!”
Billy irked Traci Y&R

Traci points out she is treating him like an adult by holding him accountable for his actions. She’s angry. Lily intervenes and Billy apologizes. Traci nods. “Old patterns are difficult to break for all of us.” She asks if he’ll come back to Jabot and learns he’s going to work with Lily as her COO. Traci is so proud of him. After Billy leaves the room, Traci asks Lily if he’s as alright as he says he is. Lily assures he really turned a corner today. She recaps that she was worried, but he didn’t revert to his old behavior. Traci’s grateful Lily is in his life. Talk turns to what Colleen might have been like at Lily’s age. Lily thinks about her a lot lately – neither of them would ever have thought she’d become CEO of Chancellor. Traci always knew she’d do great things – Billy is so fortunate to have her in his life.

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Later, Traci has gone and Billy’s ready to leave for Chicago. He assures Lily she doesn’t need to accompany him and says he’ll be back before her first day at Chancellor. They make out and Lily expresses optimism that Jill will be understanding. They kiss again and Billy goes.

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At the hotel, Phyllis updates Amanda that the woman suing her has become a VIP member of the Escape Club. Imani walks in and asks Amanda why she didn’t tell her Elena moved in with Nate – it would have saved her an awkward conversation. Amanda introduces Phyllis and Imani, who, she says, has been thirsting after Nate Hastings. Imani reports that Amanda told her Phyllis is a great friend and a little bit of a hellraiser – they’ll get along great. Later, Phyllis calls Jack to “check in” and leaves a voicemail.

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At Newman Media, Sally wants Adam to look over a budget, but he says it’s not a good time and closes the door. Chelsea appears and tells her not to take it personally – Adam’s family will always be his priority. Sally tells Chelsea she spoke to Chloe and there’s something she needs to get off her chest. She wants to apologize if she’s given her the impression she’s after Adam. “All I want is to work with you.” Chelsea states, “For me.” Sally wants to learn from her. Chelsea hopes they have the same goal of making the fashion platform an unqualified success.

In his office, Adam agonizes as he flashes to Billy telling him he’ll always be the runner-up Newman and epic failure. He contemplates his phone thoughtfully.

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At the apartment, Lily gets a text from Adam wishing her the best of luck at Chancellor and looks concerned.

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