Victoria tells Billy she has a price Y&R
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Victoria arrives at Society just as Billy kicks up his “drunk” act at the bar. He feigns surprise at seeing her and wonders why she isn’t at The Nutcracker. She’s thankful the kids don’t have to see him drinking alone in the middle of the afternoon. Victoria doubts Lily would be okay with this and wishes she didn’t know what it feels like to be in her shoes. He accuses her of wanting to see him fall apart and says she could have stopped all of this by standing in the way of her brother and father. When she wrestles his drink away, she spills it and notices it’s actually apple juice. “What are you up to, Billy?” she demands. He fudges an excuse, but she sees through it, accusing him of being passive-aggressive in trying to manipulate her feelings. Billy says it’s impossible to make a Newman feel guilty for anything and strides out.

Victoria confronts Billy at Society Y&R

Nate bumps into Lily at Crimson Lights. They discuss Elena moving in with him. She’s happy that everyone is getting along. Lily has noticed that Devon has gotten very attached to the baby. The doctor thinks Devon should approach Abby and Chance about revisiting their original agreement. Lily disagrees. She’s sure Nate’s heart is in the right place, but he’s wrong. She explains how emotionally fragile new parents can be and that can make things volatile. Nate wonders if Abby has even considered things from Devon’s perspective. Lily says they are all friends and will figure out something everyone is comfortable with. After she leaves, he looks worried.

Nate and Lily discuss Devon's situation at Crimson Lights Y&R

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby arrives just in time to find Devon quieting the baby. Once he puts the child down and Abby wraps her arms around Chance, Devon explains that he wants to discuss something. Devon tells them that being a godfather is incredible. They are grateful to have him to rely on. Considering how important his bond with Dominic is, he’d like to discuss amending their agreement. Chance thought things were going well. Devon says they are but the whole experience has been more than he anticipated. He expected a connection but never imagined he’d play a role in the birth, which became one of the most significant moments in his life. And when Abby left Dominic with him, that cemented their bond. Their previous arrangement only made sense for when he planned to be like a family friend, but this has turned into a whole lot more for him.

Abby, Chance and Devon discuss Dominic at Chancellor house Y&R

Devon asks if they would consider amending the agreement to reflect his feelings. He’d like time scheduled for the two of them and to give him his own room at his place. It sounds to Abby like he’s asking for shared custody. “Practically speaking, yeah that’s what I’m talking about,” he says. Abby’s confused and wonders what they’ve done. He insists it’s nothing; just his desires. He’s been thinking a lot about how important it is to have a father figure and, considering what’s happened in the last year, they don’t know what the future holds. He wants things solidified in writing. Chance says he and Abby will discuss this and get back to him.

Once Devon exits, Abby remains confused. Chance says this is all because of him. His wife refuses to let him beat himself up over this. If anyone is to blame, it’s her. She should have left Dominic with one of their moms. Chance is sure that the unpredictable future Devon referred to is him. He concedes he may have said some things to him the other night that he likely shouldn’t have.

Abby and Chance discuss Devon's suggestion at Chancellor estate Y&R

Sitting down, Chance tells her he’s been restless and likely shouldn’t have hinted to Devon that he’s feeling overwhelmed. He assures her that being a father is a dream come true but it’s harder than he thought it was going to be. He’s worried that Devon seems able to do things with the baby that he can’t. Abby says that his relationship with Dominic will grow over time. She suggests that this is just like what happened with Mariah. Eventually, she stepped back. They just need to be patient. But she is a little worried Chance didn’t come to her with his concerns. He tells her she’s amazing and she assures him he can tell her anything and it won’t scare her off. They hug.

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Phyllis sits in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and spots Nick. They try making small talk about work and their videochat with Summer. She’s impressed that he is wearing the cologne she gave him. He announces he’s going to visit Summer. “Have a ball!” Phyllis encourages. Nick claims the trip is his attempt at being spontaneous. She babbles about that and admits Milan is a good place to be spontaneous and think about life. When she offers him any help he needs, he reminds her that he’s not her problem anymore. After uncomfortably wishing each other Happy New Year, he walks out.

Nick and Phyllis discuss New Year's at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Later, Lauren strolls in and Phyllis tells her about what just happened with Nick. She’s jealous that she isn’t spending time with Summer. Phyllis is surprised when Lauren tells her that Jack left town for business. “Maybe he left now to get away from me,” Phyllis suggests. She explains that she turned down his invitation to the Abbott house for the holidays. With some prodding, she admits that she and Jack are in a very delicate place and she doesn’t want to screw things up. Lauren suggests she could make it up to him on New Year’s Eve. Phyllis isn’t sure if she wants to be kissing him when the clock strikes midnight. Lauren gets a text from Jack explaining he will be away for a few weeks. Phyllis seems relieved.

Lauren and Phyllis talk exes at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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At home, Lily gets off the phone with her kids in Hawaii. Billy is moping around and admits he may have thrown a wrench into their plan. He bumped into Victoria and she realized what he was doing. If she goes to Jack, everything will fall apart. All of this could have been for nothing. Lily admits she’d be happy if this was over but knows how much he needs to redeem himself in the public eye. He wonders if there is a way they can win Victoria over.

Much to her chagrin, Lily and Billy show up at Victoria’s office. She realizes they have been in cahoots and accuses Lily of playing on her emotions when she acted concerned that Billy has having a relapse. Billy asks for a chance to talk her onto their side and explains his plan to redeem his public image. She suggests he get a job instead. Lily says it’s a poetic plan and could be an opportunity to get back at Adam. Billy asks Victoria to wash her hands of him. He’s determined to take Adam down and knows that she wants to see that too. She resents being stuck in the middle of this mess. Lily offers to give her time to consider keeping their plan silent.

Billy and Lily have a pitch for Victoria at Newman Y&R

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Nick drops by Crimson Lights to see Sharon. He asks her to watch Christian while he’s in Milan. She quizzes him about his dream. He admits he’s been wrestling with some things that may have surfaced in it, but he doesn’t want to discuss it.

Nick asks Sharon for a favor at Crimson Lights Y&R

Nate bumps into Devon, who recaps the conversation he had with Abby and Chance. The doctor takes him upstairs to say hello to Elena.

Lily and Billy return to their place. He’s having a hard time waiting for an answer from Victoria. She suggests that his ex may have been right and he should just get a job. Victoria arrives. She thinks their plan is outrageous and flawed but she will keep quiet for a price.

Victoria offers a deal to Lily and Billy at home Y&R

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