Chelsea catches Adam with Sally at Newman Y&R
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At the penthouse, Chelsea reminds Adam that her actions are what broke them. She wishes she could go back and fix things. She’s sure there is still something between them and asks if there is any chance they can recapture the love and connection they once had. He thinks it would be a mistake if they tried again. They are in a good place now and should leave it at that. He worries that she’s trying to prove to herself that she’s healed emotionally.

Chelsea thinks the time and work of discovering if they could have a future would be worth it. The time they spent with Connor on Christmas was important to her and proof they can make something perfect. She wants to concentrate on the ways they can be great together. “Can we go back to the time we believed in each other?” she asks.

Chelsea begs Adam to come back at penthouse Y&R

Adam thinks it would be unfair for everyone if they pretended they could go back. She wants to move forward… together. Adam reminds her of how negative their past was. Only a year ago he thought she was dead and they had a full year of misery. It’s been a miracle they are there at all. “Miracles happen!” she says, taking this as evidence to be optimistic.

He wants her to be successful and will help her at work and as a co-parent but that has to be enough. If they try for more, they will hurt each other and their son. After he gets a text, he says he has to go to the office. As he leaves, he assures her she has many good days ahead.

Adam rejects Chelsea at penthouse Y&R

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Abby greets Sharon and Rey as they arrive at Society for the New Year’s event. She hopes they enjoy their special night and leads them to their table. Joining hands, Rey and Sharon wish each other a happy anniversary. They recall their wedding in that very room. She’s looking forward to 2022 but he doesn’t think they could get any happier.

They discuss taking a trip to Miami in the spring and Europe in the fall. She just wants the whole family to be happy and healthy. They’re sure that Mariah and Tessa will make great parents. It’s been nice to have Noah back, even if he’s still not explaining what happened to him in Europe. After they chat about Nick, she tells her husband that he always makes her feel like nothing can get in their way. He toasts to the new year and anything being possible.

Sharon and Rey celebrate their anniversary at Society Y&R

Chelsea walks in for takeout. Sharon asks what she’s up to and asks if she wants to join them. Chelsea doesn’t want to intrude but Rey invites her too. After she sits down, they discuss how fired up Connor is about hockey. Soccer was always Rey’s first love when he was young, now it’s Sharon. Thanking them for their invitation, Chelsea claims she needs to get going so she can videochat with her mom.

Chelsea joins Rey and Sharon at Society Y&R

Once Chelsea leaves, Rey tells his wife she was very compassionate to invite her to join them. Sharon has their wedding cake brought to the table, thawed out. They feed it to each other but laugh that it tastes like their freezer. His favorite thing about their wedding day wasn’t the cake. He asks her up to dance.

Rey and Sharon celebrate their anniversary at Society Y&R

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At the Chancellor estate, Chance watches Dominic on videofeed and hopes he keeps on sleeping so he can show his mom a good time tonight. Abby arrives, impressed to see that her husband has things prepared for their evening. They talk about their new beginning. She’s grateful they got to celebrate this holiday season together as a family.

Once he has impressed her with his ability to use an oven, he suggests she’s overcompensating in her praise. She admits that she’s thinking about what happened with Devon earlier, but she’s more concerned about what’s going on with him.

Abby reassures Chance at Chancellor estate Y&R

Abby can see he’s been struggling with Dominic and it’s been harder for him than he wants to admit. He tells her how blessed he feels to be with her and their family, but sometimes he feels disconnected. There’s a wall between him and what he feels like his life should be. His wife recognizes that he can’t just be normal after being away for months. She had no idea how hard this was for him. But she’s worried that she can’t help him. Does the distance he feels apply to her too?

Chance assures her she’s the one thing he is certain about. He doesn’t feel like the man she and Dominic deserve. As a father, he feels like a failure. There is a void where his paternal instincts should be and he never knows what to do. When he wonders if this is connected to how his father was with him, she stops him to point out that Phillip was a teenager with issues when he became a father. Although Chance loves Dominic, he fears he doesn’t have what it takes to be a good father.

Chance and Abby discuss his concerns at Chancellor estate Y&R

He apologizes for turning their “fun and sexy night” into a therapy session. She says that ending 2021 with the man she loves is the only thing that matters. They can work through his fears together. They kiss and hug, but she looks worried.

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Amanda joins Devon in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. After he admires her hair, he tells her he wants tonight to just be about them having a good time and forgetting everything else. After they spin around the ballroom for a while, she is wincing in pain. With a little teasing, she concedes that wearing new heels to go dancing was probably a bad idea. With some prodding from her, he admits that he’s thinking about what Abby and Chance are doing with Dominic. She can’t blame him for that. She loves that he cares so much about that little child.

Adam and Devon on New Year's date at Grand Phoenix Y&R

He appreciates how supportive she’s been. Seeing him with Devon reminds her of her own father. He takes that as a huge compliment. The lawyer wonders if she lacks perspective and is trying to re-write history. “You are a better father than I have ever known,” she tells him. He thanks her for that and asks her to go home so they can finish celebrating in private.

When Devon and Amanda get back to his penthouse, she kicks off her shoes and they dance. He tells her how brilliant and beautiful she is, and how patient. She kisses him and starts stripping off his clothes before they have sex on the couch.

Devon and Amanda have sex at penthouse Y&R

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Adam is surprised when he walks into his office at Newman and discovers that Sally has covered the walls in decorations for every holiday other than New Year’s. She informs him of the salmon and caviar she ordered and lists a set of Hitchcock films they can watch. They all star Cary Grant and he chooses North by Northwest. He’s impressed that she’s gone so far out of her way for this “not a date.” Adam is also grateful that he got called away from where he was. They agree the cold, sterile environment of the office is the perfect place for this non-date.

Sally gives Adam her non-date pitch at Newman Y&R

They watch the film on her laptop while sitting together on the couch. As she refreshes their drinks and they cuddle up close, Chelsea arrives at the door. Spotting them, her jaw drops, and she storms off. While Sally and Adam watch the film, they continue to share awkward looks at each other and gulp their wine.

Chelsea goes home alone and has a drink.

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