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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby gushes about how well Chance’s playtime with Dom went. He thinks there’s more to being a dad than tummy time. Abby reassures him; he’s being too hard on himself. She has faith in him. They kiss. Chance notes they have to make a decision about Devon’s request. He doesn’t think Devon will back off despite hitting the pause button in Crimson Lights. Abby can’t imagine how her friend is feeling and muses that Mariah felt the same way for a while, but then moved on. Maybe he’ll do the same. She thinks it’s important that there be no disruption to them bonding as a family. Spending half the time at Devon’s would be confusing – they can’t change the agreement. “Shared custody? That’s not going to happen.” Chance knows Devon will be disappointed.

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At the penthouse, Amanda realizes Devon is thinking about Dominic. He frets that Abby and Chance treated him like he was questioning their parenting skills. Amanda muses that his request must have come as a shock, but he’s been there from the beginning. The child has a life because of him. Devon asks what she suggests he do next. Amanda thinks what he’s asking for is perfectly reasonable and urges him not to let it go. She points out that he had no idea when he agreed to the contract that his feelings would turn out this way. Devon marvels that one little life can change so much. Amanda thinks Dom just magnified the good things in Devon. They embrace as she says there’s nothing wrong with him wanting to ensure he gets the love he deserves.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon flirt over pastries until Nick walks in. Sharon welcomes him home and tells him Faith wants to do a cake for his birthday. Rey asks how his trip was, and Nick calls it the best present he’s ever given himself. The change of scenery allowed him to figure out some things and Summer, Kyle and Harrison are doing awesome. Chance appears on the patio, so Rey excuses himself. Sharon tells Nick he seems more relaxed. Nick is; he realized that Summer’s distance from the family has done wonders for her. Being a Newman shouldn’t define who he is.

On the patio, Chance tells Rey he’s ready to get back to work. He knows he’s supposed to take things slow, but he wants Rey to convince the chief he’s ready. Rey asks, “What about Abby and the baby?” Chance assures him Abby’s supportive and asks about the case he’s working on. Rey chats about a missing persons case and Chance starts taking notes.
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Inside Crimson Lights, Nick tells Sharon he’s realized that this time he feels free from the Newman name. He admits he wasn’t completely honest about his dream on Christmas Eve. “Cassie was in it.” Sharon asks to here how she looked and what she was like. Nick fills her in. Sharon agrees she was an old soul. Nick reveals that Noah and Faith were in the dream too; they told him to follow his roots. He thinks they meant the family roots he created – Noah, Faith, Christian and Sharon. “I finally think I’ve found what I’m looking for.” Nick notes that Sharon will always be a big part of his life, but he has to recommit to his family. Chance comes in and greets Nick before leaving. Nick takes off too after assuring Rey they’ll catch up soon. Once alone, Sharon tells Rey that Nick had a holiday epiphany, but didn’t give a lot of details, so she’s curious.

At Society, Noah spots a stressed-out Chelsea and asks if everything is okay. She refers to office politics and Noah muses about Sally and Adam seeming pretty close at the wedding in Tuscany. Chelsea exhales. Noah hopes he didn’t hit a nerve. He’s no fan of Sally’s and only recently decided to give Adam a chance. Noah wonders if he made a mistake taking the job at Newman Media. They discuss his decision to leave London and Noah muses that maybe he should put his last name to the test with the vipers at Newman Media. Chelsea hopes he doesn’t consider her one of the vipers.
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Amanda and Devon are kissing when Abby comes to the door. They invite her in, and Amanda leaves them to talk alone. Devon apologizes for how tense became between them. Abby thanks him for giving them time to discuss the situation. She’s eternally grateful for everything he’s done but she and Chance have decided they’re not going to make any changes to the agreement. “Dominic has a home – with his mother and father.” Devon clarifies that he’s not trying to take Chance’s place. Abby maintains that he’s always welcome in their home, but they don’t want to confuse Dominic. Devon just wants to spend more time with the boy.
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Abby reminds Devon of the boundaries they agreed to; she and Chance thinks it’s important they adhere to those. Devon points out they didn’t know then what path this would take. Abby realizes Chance left, but he’s home now and it’s important for him to connect with his son. She won’t let a single thing disrupt that. Abby will understand if he needs some space or distance. Devon’s not going anywhere. Abby assures him he’s always welcome and they don’t want that to change. Devon remains quiet as Abby leaves.

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Amanda comes home and Devon fills her in on Abby refusing his request because she didn’t want to confuse Dominic. Amanda thinks it was probably confusing for her to leave him and go off to a foreign country. She assures Devon he has options. “You can take legal action.” Devon doesn’t want to take them to court, but Amanda cites the factors working in his favor. She knows what they can use to build an argument – he’s the biological father and can petition the court for custody. Chance wasn’t there when they signed the contract so technically his agreement is only with Abby. Devon worries if he takes them to court it will affect everybody – including Dominic. “I just need to continue being there for Dominic however I can.”

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby snaps photos of Dominic in his stroller and tells him he can always rely on his dad. She decides to call Chance, but gets voicemail. “Where did your daddy go?” Chance comes in and Abby urges him to say hi to his son. He explains he was with Rey and she’s stunned to hear he was working on a case without telling her. Chance assures her he hasn’t put his badge back on yet, but it was nice to get his feet wet again. It got him excited to put his skills back to good use. Abby hasn’t seen him this excited in a long time. Chance chatters about the case and Abby looks perturbed.
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Nick comes upon Noah and Chelsea at Society and tells her she looks fantastic. He questions her about working at Newman Media and she shrugs that she and Adam are working it out day by day. She says goodbye to Noah and takes off. Noah asks about his dad’s trip. Nick came back with new ideas and asks his son to keep an open mind. He wonders if it’s too late to talk him out of working for Victor and Adam. Nick thinks their might be greener pastures out there for him and says, “Come work for me.”

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At the coffee house, Rey chats with Chelsea about her new job. She admits it’s not going the way she imagined. Rey wonders about the downsides besides working with her ex. Chelsea thinks it’s a miracle he even talks to her. “You’re a really good guy, Rey.” He senses something is bothering her. She doesn’t want to bore him with his issues, but will maybe take him up on it another time. Rey rejoins Sharon, who says Chelsea’s right – he really is a good guy.
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