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Billy is lounging on the couch at home when Lily wanders in and blows a horn at him. She assumes he’s thinking about Victoria and her demands. “The woman sure knows what she wants,” she comments. The whole point of this plan, for Billy, was to vindicate his claims against Victor and Adam. Now that plan has sunk. She suggests they abandon this plot and move on. He shows her a text from Victoria asking them to meet. Lily doesn’t appreciate Victoria summoning them. He doesn’t like leaving his redemption in the hands of his ex but he doesn’t have any options here. She reminds him of the job she offered him at Chancellor. He can’t take it because it would feel like a handout and rob him of crippling Newman Media. Billy has to meet with Victoria and hopes Lily will come.

Billy gets a text from Victoria at home Y&R

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When Chloe arrives in Adam’s office at Newman, she notices that it is still a mess from last night’s festivities. He claims that he was just putting his nose to the grindstone. However, from the two glasses and caviar, she guesses he wasn’t working too hard. She begs him to stay away from Chelsea and Sally. They are both ticking time bombs and will cause his life and their company to explode. If this turns into a triangle, those two women will tear out each other’s throats. It won’t look good if his “business renaissance” collapses because he couldn’t keep his personal and professional lives separate.

Chloe warns Adam about women at Newman office Y&R

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Phyllis wanders into the Grand Phoenix and notices no one has cleaned up since last night. Victoria arrives and hopes she had a good New Year’s. “It was spectacular, actually,” Phyllis asserts. The Newman wonders who she must have spent it with and guesses Lauren and Michael let her be their third wheel. Phyllis brags about how good the Phoenix did on the holiday. She adds that many people booked escape fantasies. Victoria can understand why a lot of women would fantasize about escaping, but not her. 2021 turned out great. Phyllis finds it hard to believe she means that considering everything that came out about Ashland. Annoyed, Victoria brusquely orders coffee for three and sends Phyllis away as Billy and Lily arrive.

Phyllis bickers with Victoria at Grand Phoenix Y&R

As the three sit down, Victoria says she wants to send their plan into overdrive. Playing on Billy falling off the wagon has failed so they need to push other buttons. Victoria explains that when Adam arrives she will set the stage and Billy can take it from there. Lily doesn’t like Victoria taking charge. The Newman tells her to stop being so sensitive. When Adam enters, Victoria is eager to kick this off but Billy spots his sister and delays.

Victoria schemes with Billy and Lily at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Billy rushes over to Traci, who admits that Jack has already informed her of what he’s up to and she is not pleased. She walks off to make a massage appointment. He returns to Victoria and Lily and tells them that Traci and Jack know the truth. That’s a big problem. Traci will call him out if he tries anything in front of her. Lily thinks they should end this now but Victoria refuses to throw in the towel. She tells them they are lucky she is involved; clearly, this whole plan would flop without her. Billy worries again that his sister could blow all of this out of the water.

Adam joins Traci by the bar and they catch up. He was supposed to have a meeting but it looks like the guy isn’t showing up. She hopes he’s doing well. “I am…compared to some people,” he says, glancing over at Billy. She notes this so he assures her he will be steering clear of her brother. He likes that she can see the good in everyone, but unfortunately not everyone is good. They discuss how he and Billy have changed and she admires all the things he’s done for his company. Adam insists that Billy is his own worst enemy. She points out people used to say that about him. He knows, but Billy is in a downward spiral even if his defenders don’t want to see it.

On the way out, Adam stops by Victoria and the others to wonder why she is spending the morning with her ex rather than her spouse. Billy claims they are discussing parenting plans and it’s none of his business. Adam takes off. Billy thanks Victoria for not saying anything. She says the timing was wrong.

Back at the bar, Phyllis admits to Traci that she’s made a lot of mistakes. Traci asks if that has something to do about not spending Christmas with Jack. She knows they have a complicated history, but she’s sure they will always be good friends.

When Traci checks on her brother on the way out, he informs her that Victoria knows what is going on. He assures her that their plan is harmless. She doesn’t see how and can’t understand why he is engaging with Adam when he could step back and enjoy his life with his children. She also begs Victoria to rethink this but the Newman remains firm.

Traci confronts Billy at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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Chelsea is surprised to bump into Sally at Crimson Lights. She starts quizzing her about who she rang the new year in with. Sally admits she was with Adam but insists it was all business. Chelsea assumes Adam must have felt sorry for her and adds that he has no interest in her romantically. Sally adds that they shared booze and caviar after talking business.

Chelsea bumps into Sally at Crimson Lights Y&R

They grab a table and Chelsea gets her to spill on her ideas. She shoots down the first two and then Sally tries another pitch, which Chelsea dismisses as too cutesy. Sally defends herself by pointing out how successful her ideas have been so far. When Chloe arrives, she tries to strike a middle ground between the two women but Chelsea declares she has to pick up Connor and promptly exits.

Chelsea shoots down Sally's ideas at Crimson Lights Y&R

Sally tells Chloe that she spent New Year’s with Adam and Chelsea is jealous, professionally and personally. Chloe reminds her that she promised to stop chasing after Adam. “Have you been lying to me?” she asks, confronting her about the vodka and caviar she found in the office. She’s at her wit’s end trying to keep the peace between them. Sally claims that the rivalry will help push them to be better. Chloe worries that she may have feelings for Adam. Sally reminds her they aren’t in high school and they should put the personal stuff aside to focus on business.

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Chelsea stops by Adam’s office at Newman Media. He apologizes for abruptly leaving her alone last night. After they make arrangements to take their son out for lunch, she asks about his emergency last night. He says it was no big deal and then brings up the idea that Jack and Sally have floated for a collaboration. Tired of the “mind games,” Chelsea explains that she knows he spent last night with Sally and wishes he would be honest with her about what he was doing. Adam didn’t want to make things worse. He says they only brainstormed and watched an old movie. There is nothing serious between them and even if there were, it would be none of her concern. “Are you falling for Sally Spectra?” she demands. Adam can’t keep having this circular conversation and suggests she work things out with Sally. She announces that she is selling the penthouse because it is too painful to live there. He understands. She adds that Sally doesn’t deserve him and she’s shocked he hasn’t been able to see that. Sally and Chloe wander in.

Chelsea tells Adam she's selling penthouse at Newman office Y&R

When Chelsea exits, Chloe trails after her. Chelsea insists that she has been pleasant with Sally, who is being insubordinate because she thinks Adam is on her side. She suggests they solve this by firing her.

Chloe and Chelsea argue about Sally at Newman office Y&R

Back in the office, Sally complains about how moody Chelsea is being. Adam orders her to cut it out.

When they return home, Billy tells Lily that Victoria is right in her plan. Pushing Adam where it hurts is the only thing that will work. Lily still doesn’t like this. They are pawns in Victoria’s chess game and she refuses to let either of them be used by her.

Lily tells Billy she hates the plan at home Y&R

Traci stops by Victoria’s office at Newman-Locke. She tells her that her brother’s plan is very dangerous. She can’t stand by and do nothing and reminds her of how they used to work together to help Billy overcome his problems. Now, it seems like she is using him. Victoria insists she is underestimating him. “If Billy suffers for anything that’s about to happen, it’s on your conscience,” Traci says before storming out.

Traci has a warning for Victoria at Newman office Y&R

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