Adam and Chelsea discuss their past at penthouse Y&R
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Phyllis runs into Lauren in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. She tells her that Nick is having a great time with Summer. Lauren reminds her that Jack is out of town and asks if she has plans. She invites her to have dinner with her, Michael, Kevin, and Chloe. Phyllis refuses to be a third or fifth wheel. Lauren wants her help as a buffer to Chloe since she’s still furious with her over what happened at the wedding. They can spend the whole night trash talking. Eventually, Phyllis agrees. Lauren tells her she can make the night even better by getting in touch with Jack. Alone, Phyllis sends Jack a text.

Lauren and Phyllis plan New Year's at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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At the Chancellor estate, Abby happily feeds Dominic but then thinks about Devon’s request to change their agreement about him to something more like shared custody. Chase joins them and they immediately start discussing the custody request. It was not what they agreed to. Chase says no one could have predicted the crazy things that have happened over the past year. She would never want to do anything to jeopardize Devon’s relationship with Dominic.

Abby feeds Dominic at Chancellor estate Y&R

They mull over things and Chance suggests that Devon has become more concerned since he got back. Abby is sure that if Devon has an issue, it’s with her parenting. He refuses to believe that, but she thinks it’s what his actions suggest. Maybe Devon’s protective instincts are better than hers? Her husband tells her she’s just exhausted. They wonder how far Devon would take this. He says that however they handle this, they need to be respectful of Devon’s feelings. “We have to do what’s best for our son and our family,” she says. He suggests they take a walk to get some fresh air.

Abby and Chance debate Devon's request at Chancellor estate Y&R

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Nate joins Elena in Crimson Lights. She’s already ordered him coffee and admits she’s going to miss living above the coffee shop. He offers to buy her an espresso machine. They look forward to waking up with each other every day. Devon joins them and she’s surprised to hear he’s going to help her move. She heads upstairs to box up the last of her things. The men discuss the options with Dominic. Devon admits the longer he waits for an answer, the more pessimistic he feels.

Devon helps Nate and Elena move at Crimson Lights Y&R

Nate and Elena discuss Devon’s situation. He worries that encouraging Devon to talk to Abby and Chance may have backfired. She suggests they could just be talking to their lawyers.

Chance and Abby stop by and Elena and Nate fawn over the baby. Devon returns and Elena leads the doctor away. Chance tells Devon they don’t have a decision for him yet. Abby asks for a word with him privately.

Abby and Chance bump into Devon at Crimson Lights Y&R

Abby tells Devon she has a lot of questions. He didn’t mean to spring this on them the way he has. It’s not about anything they did. Honestly, he just wants to spend more time with Dominic and make sure that he can rely on him. Abby asks him if he feels like she abandoned her son when she ran off to Spain. Devon repeats that nothing has changed and he trusts them. He’s sure they will be great parents, but he wants to help. She points out he’s not offering to babysit; he’s asking for legal custody. Dominic cries in the other room and Devon takes off, running into Elena and Nate on the way. They guess things haven’t gone well.

Devon and Abby argue about custody at Crimson Lights Y&R

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Chloe is at Chelsea’s penthouse talking about how she will ring in the New Year. She asks her friend to celebrate with her. Chelsea is thinking of asking Adam to join her to watch the fireworks instead. Her friend doesn’t think that’s a great idea. Christmas was one thing but that was for Connor’s sake. Chelsea thinks it may have been a sign of more than that. Adam cares for her and doesn’t simply feel obligated. Chloe hopes she is not looking for more than a platonic relationship with Adam. “I can’t help how I feel,” Chelsea says.

Chelsea and Chloe discuss Adam at penthouse Y&R

She knows her past with Adam is toxic and that other men exist, but what they have is unique. What they had at Christmas was normal and healthy. She hasn’t felt that happy or at peace for a long time. Chloe’s glad they could be non-destructive for a few hours but that doesn’t mean they should get back together. Chelsea still can’t turn away, so her friend begs her just to spend time with her tonight. This begging leads Chelsea to guess that Adam has plans with Sally. Chloe insists she doesn’t know what he’s doing but Sally has some vague plans she was being evasive about. Chelsea is sure that means she is planning to spend the night with Adam. “I don’t want either one of you to get mixed up with this snake!” Chloe blurts out. Her friend is sure that Spectra is trying to get her hooks into Adam. With some more prodding, Chelsea finally declares that she’s now made plans of her own.

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Sally finds Adam at Society and asks if he’s considered her offer to do nothing for the holiday. That all depends on what she means by “nothing.” She says there are a lot of ways to not do anything. He’s pretty committed to inertia, so she suggests just hanging out and watching a movie. They start talking about their favorite Hitchcock movies and then she bustles off.

Adam and Sally talk New Year plans at Society Y&R

As Adam sits in his office at Newman, Chelsea calls and asks him to come to the penthouse. There’s something she can’t discuss over the phone.

Chloe and Kevin sit in Society and she worries that, despite her warnings, Sally has made holiday plans with Adam. To make things worse, Chelsea still considers Adam her destiny. She’s freaking out because of her friend’s history of overreacting. Although she tried to steer her friend in the opposite direction, it backfired. Now she’s worried about what Chelsea has planned. It all sounds like a disaster to him but there’s nothing she can do so she might as well forget about it tonight. She’s very invested in all the hard work she’s done on the new platform. However, her friends are on a collision course of epic proportions over Adam of all people. He doesn’t deserve to have anyone care about him, she insists, before wondering if maybe she needs to convince him to distance himself from both women.

Kevin and Chloe talk New Year's at Society Y&R

Adam arrives at the penthouse. Chelsea has sent Connor to a friend’s house. He wonders what has her so upset. It’s nothing specific. Everything has been building up and she can’t take it anymore. The place is permeated with memories of their past. There are ghosts around every corner. She wishes she could go back in time and shake herself before she threw everything away. Adam says he’s felt the same things. It was easier for him to move out than live with the reminders. If she wants to move out, he understands. They’ve suffered enough and he doesn’t want to punish her. Getting distraught, she tells him it’s the loving memories that are the hardest. He doesn’t think they should be dwelling on the past. She reminds him of New Year’s Eve two years ago when they reconnected. She knew that was exactly where she needed to be. A lot has changed since then, he points out.

Chelsea considers options at penthouse Y&R

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