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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Ashland she’s frustrated that she hasn’t heard back from Billy. He questions relying on Billy when there are better ways to undermine Adam. Victoria isn’t ready to kick him to the curb just yet. She imagines the look on Adam’s face when he learns they’ve taken over Newman Media. Ashland points out she hasn’t had any issues with Adam lately. Victoria insists it’s merely business, but her husband thinks she’s once again trying to protect Billy. Victoria muses that he’s a useful tool with a plan already in motion. Ashland is doubtful about the plan and thinks she’s making a foolish move. “One I can’t say I understand.”

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At their apartment, Lily and Billy bicker about having Victoria in the mix. Lily thinks the entire goal has changed to building Victoria’s empire. She doesn’t even trust that she’ll follow through with her end of the bargain. She snaps that this is Billy and Victoria falling into old patterns and she wants nothing to do with it! Billy protests as she walks out.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith and Moses chat about returning to school after the holiday break. Adam appears, greets Faith, and asks Moses, “What’s up?” Moses notes that every time he sees Adam he thinks, “That’s the guy who saved Faith’s life.” After Adam goes, Moses worries about how he came off. Faith recaps that the whole thing with Adam saving her was weird. Moses is just glad he had one of his good moments for Faith.

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At the penthouse, Amanda confronts Devon – he’s not eating or sleeping. “This is about Dominic isn’t it?” Devon assures her she doesn’t need to be concerned, but she can’t help it. He urges her to go off and open her new law firm. They kiss and she leaves. Outside, Amanda runs into Lily, who has treats. She says, “Talk to him.” Lily enters and asks Devon where things stand with him and the baby. Devon updates her that he spoke to Abby and Chance and they shot him down. Lily wonders what more he wants – he already has liberal visitation. Devon wants more time with Dominic and is worried about his well-being. Lily asks if he thinks Dom is in jeopardy. Devon says no, he’s concerned about Chance, who is struggling. He understands where it’s coming from, but he can’t help but feel the need to protect Dom from the emotional turmoil in that house. He doesn’t know how to get Abby to understand that he’s trying to do what’s best for the baby and what’s fair for him. Lily decides she agrees with him – he has a right to be a protective presence in Dom’s life.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance tells Abby he’s made some decisions about returning to the force. Her face falls. Abby would much rather talk about the parenting articles he’s been reading. Chance is apologetic for getting so excited about going back to work yesterday. Abby admits she was disheartened. Chance knows she’s not crazy about the idea, so he will ask to extend his time off indefinitely. Abby worries she’s influenced him, but he reassures her. The pull to go back in the force would only take him further away from her and Dom. Abby needs to be sure it’s what he wants. He’s certain and plans to conquer this fatherhood thing with her by his side. They kiss.

At the roadside bar, Billy thinks back on Jack and Lily’s warnings. Sally comes in wearing her disguise. Billy walks over and tells her the jig is up. He pulls the hat off her head and informs her, “You’re embarrassing yourself, Sally.” He orders her to get up; they’re going to see her boss.
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Elena comes into Crimson Lights and Moses stops her by the door to ask her a favor. He returns to Faith’s table and tells her he has to go somewhere for a while and will see her later. Faith asks if he’s going with Elena and he says no. She watches curiously as he then leaves with Elena. Noah shows up and she shares her concern about Moses’ deception. Noah gives her a pep talk.

Sally and Billy walk into Adam’s office, where Abbott snarks about her spying on him. Adam thinks he has extreme paranoia, but Billy lists off all the times Sally or Adam saw him. Adam is surprised he can remember given he was in a drunken stupor. Billy relays he was stone cold sober and produces receipts for apple juice. He wasn’t gambling either. Adam witnessed exactly what he wanted to witness. Adam asks Sally to leave. She tells Billy she’s genuinely glad he’s okay before exiting. Once alone, Adam asks Billy what the hell was the point of his grand charade. Billy informs him he’s been played – and he was so desperate and stupid he took the bait. Billy lays out his entire plan and reiterates that Adam never saw it coming. He’s changed his mind, however, and isn’t going down that path anymore. Billy’s realized Adam isn’t worth it. He’s not worth anything to anyone and will always be the runner-up Newman. Billy has a life to live. Adam muses, “Not much of one anymore.” Billy will redeem himself knowing he could have taken Adam down, which will haunt him more than if he actually did.
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Later, Adam is contemplating Billy’s visit and reveal when Sally returns to his office. She apologizes for getting busted by Billy; she had no idea he was putting on a performance. Adam shrugs that he was convincing. Sally figures it’s good news since Adam said he wouldn’t take any satisfaction in seeing him relapse. Adam paces rather than answer. Sally urges him to say something – they have to look on the bright side of this, right? Adam informs her that the spying is done – no more trying to score extra points with the boss. “Go focus on the job you were hired to do.” Sally walks out.

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Billy arrives at Victoria’s office and informs her that he went to Adam and told him everything, and that he’s walking away. “I’m out. As of right now, I’m done.” Victoria fumes as she notes he got a moment to gloat and asks him to be honest. “You couldn’t stand that I commandeered your idea.” That’s why he had a change of heart. “Now that I have a stake in it, you pretend to act rationally.” She adds, “This is why you will never have what it takes to play in the big leagues.” Billy sneers at her for not supporting his emotional development. Ashland comes in and Victoria tells him he was right about Billy. Her ex says the people closest to him had his best interests at heart, but she had her priorities firmly in place. “It makes me sad to say this, but your father would be extremely proud of you.”

At Crimson Lights, Faith is relieved when Moses returns. He felt weird that Faith got him a great gift and he only got her a book. He hands over a charm bracelet with chess bracelets to remind her of how they met, playing the game in the hospital. Elena helped him to find it. On the patio, Noah and Elena witness the romantic event. Noah thinks they’re just kids, but Elena thinks you can’t knock young love even if it doesn’t last forever. Noah muses that adult love doesn’t always last either.

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At Society, Abby leaves Chance with Dominic while she goes into the kitchen. Devon appears and watches Chance playing with the boy before turning around and leaving.

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At home, Billy tells Lily it’s done, it’s over. He went to Adam, told him everything, and told Victoria she would have to go after him on her own. Lily’s really proud of him. Billy loves her and is so happy she’s in his life. Lily loves him too. She knows this is a huge step for him, and is certain he’ll land on his feet. He wants to come and work with the smartest, savviest CEO he knows. Billy would like to be there support her – this is her time. They kiss.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland hopes Victoria didn’t let Billy’s words get to her. She won’t waste anymore time thinking about her ex and still plans to go after Newman Media. Ashland reminds her they still have to contend with Victor as well as Adam. Victoria may have a way to get her father on their side.

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At the penthouse, Amanda is home between client meetings when Devon comes in. He will need to book some time with her. He went to Society, saw Dominic and has made up his mind that he wants to pursue legal rights to spend time with his son.

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